How to Get Higher Google Rankings in 2019 [New Checklist]

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  1. Thank you for the video but what is the best way to delete the zombie pages from the site and are deleted directly from the sites and delete from the catalogs of Google please explain the correct way

  2. Published On Jan 23 2018 ? Did you just changed the title description etc ?. Whatever, ? Your content is awesome ? ?

  3. I like that you changed this to "2019", I remember doing that early this year for each of my 2018 mentions earlier this year..

  4. When deleting or removing pages from your website what is the best action to take for the new 404 pages that will be generated when deleting existing pages? Should you redirect or let them be flagged as 404?

  5. Thank you so much for these Brain, I have recently launch my site and will definitely try these, as I have no organic traffic at all. Thanks a lot once again

  6. These small improvements can have remarkable impacts in SERP.

    The other day, I updated content on "The Complete Social Media Marketing Guide [2019]" with additional keywords & requested re indexing from Google Search Console.

    Result, from 48th position, it shot up to 8th position for search "social media marketing guide"

  7. Amazing content, easy to follow and subbed?
    I have a local business and on my website I have a service area page with over 45 clickable suburbs that each say the same speel about services etc like a landing page for every suburb . Should I scrap the links and just list the suburbs? I thought that a customer searching "repairs in suburb X" would show up that suburb page as a landing page but sounds as though that's wrong for a few reasons.

  8. I love your videos! You mentioned Zombie pages…what is a good strategy to use. I have built out several pages that are geo-targeted but now I'm thinking maybe I should combine them into one page instead to beef up the content on a given page. What is the best strategy to do that OR do I need to just start over with a new page? Can I just combine all the content and then make a redirect for the pages that I combined?

  9. At 11:06 between Jun 9 and Jun 13 kinda went back to bad.. so why was that? Does this only improves in the beginning?

    Your the only youtuber that teach techniques and guide for youtube i can fully understand.. I love and appreciate your work..keep it up and godbless!! ?

  11. This is true i have applied this on my jobboard website i deleted the zombies pages before that i had 20 000 visitors now i have 50 000 visitors per month thanks backlinko you tell the true

  12. I just came here to know that before making my first serious site. AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT TIPS <3

  13. Don't Worry Brother, I Am A Method Actor & Screenwriter. I performed in many projects and watched years and hours of movie and I Am about to watch a movie now with my son. I Am saying this to let You know don't worry, You were Awesomely Clear and had a powerful verbal bullet-point presentation. If I would Rank Your Presentation, you would Rank In The Top 5. So Relax and FEEL Good, you Rocked The Video. Even that little talking at the end of your video was a cool unintended – unique – refreshing touch the drinking water was a subconscious cool down activity that you were not aware of but was very powerful. In Plain language, You Kicked Ass Big Time My Cool-Ass Brother!!!! FEEEEEEL GOOOOD BRO, YOU ROCKED THAT VIDEO!!!!

  14. A Rang The Bell and gave you the Thumps up! You are The Steve Macqueen Of Videos Brother!!! This should hold until the next video!!!!

  15. 1:26 Identify and delete "zombie pages"
    3:31 Clean up any technical SEO issues
    4:31 Basic & advanced on-page optimization
    6:04 Boost organic click-through-rate (CTR)
    7:28 Improve dwell time
    9:06 Improve page speed
    9:55 Publish a skyscraper technique post

  16. Your speech cadence should be changed, you do many cuts with few seconds sentences that start higher pitch and always end low and this start to get annoying, not too much; the value of informations I think is good, and you are a good actor as well you are funny, I like the short intro music and your overall style.

  17. Thanks for all the advice, I always like your videos over all the others, you have a great way of explaining everything. I like your videos a lot better than Patel's.

  18. Thanks, Brian Dean Sir,
    I have tried your technique called "zombie page". I have deleted some thin content page and post, after one day my traffic increase from 75%.
    Thank you.

  19. Hi Brian..i have been working in a site and found no organic traffic.. As this is my first site working in seo. Plz guide me to improve my site

  20. Hey Brian, thanks for all these videos! They've helped me a lot as a newbie marketer. One question: How long did it take your client to see that improvement in traffic? A month, 3 months, 6 months etc? Just wondering so we can plan our YOY organic traffic strategy using your tips. Thank you!

  21. How can I improve my ranking on a budget? I have a basic WordPress package, do I need to upgrade in order to see improvement?

  22. Hi Brian, i am a huge fun of you and backlinko of course. I have a question that i cannot find a straignt answer. I am sure you can help me.

    In my country i am 1st page googlw for the competitve keyword " Web design".

    I have optimized my home page for this keyword. If i want to rank as well for

    – WordPress Web Design

    – Web Design for accessibility

    – Web Design Offers etc

    it will be keyword cannibalization or i can have for long tail keywords another page. What is better?

    Thanks in Advanced!

  23. hello Brian I still cannot go to first page in google after trying so hard can I have your email to verify the problems.

  24. Hi. How are you?
    I want to learn SEO for youtube.
    Can you train me? Do you have any courses with translate to Arabic language?
    Or help me to find me the best trainer in SEO to be number 1 in youtube ?
    By the way your eyes are very charming

  25. What about news website? I have tech website and I think that I cannot deleted old posts. What do you think about it?

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