How To Grill Hot Dogs Indoors Cast Iron Grill Pan

How To Grill Hot Dogs Indoors Cast Iron Grill Pan

how to grill hot dogs indoors cast iron grill pan how to fry hot dogs best way hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you wondering how to grill a hot dog indoors best way to fry hot dogs and have it taste nearly as great and look as
nice as when you cooked outside on the barbecue grill heat up your cast-iron grill pan
get it nice and warm add a tablespoon or two of butter lay your hot dogs across the grill lines in the cast iron grill pan fry and cook them a minute or two on each side move them around with tongs turn them until you get those nice grill marks all
the way around your hotdogs grab your buns grab your buns add your favorite toppings and your hot dogs look great and they’re ready to serve learn more at please
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10 thoughts on “How To Grill Hot Dogs Indoors Cast Iron Grill Pan

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  2. Wow, never seen that before. Watching you and I'm eating more. I'm going to be careful, I am going to gain weight. LOL

  3. The key to a great hotdog is maximum contact with the hot surface. This means splitting the hotdog length wise and laying it on a hot griddlel. And don't forget to toast the buns. NO ketchup!

  4. Those hot dogs are looking so delicious and I would love to have some right now. Thanks for sharing this tip with us all.

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