How to Fix a Transmission Leak in Your Car (Axle Seal)

How to Fix a Transmission Leak in Your Car (Axle Seal)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel,
Today I’m going to show you how to fix a leaking transmission in your car,
now in this case, it was easy to figure out what was going on, because it was losing transmission
fluid, and leaking on the bottom,
so we’ll jack it up and check where the leak is,
now transmissions generally leak in one of three places,
either the pan is leaking in the gasket, in this case it’s dry, so it’s not that,
or the front main seal of the transmission, which is a real job,
because you have to pull the transmission off of the car,
but that’s still dry, and the third place they often leak,
are the seals where the axle shaft goes into the side of the transmission,
which is the case here, we can see it’s all wet,
now the seal it’s is no big deal, there is one on each side,
but we have to take all this stuff apart in order to get the seal off,
so let’s get going, first we take off the wheel,
then we have to take the tie rod off, we’ll take the but off,
and here’s a trick, you get a big sledge hammer like this,
and hit it, off it comes,
then we take off the nut that holds the axle shaft in place,
off it comes, then we take off the nuts and bolts that hold
the hub onto the strut, then the axle wiggles out,
we have to go behind and pry it out, you just get a good pry bar, stick it up against
the inner axle shaft and pull, and after a little wiggling,
out it comes, then you go to the other side and finish pulling
it out, out it comes,
and here is the seal right here, we’ll just pop it out with a seal puller,
very handy tool, just fits right in there and pops it out,
and here is the old seal, and the seal puller tool,
you can get it at any Auto parts store, then you get the new seal, get yourself a
little extension for a socket, and you can hammer it in all the way around
the edge with a hammer, first you place the seal in the hole, so it’s
flush, then you tap it in, working the whole way
around until it’s sealed the whole way in, now here is a trick I learned years ago,
there’s a little clip on the end of here, and they have a tendency of falling down and
getting stuck, so you get a tub of grease,
then you stick it on the end and pull it off, the grease will then hold the clip in place,
so when you put it in the transmission the clip won’t get stuck and break,
then you just place it in the hole and tap it in so it snaps in place,
then you just assemble it all back together again,
put the shaft in the hub, and bolt the strut back on,
now of course, I’m going to put a seal on the other side too, because it was starting
to drip, they are both going to wear about the same,
but I’m not going to show that, because it’s just the same thing,
only on the other side, and of course, remember to check the transmission
and fill it up for the fluid that was lost, so the next time your transmission seal starts
leaking, why not replace them yourself, and remember if you have any car questions
just visit the Scotty Kilmer Channel, and I’ll answer them, as soon as I get back
from paradise, assuming I come back

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  1. question . my 1971 valiant slant 6 225cu leaks from the rear main seal area. iobviously figured the rear main was the cause, however its tranny oil coming from the area and not engine oil. i havent taken the tranny off but the difference in oil is obvious i just dont know what to replace. engine was professionaly build at a shop. the tranny was not done. help plz automatic tranny btw. scotty kilmer

  2. I'm about to attempt this on my 2013 Dodge Durango. Is it the same for just about all vehicles? Meaning Trucks (generally the same), Cars (generally the same), SUVs (generally the same)???

  3. took my truck for an oil change. The tech at Walmart noted three things. PG 141, TQ 15 and transmission leak PTS. I kinda get the transmission leak but what about the other codes what are they and how do I fix them? Thanks for any help.

  4. This guy is good, cuts to the chase rather than showing me all the stuff I already know or showing all the steps in fast motion. Bollacks I say!!!

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  6. Hey Scotty Kilmer I had a question, I have a 2012 Honda Civic LX. One day I noticed my transmission was leaking. Sure enough I found it was leaking from where the CV meets the transmission. So I replaced the seal, then about a week or two later it started leaking so I replaced the seal again. That was two or three weeks ago. Today I looked at the street and saw transmission fluid again. I have 2 thoughts it's either the CV axle or the transmission. I would really appreciate the help if you can thank you.

  7. Can I still drive the car with leaking transmission oil? Cause the mechanic charges me $60 just to tell me where it’s leaking, because the oil is all over the place

  8. Thank you Scotty. You are great. You have a awesome personality as well as and everyday man way of saying things. One thing I would like to see in your videos is mention size of certain sockets or wrenches you use. I guess not good though if diffrent cars use diffrent sizes

  9. hay scotty ive got a 2011 chevy cruze 6 speed manual tran 1.8 and im finding trans fluid puddled up bye shif leaver on top bellhousing trying to c what is abouve bellhousing on motor is that the cooler for trans or were is it coming from

  10. What is it when transmission fluid leaks into the oil it looks like the oil is leaking but my oil is remaining full and my transmission fluid is emptying out slowly I've already replace the rear main seal on the oil but I don't think that was the actual problem… my vehicle is a 2000 Ford Ranger 4.0 V6 4×4 idk if that helps but any help would be appreciated

  11. OMG! Dis wat i need to noe. Was confused bcoz in my country it call drive shaft oil seals! Tqvm Scotty! Pls more on Chevy Cruze problem in d future

  12. Good Job scotty love your channel.. My question is do you drain the transmission oil before changing the seal?

  13. Wow the hard way just pop the ball joint and leave the strut and tie rod in place it flops forward forward and axle comes rite out

  14. My passenger axle was replaced. The mechanic put the axle on without the carrier. After watching your video I informed him he has to put the carrier on. He's having a hard time with it and every time we think it's good all my transmission fluid leaks out! I'm spending so much money on fluid. It's been 2 weeks and he still hasn't figured it out. I can't afford to bring to shop. This has been an absolute nightmare! Can you please help me help him please!! Thank you!

  15. sr about 2003 expedición transmisión cooler línes go to inside of radiator mines leak both in the cinnector to radiator what My best to do replace radiator?

  16. Hi Ana 3endi vw 2007 automatic 6 speed lamma eb7out Dirve eb yekhbout khabta ektirr awiyeh chou el mechkel

  17. I have a problem in camry 2011. transmitiom fulid is leaking very fast in the middle of the transmiton and engine .I change the front oil seal but its not working it's still same like before what you saggust in this condition .oil pump seal or any think

  18. What if i replaced both sides and one of them still leaking and i changed it again plus the drive shaft and still leaking more then before !-!-! What should i do

  19. My mechanic replace my CVT pump seal and after that my vehicle don't drive no more than 20 miles per hour I had to park it what could be the problem? it's a Nissan Serena I am in Jamaica

  20. Scotty Kilmer
    I just had my transmission fluid changed. Before, I had no leaks and a few days after, I noticed my CV Axle Seals were leaking.
    1) Do I need to hold the mechanic accountable? Did he do something to cause this? Car is 8 years old, but only 68,000 miles on it. I just find it odd that everything was bone dry before the tranny flush and now I have a leak.
    2) Only 1 side is leaking. Should I replace the seals in pairs or just the problematic one?

  21. Hi Scott: what is the difference between a red transmission oil and the clear one, aren’t the two of them the same?

  22. Recently i got my torque converter fix and i went to a road trip but my transmission leak and it seem to be the seal would the mechanic know the seal was bad or how often do you replace em

  23. Quick and simple explanation, is pretty similar for most cars, some will have an intermediate bearing which is held in with bolts, most french cars have this and it's fiddly, just an extra step to remember.

  24. Scotty big fan!
    How much is a fair price for replacing torque converter and front seal with fluid replacement of 2004 Toyota Corolla ?

  25. We have replaced the seal but after driving the car it keeps leaking any idea y need help it a 2010 Chevy Malibu

  26. We got the new seal on and put it all back together but after driving the car it's leaking again any idea y the seal keeps leaking after fixing it

  27. Question for you I brought my 2006 Porsche Cayenne. V8 to a mechanic to change the transmission seal in the front as it is leaking from the seal he says in order to change the seal he had to take apart the top of the engine and go from the top of the engine to remove the transmission so that he can get to the seal does this make any sense to you.?

  28. Is it needed to drain the transmission sump previously, or I can take the trasnaxle out of the car that it won't leak a lot of fluid?

  29. Hi Scotty, from your video and public comments I can tell you are a very experienced mechanic. Please help? Today the gears on my 1999 Toyota Camry went haywire. I stopped at gas station and suddenly wouldn't get park! I think friend put on reverse to make it drive, and could only stop car with hand brake! Does this mean transmission is broken? Had enough oil and hadn't noticed any oil leaks except it would accelerate on its own sometimes or have hard time going up hills. Any advice appreciated 🙁 .

  30. Hello Mr Kilmer, I'm wondering if most of the same process is done for a dodge dakota 97, it also has a pretty bad transmission leak? Went thru a quart within 3 days, and the LUCAS transmission leak stopper didnt work, any tips?

  31. My car started leaking transmission fluid at 150,000 miles ('09 Ford Fusion, V6). I've just been adding more every couple weeks when it gets a little low. I'm now up to 185,000… maybe I should get that fixed.

  32. So, i know i have a leak, but at the same time, my gears grind badly, will replacing the seal fix this grinding sound?

  33. 2000 buick centry, i replaced bad axle and the seal and now it leaks tranny fluid right passed the seal. The seal is not bent or broke why is this happening

  34. Hi Scotty, I have a Toyota Kluger 2009 and it's leaking engine oil. When I turn the car on the engine oil start pouring out (not dripping) but when it's turned off the leak stops. The leak is located under the driver side near the front. Where do you think the leak is coming from?

  35. Ive gone thru 4 seals now cause it keeps going in crooked, it will not go in straight. So i hit the side thats not flush and it bends, my seal doesn’t have a fat lip like the one in this vir, its like 3mm wide. I dont know wtf to do

  36. In Michigan don't a job like this with as much rust that is on our cars would take forever. Especially if it's a car that has more than 5 Winters on it. Complete nightmare.

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