How to Fix Faded Car Paint

How to Fix Faded Car Paint

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel does your car have faded paint on it, then
stay tuned because today I’m going to show you how to polish off faded paint,
and all it takes is a bucket of water, a polisher, and a bottle of this Meguiar’s
ultimate compound, now you might think oh I don’t want to buy one of these fancy
polishers, well I bought this one for twenty dollars at autozone six years ago
and it still works, and the Meguiar’s ultimate compound costs less than ten
bucks, I’ve been using it for decades and of course a bucket of water cost
almost nothing, well the first thing you do, you want to get the buffer a
little bit wet, then squirt a little the compound on your buffer, and then rub it
in with your hands a little, and apply a little the compound on the area that’s
got the rough paint, then start buffing away, then alternate your bucket with
rinsing it off and applying more of the compound on the area that’s rough, then
keep buffing away, and keep feeling the pain with your
fingers, when it’s all smooth and there’s no more rough parts, you’re done, then you
get a microfiber towel and a little bit of wax, and you have to re-wax the car because of
course you buffed all the wax off too, and if you notice I’m going this under
the shade of a tree, never do it direct sunlight, because the Sun will bleach it
all out, always do it in the shade, then when the wax dries and your buffing all
off, you can see how nice and shiny it is now, so if your car’s paint is starting
to fade away, why not buff it out, because it sure beats spending thousands on a new paint job, and remember if you have any
questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel and I’ll answer them as soon as I’m done
opening this coconut!

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    5. Common Sense
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    8. Video editing software:
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  2. This some new kind of hybrid wet sand and polish all in 1? I've never in my life seen someone wet polish. We do touchups and paint blending for clear coats all the time it's not that bad to do for the average Joe.

  3. so fuckin ghetto…everything about it. the neighborhood, the technique, the slathering of compound lmfao

  4. Wish you lived in nj man I gritted my paint and fucked it up just to use touch up paint to even it out

  5. Is it possible to fix UV fade if you've had decals or sign writing graphics on your car and then go to peel them off and realise your car has gone 2 tone?

  6. And if you really want a great shine clay bar your car before it gets into this condition then buff and wax using a very fine cutting compound.

  7. Scotty is it worth a new paint job on a scion xb 2004. The works very well but it has 180,000 miles?

  8. "First thing you wanna do is make the buffing pad A LITTLE BIT wet"

    drops the whole damn thing into the water anyway lmao

  9. Hey Scotty I’ve got a black Cherokee and my paint is Oxidizing bad , what would you recommend ? Thanks great channel .

  10. I'm not a car guy but my black fusions hood is real bad like it has almost white streaks, would this work for it. Or it this a fix for lighter colors vehicles

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