How to Fix Car Parts Instead of Buying New Ones (JB Weld)

How to Fix Car Parts Instead of Buying New Ones (JB Weld)

rev up your engines! welcome to mechanic Monday, today I’m
going to show you how you can fix parts in your car instead of just replacing
them, now as you can see here, this part of this valve is broken off the plastics
cracked, this particular part cost an awful lot of money, because it’s
computer-controlled vacuum solenoid, and do to the overuse of plastic parts in cars
these days, a lot of times when you’re working on a car, especially an older one,
when you’re moving stuff around you’re going to break a lot of that plastic stuff,
but you can repair it rather than just replace it, I use jb weld quick tube epoxy, now I’m sure there’s a lot of them out there that work, but when I find
something that works I stick with it, heck I’ve been married to the same woman
for the last 40 years, now I use the jb weld quick, because it sets up in five to ten
minutes, now you still want to wait 12 hours for it to cure, but since it sets
fast it won’t come apart while it’s fully curing, now here’s a trick I
learned years ago, get a little piece of tubing that fits inside where it’s
broken and you can slide that inside like that, then you can epoxy it in place,
so it won’t leak and then the hose can go back over the top of it when you’re
done and it will seal it perfectly now the jb weld is easy to use, just get
a piece of cardboard out of your recycling bin, then make a line of the jb
weld quick sealer and an equivalent line of the hardener, then stir it all up so it’s
mixed, then put some around a little tube you
have and stick it inside, you can see it’s all filled in now and in 5-10 minutes it will be dry enough that you can put it back together on the car, but like I
said earlier, if it’s any kind of a high-pressure situation, you really want
to let it sit for about 12 hours so it fully cures, so the pressure won’t bother
anything, then you might asked how strong is this JB well quick, well believe it or
not, years ago I had a customer with a Volvo and they had a little crack on
their head of their engine, so I thought oh what the heck, I drilled the hole out,
make it bigger and round, then I put jb weld and a screw in there and three
years later they were still driving the car, it actually fixed the engine, and
remember since this is mechanic Monday I’m giving away some of this jb weld
quick, to get a chance to win, just post a clean non offensive comment on the
YouTube comments below and a computer will randomly pick the winner, and now
you know how you can fix parts on your car when they break, instead of buying
expensive new ones and remember if your car has any problems, just visit the
Scotty Kilmer channel, so if you never want to miss another one
of my new Car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. i want to start a car company that builds vehicles with very little plastic . yes it'll cost more, but people would choose them over the shit they roll out now

  3. I HAVE USED JB WELD TWO TIMES NOW FOR A SMALL REPAIR ON MY ALUMINUM BOAT…AS I TYPE THIS I AM SCRAPING THE CRAP OUT OF THE SMALL CHIP IN THE ALUMINUM. IT IS CRAP AND I am now applying pl Premium. 8 times…I put a sample amount on something else and it hardened like steel. Good by JB weld , great advertising though.

  4. This works, but faster, easier, is hot glue. Use it all the time for vacuum switches, intake plenums etc. Fast, easy to apply, and can be scraped off if necessary and re-applied. Of course, I'm just fixing plastic vacuum parts with hot glue, it would probably melt in some places where JB Weld would work better.

  5. Scotty–I would have tried to carefully epoxy the broken piece back into place, using the rubber tubing to help stabilize it while it was setting up, then removed it the following day.  I have to assume that the broken piece was lost awhile back and no longer available in this scenario.  If it WAS still available, I would have no problem putting the tubing in the opening as stated earlier. My concern about the tubing being made a permanent part is that the opening it was placed in now appears severely restricted compared to the other side.  Won't that affect the operation of the engine?  You're putting a vacuum line on it, and it looks like that now-restricted opening may cause problems.  You might have been better off using a section of a thin-walled plastic drinking straw or, my preference, a piece of brass tubing cut to size, either of which would have been less restrictive.  Thanks.

  6. The little hose you put in there, the inside diameter of the orifice is much smaller than that of the original unbroken part. Would that impact the use of the part or operations of the car?

  7. Good Stuff! I've been using it for years. I've even seen a guy in AZ. cover a large crack in an engine block and it worked!

  8. Love JB WELD!!!Fixed Mom's outside mirror's broken post in 2016 Hyundai with JB weld. Saved 416 dollars that dealer collision shop wanted. THAT did not even include clear chip guard Decal! Love JB weld!!!!

  9. For a minute I thought this was an old video,,. But the wind just blew Scotty's hair forward,,,. !!!

  10. just fixed a stripped aluminum tensioner pulley bolt with jb weld. the bolt was not stripped but the tensioner itself was and I refused to throw anymore money into a old POS 98 dodge caravan. Worked great. The reason it stripped is because I had to put the serpentine belt back on so many times because dodge figured it was a good idea to use smooth idler and tensioner pulleys to where everytime it rained and got alittle water on it, It would simply fall off. So I got doorman pulley sheilds to fix that problem as well.

  11. If the J B Weld is mixed as directed and applied to a clean dry surface and left to cure overnight , it will repair many broken parts …
    I have actually drilled and tapped new threads in to the mixture and the results will blow your mind ….
    Great product .

  12. I have a leak on my 05 corvette it’s on the radiator it’s a topical problem if that makes any sense does anybody know what I can use to block the leak ? It’s very minor I’ve used other things but the pressure just breaks it apart

  13. In the UK there are range of similar products called Milliput. It comes in different colours for different applications..It is basically like plasticine and sets as hard as stone..It can then be drilled, tapped etc, and because it's maleable before setting it can be fact, it is also used by sculptures and model makers….It bonds with anything and can even be used underwater…

  14. Scotty, time to change woman. Nowadays, they come with variable valve timing and have pgm-fi.

  15. So, I suppose this will work with plastic vacuum cleaner parts, too. I hate the "disposable" mentality. I love to fix things and make them last forever (plus I live off SSDI because of health problems, so I try to live as frugally as I can). After I did a lot of work on my 15 year-old lawnmower and got it running again, a friend said I should repair vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers. I read a story about a vacuum cleaner repairman who closed shop and said the new vacuum cleaners have so much plastic it isn't worth trying to fix them. Sad. Thanks for your videos I have done several repairs on my 1995 Geo Prizm with your help!

  16. Where would we be today without J B Weld. It works!! Nice tip using it in auto repair to fix expensive plastic parts for sure. I sprinkle a little very fine powder in mine to increase its strength. Thx.

  17. Hey Scotty thanks for all the uploads man they really help me out I have a question I have a 2000 acura tl 3.2 put new spark plugs and coil packs change the fuel pump sometimes when I turn the car off and go to work when I come back out to start it back up it won't start

  18. The lug nuts came of my 94 toyota celica while I was giving it a good thrashing and I thought hmm I can't find any spare lug nuts in my car so I guess I'll just pull out the old jb weld n Bob's your uncle 16 years later and its still good even still got the original tyres n transmission my Toyota celica is a good car not like these plastic peices of crap you see today I even used jb weld to put that bell in place ?

  19. Were you with the 101st, Scotty? I was at Ft Campbell, out at Clark Airfield…B Troop, 2/17th Air Cav., 72-74

  20. Sorry by my english, that product IS so so good , i bougth one to repair my break motor block and It works perfectly, i sold my car 5 yers ago, after used it 3 years after i fixed, the motor block broked one day when when frezing in my town -15 degress (centigrades) in México, i was using water instead coolant

  21. Dawg-House / Yakkidie – Yak.{ 40 some-odd yr's ]. Just as a True Mikinick— U-B – Screwed !!! Give My Condolences the Newly Widowed Miss Kilmer. [ 40 some Odd yr's ] , ur a Charmer- 4-sure !!! lol , da RAT.

  22. Alright. So my dilemma. Muffler has a huge crack in it and I dont have the funds right now to get a new one and get it installed (also dont have a tig welder). I'm gonna try some JB weld in the morning. Anyone know how long itll hold till I have to buy a new muffler? (Hmm maybe ill just straight pipe it)

  23. I was working Offshore on an Oil Rig when a a very inopportune time an Exhaust Manifold Cracked on a Diesel engine, it was a Turbo Diesel and without a fully functioning turbo there wasn't enough power and we were going to be STUCK and the end result would have been $Millions … we retarded the Cement with the low pressure that the pump could deliver and that gave us an hour … we pulled the exhaust manifold, drilled a couple holes and with some JB Weld (that some guy just happened to have in his tool box) we repaired it, re-installed the manifold and waited for it to cure as long as we thought we could… it lasted (worked) until the next day (more than 24 hours) when the replacement manifold arrived on site.
    Oil Field folks are some of the most resourceful folks on the planet.
    JB Weld is great stuff

  24. I've repaired cast aluminum accessory brackets, aluminum, cast iron and plastic intake manifolds, engine blocks as well as many other things with JB weld. That stuff has saved me thousands of dollars over the years.

  25. Scotty you squeezed out 100x the needed amount of jb weld you needed but hey i love your channel no bs helpful advice

  26. I guess I can speak for everyone you are a money saving man from God. I broke one of the stems on my dodge ram roll over valve when putting in a new gas pump only way to get that part is through the stealership, now I can just use some jb weld and problem fixed thank you Scotty.

  27. I was thinking, since you pulled out the part anyway, why not cut it in 2, make molds and cast it in tin or lead. Not the strongest of metals, but it should be better than plastic…

  28. Is it smart to put it on like a transmission crack ? My transmission cracked and i was told to use this but is it a smart thing to do ? Its a small crack but will leak but its dried up now its been sitting for 2 days

  29. I had my 04 Dodge Ram slide off the jack and the rack and pinion line was ripped out I’m thinking of using some jb on it because at the moment I can’t afford a hole rack do you think it will hold?

  30. Thanks for doing a video of this as I need to use this for my snowblower and will save me money. Really appreciate your time and videos

  31. My man scotty, i got a question for you. I got these plastic fender flares for my jeep from poland, cheap stuff, no bolt holes. Got no clue how to install them and it seems like my only option is a JB weld, but i dont know if its strong enough to hold. Whats your opinion?

  32. Hey Scotty – have you ever used JB Weld mix with fiberglass to plug an exhaust manifold leak ? I have issue with it running straight down and dipping on the ground or frame. Do you have any ideas and any JB left over ? Thx for the good video 🙂

  33. Your woman has been working for 40 years?! We're going to need a second youtube channel on that.
    lol jk thanks for all your free car tutorials.

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