How to Fix a Head Gasket Leak in Your Car

How to Fix a Head Gasket Leak in Your Car

Rev up your engines! [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s time for When a customer comes
to me with a car that has an engine with a
leaking head gasket, I tell them they
have two choices. They can either have me pull
the head off of the engine and replace the head gasket
and any other damage that’s done inside, or
they can try putting a seal into the radiator and
hoping that fixes the leak. Now, I don’t mind
taking the engine apart because that’s a big job,
and I’ll make a lot of money, but some people don’t
have that kind of money lying around these days. Replacing a head gasket
on a modern day car can cost well over $1,000. So sometimes, my customers
opt to try a sealer, and in that case,
I use Steel Seal. Now, it’s a little bit more
complicated than just pouring it into the radiator,
so I’m gonna show you how to do it correctly. To begin with, you want to have
clean coolant in your radiator. If it’s dirty, flush it out
and put in new, clean coolant. Then, you want to
take the two bolts off the thermostat housing
and take the thermostat out. With the thermostat
removed, the sealant will flow better
and have a better chance of sealing the leak. So you just bolt the
thermostat housing on without the
thermostat inside it. Now, this Toyota head gasket
leak is using a lot of coolant. So it’s a good idea to
check all the spark plugs to see if any of them
are burning the coolant. So take the spark plugs off
one at a time and check them. Pull them out and look at them. And in this case, the
number two spark plug is covered in antifreeze. Now, the other three
spark plugs are fine, so we know the leak is at
the number two cylinder. So here’s a trick I do all
the time to help the sealer work better– I leave that number
two spark plug hole empty with no plug in it, and I
also unplug the number two fuel injector so it doesn’t fire. Then, I get the Steel Seal
and pour it in the radiator. Then, I start up the car. Now, it’s gonna be
making a lot of noise because there’s no
spark plug in the hole, but that keeps the
pressure out of that hole so the sealer can work better. Then, you let the engine
idle for about half an hour and let the sealer do its thing. Then after half an hour
of running, shut it off. Then, let the engine cool
down for about half an hour and repeat this process
four or five times. And when you’re
finally done, let it dry overnight with the
spark plug out of the hole. Then, the next morning,
put the spark plug back in and take her for a spin. Now, you want to baby the
car the first 100 miles of driving after
using the sealer to give it a better chance
of setting itself up. And in this case, the
sealer worked fine. There’s no more
head gasket leak. Now, unfortunately,
some head gasket holes are just too big for any sealer
to work, but in many cases, I feel that it’s the best first
option, because tearing down an engine is an expensive job. And I’ve seen Steel Seal
work in many cars I’ve put it in over the last two decades. And remember, if you’ve
got any car questions, just visit,
and I’ll answer them as soon as I get
back from this ride. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  2. Thank you Scotty Kilmer. I very learned a lot from you. You’re an honest mechanic. You’re helping millions of YouTuber.

  3. I'm not a gear head. I really don't care much about cars, to be frankly honest. And this is the first video of yours I have watched, on a whim, while looking for information with how to seal a pressure leak on distillation device. But you have the absolute BEST editing to get your point across without moving so fast that nothing else is happening in the video. Also, the content you present is straightforward and entertaining. I'm going to subscribe right now, because I do like cars (they get me places) and even if I'm not enthralled by the content, I know that I'm going to love the presentation and editing!

  4. Scotty Kilmer , i may have a bad head gasket on a 03 Subaru baja… This looks like a good option. Two questions for you sir. Do I change the coolant back out after the fix? And, does this affect the process if I decide to change the head gasket at a later date?

  5. Spark plug comes out with 5/8 the deep socket. Look down barrel make sure rubbers there watch out for cross threading inside motor. Thermast easy worst case broken bolt. Heater core is just baby radiator it should be fine.

  6. Scotty, I used the Steel Seal as per the directions and it worked wonderfully. I have a 1997 Lexus LX450 ( Land Cruiser). The LX450/Land Cruiser engines are great but, their “Achilles Tendon” is the head gasket. The vehicle had a little of smoke upon starting but, not anymore. I also, watched your video regarding the AT205. I used a similar product, Liqui Moly Oil Saver, with good results. Oil consumption is very minimal (valve guides ). Thanks for your awesome videos.

    Scotty, do a video on Land Cruisers.

  7. Dr Chila: This is a video from years ago: I dont know If Mr Kilmer will answer:

    I have 2005 honda Civic Vtec, with 180,000 miles. Its leaking oil into the coolant system. I am going to do this. Though, how much do you charge to replace the head gasket on this model car? I am an hour North of Houston city limits.
    Thank you in advance

  8. Hi Scotty, my engine is losing oil because i can see on my driveway, when i go for a drive i can smell a rubber burning what does this mean?

  9. Hey Scott my 94 Jeep is Wrangler is leaking coolant from the engine by the manifold is that the block seal gasket that is broke?

  10. Took off old head gasket on my 1989 ford ranger 2.9 and they don't look bad? What could make coolant go in the oil then? I also took out the old intake manifold gasket look fine to? Don't see any cracks anywhere?

  11. Hi Scotty many thanks for your videos – very easy to follow, when i took my thermostat out it seemed to work better and the engine sounded better after running at idle for 20mins, (just waiting for it to cool down) there was a slimy clear gunk around the thermostat- can this cause head gaskets to fail also?

  12. What if when you pour the coolant in and it just goes in the head really quickly?? And what if you don't know which spark plugs are bad?

  13. Mr. Scotty, watching this video for our Chevy Sparks 2014. We hope this sealant will help us coz the auto shop that checked our car quoted us $2000. And we don’t have that money lying around?. We will try to do this, fingers crossed it’ll help our car!

  14. I'm getting a lot of pressure in my radiator hose but no water in oil so if my head gasket is blown I know the pressures coming from the motor into the radiator hoses how is the sealer going to go in to the gasket to seal it? Why is there so much pressure in my hoses?

  15. Hey, Scotty, can I be your apprentice? My dad's a mechanic, but he didn't push me to learn and I didn't take an interest into really fixing cars til I was older.

  16. Cool .. so I'll save that thousand dollars but when it won't work I only have to buy a new radiator and heater core and an engine flush … Oh and the head gasket and just flush all that crap back outta the engine .. cool man

  17. Soo why didn't u pull the plug again and show that it was dry???hmmmm?I'm thinking a steel seal plug promo!

  18. I used bar leaks for my jaguar s type was loseing coolant and white smoke out exhaust pipe it worked but is this temporary or can these seal leaks Products can be permanent fix (if so is there a way to tell its permanent)

  19. Scotty my 2005 4runner thermostat is a one piece assembly and could not be removed from its housing. Any remedy as you said it should be removed.

  20. I use K&W fiberlock because steel seal not in my country. Much easier to use, after driving until no white smoke, feels like new engine!!

  21. To bad i cant reach my fuel injecter power. Its burried behind the intake manifold which is very difficult to take off due to so much retarded engineering design. Stupid mazda.

  22. I have a dodge challenger srt8
    Car is Overheating

    i have changed everything

    Thermostat , Radiator , Coolant , Sensor
    And Head Gasket , and water Pump

    And the car is Still Over heating while im driving and Ac is on???? please help me

    Im getting Ripped by the Workshops

  23. Blah Blah Blah, are you just trying to sell Steal Seal, it may work 1 out of a 100 times but the only real repair is replacing the gasket.

  24. If I'm using Blue Devil could I still do the same process of taking up a spark plug if leaking water to it? Or is this just for steel seal? I do know that with Blue Devil you have to run it with water only and you're saying steel seal works with coolant. So I'm not sure if with a spark plug trick that you use is it still the same?

  25. But I have a Chrysler Concorde LXi 3.2 engine. And to take off the thermostat takes a act of God to get to it.
    Will a blown head gasket leak externally?

  26. When I do head gasket I usually keep the thermostat out it keeps from building extra pressure on the engine so it does not blow again And while driving usually drops about 15゚ so it runs better

  27. Somewhere between January 2010 and August 2010, Scotty went from a 1992 Sony camera to a brand new Nikon, lol

  28. Got fucked by a car dealer spent too much on my car for it being an 02 so hopefully this works cause I’d have to pay 3times what the cars worth by the time I’m done paying for it should of bought a $10k car FML

  29. Hey Scotty I have a 07 Prius the gas engine burns oil and see it comes out of the tailpipe was wondering if it is safe to use a head gasket repair on it just to keep getting some miles out of it

  30. My dad did that on his 18 wheeler…..its 2005 freightliner columbia with a detroit engine…..head gasket blew on cylinder 5 and was eating 20 gallons of coolant a day….he added that every 6 months…..he did it for 3 years and sold the truck to a friendwho ended up replacing the whole head

  31. I'm retired I worked on cars for 51 years my cars and family also a few friends with easy fixes for free maybe a 12 pack of beer I never had a blown head gasket that I looked at this is interesting if I were ever to come across it thanks Scotty never too old to teach a dog new tricks

  32. Scott kramer. Idk if i said that right. You are. Greatman.. A real great man. And i Love what u do.ima fan and im inspired

  33. I recently used Barrs leaks, liquid copper to repair a head gasket leak, while on a road trip. I was very skeptical about its functionality; but since i had a new radiator put in the day before, i had nothing to lose.
    I followed the directions and the darn thing worked. No more overheating.

  34. I just changed spark plugs ..

    Now truck smokes white smoke bad for a minute then stops… Everytime I turn it on it smokes for few minutes then stops

  35. My 2000 CR-V, does not have the oil milky stuff, or a bunch of bubbles when radiator cap is off, the only thing he found was two spark plugs with no water on them but they looked rusty. He said blown head gasket. I do have to put some water in radiator, and it was getting hot at idle when my daughter was driving it. I don't see smoke coming out tail pipe or even steaming when the car would randomly get a little bit higher on the temp gauge. I never smelled it much…I have noticed, even after replacing thermostat,,,the top hose is very hard and hot to touch, the one going from radiator to thermostat housing..could there be any other reason those couple plugs was rusty?? Oh Mechanic also said the radiator cap definitely needs replacing..don't know if that matters, but I really have prayed, I've did so much research, trying to help find out how to fix it. I hope u can help guide me,,,and if it means, the thing does have to be fixed I will try find a video tutorial step by step to do that.

  36. Quick question, you said repeat the process 4 or 5 times, so the 5 times I keep poring more and more steel sea?

  37. theres the issue of head gasket leaking coolant into oil, then wouldn't it be thinning out the oil and thin oil would also contribute to overheating ptoblem? so after fixing headgasket drain and put fresh oil!

  38. Sir I have a question. I currently received news from my mechanic that I could have a blown head gasket. :::Symptoms: foamy oil cap, dipstick, oil looks like coffee with cream at last change 2 days ago, Low power sputter sounding engine:::. 2014 Mazda C-x9. He told me to get a stop leak. The product says pour directly into the radiator, however I don't have a radiator cap. I only see the reservoir pour point. Should I disconnect the hose going into the radiator and pour in through the hose directly? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  39. …some people don't have that kind of money. And yes that's my case. But sometimes the car is not worth repairing either like in my case too. Back in February 2019 I had problems with a 96 ford explorer. I put K-Seal on the radiator and started to run good again. Six moths later still running. If I had to throw it away I would have. But still running so I keep driving it. Nice.

  40. Hi Scotty, I have a 2004 Lexus es330 with 284000 miles. The car runs great. Can you share any preventative maintenance tips to keep the car running great?

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