How To Gas Weld Aluminum Sheet Metal with a Cobra Torch from Eastwood

How To Gas Weld Aluminum Sheet Metal with a Cobra Torch from Eastwood

ok now I’m going to show you some
aluminum welding using the dhc-2 thousand we’re gonna do some thin body
aluminum here its own 35 and also going to show you some cast aluminum how we
repair a cast water pump might be a water jacket we can do it all with the
torch so let’s go here and do the body aluminum first i’m running at four
pounds of oxygen and settling let’s go ahead and do this well i’m gonna use a
nice soft neutral flame this torch is very good at low pressure allows us to
do the real thin aluminum i use a little Harris high temp on our flux that allows
me to get rid of the oxidation on our aluminum and let’s go ahead and weld
this up we’re going to preheat and we’re dipping and dip out like we’re taking
welding well decide right here gives you a nice
clean weld hundred percent penetration to the backside a nice part about it has
a kneeling effect actually softens the metal not English wheel asana can hammer
it hammer welded bend it shape it anyway we need to go if you’re looking for a complete welding
and cutting system and one great kit that you need to check out this
promaster gas welding torch kit from eastwood it is everything you need to
cut and weld steel stainless aluminum cast iron and cast aluminum and it all
comes in one convenient carrying case you get the pistol grip torch gun that
will allow you to cut everything from thin sheet metal 21 inch thick plate you
get nine welding tips from 13,000 up to a heavy 38 cut you also get curved and
straight extensions to help you get into tight areas it comes with over-and-under
cutters the undercover will allow you to do find sheetmetal work and the over
cutter is for heavy plate you also get guide wheels for long
straight cuts it also comes with an air acetylene tip for body letting and
soldering you get cobalt blue glasses to reduce sodium flare as well as a wrench
and tip cleaner plus the instructions you need so as you can see this kit has
everything you need to cut and weld metal so if you’re looking to save some
money and get a gas welding torch kit click the button to visit
where you get more information or your own kit today

22 thoughts on “How To Gas Weld Aluminum Sheet Metal with a Cobra Torch from Eastwood

  1. hows come when i get a neutral flame the acetylene feather keeps wanted to come back and make it not neutral. It happens with both of my torches so I think it is my gauge but I'm not sure which. I have them set to 4 and 5 psi with them cracked open but the oxygen psi wants to build up.

  2. looks like a great tool i could use 🙂 do they sell these somewhere in the netherlands perhaps?
    (actually i run a shop myself, maybe if they are not being sold in the netherlands yet we can arrange something? dunno if it has any use dealing with shipping costs?)

  3. Hi. Apologises if I you mentioned this and I missed it but… do I need a special lens in my goggles to safely oxy weld aluminium?
    There seems to be some threads out there about the need for special goggles!

    If you sell them?

    Great torch by the way!

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