How to Fix a Car that Shakes When Accelerating (U Joint)

How to Fix a Car that Shakes When Accelerating (U Joint)

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel is your vehicle vibrating when you accelerate like this, shaking all over the place,
well a car that really start shaking when you accelerate, has some type of the
drivetrain problem, so it could be in the transmission, could be in the driveshaft,
could even be in the CV joints, we’ll Jack it up and check, wheels up in the air, we’ll get
out the magic carpet, and crawl under, then we grab the driveshaft and wiggle
it, we can see the joint is broken in the back, we do the universal joint on the
driveshaft, so what’s happening is this, when the joint is worn, as you accelerate,
all the power of the car goes down the driveshaft,
and since it’s worn, then it wobbles back and forth it makes the whole vehicle
shake, now we have to take the driveshaft off to change the joint, so we take the
four nuts and bolts off here, and since transmission fluid is going to leak out
when we pull the shaft off, you get a drain pan and stick it under there,
we just unbolt them all, you take out the last nut bolt, and the driveshaft
just slides down and out, and as you can see in here, this ends all loose
and the pieces are broken inside, now to get it off, you need one of these special
universal joint tool kits, they only cost about 30 bucks if you go online, they’re
not that expensive, but you need the tool, now if you look inside here, you’ll
notice there is little clips, you have to pry the little clips off, we’ll turn it on
the side, now you can see the clips, they just pry out, then you place the driveshaft
on the tool, get the wide end, stick it over here, and start hammering it, and
when you it hit hard enough, the end comes out, then you flip it over and
do the other side, and off it comes, then we do this side, now if you notice my replacement one’s
better, the old one had a grease joint inside that’s almost impossible to get
to, this one, has a grease joint that you put in the end cap when you’re done, so
you can easily grease it, and it’ll last longer won’t dry up, like the other one
did, now I put the new one on, we’ll take two
of the ends off, they just slide off, then you slide this side in first, then stick the cap in and make it a little snug, then you get a little hammer and tap it part of
the way in, then you put the other cap in and tap that a little, then you pick it
up and put it on this end of the tool, so this end is flat, then use the small end of
the tool, put it on the top, and tap it in, then you get the clip, snap it inside,
pretty tight, so you get a little hammer and tap it, then you turn it over again,
and do the other side, and then put this little spring in, then you take these ends off, slip the
the yoke on, and put the end caps in, and tap it like
before, then get the small end of the tool and finish tapping them in,
put the ring on, and then do the other side, and slip that ring on, and of course, don’t forget the grease
fitting, get your grease gun, and grease it up, then you roll the driveshaft back in, you
slide the driveshaft back into the transmission, and bolt the other end up,
get them nice and tight, and now when you pull on it, no more clunking, and if any fluid came out in the pan, put it back in, but in
this case, nothing leaked out so we don’t have to put any back in, so the next time
your vehicle starts shaking when you accelerate, why not fix it yourself and
remember do you have any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer channel
and I’ll answer them as soon as I’m done recycling myself

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    2. Wrench Set:
    3. Screwdriver set:
    4. Steel Jack:
    5. Jack Stand:
    6. Plastic Drain Pan:
    7. Sledge Hammer:
    8. Shop Towels:
    9. Disposable Gloves:
    10. Common Sense
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  2. Scotty Silver my man I live in Texas and my truck shakes . You think it could be the u-joint? I have 30'inch tires and its lifted. I gone to mechanic and told me I need a balance and alignment. Any suggestions?

  3. I have a 2002 front wheel drive grand am that shakes real bad when taking off from dead stop but goes away while i drive down the road. Any info is welcome please.

  4. hey scotty can you check my car out ?? i’m in Houston Texas . can you message me or reply to me please . you’d be a life saver

  5. My 03 Pontiac Bonneville shakes vibrates going 60+ mph and bounces going 25 to 30+ mph what would be the cause and what should I look for or at?

  6. Hi Scotty!
    I have a query. My car vibrates badly when I shift from second gear to third! The same vibration is not there in any other gears. What could be the reason?

  7. I have 2005 Chrysler 2.7 in not sure what's going on but when I start driving the center of my car start to my a vibrating/shaking noise once I get to 20mph then it does it again at around 30-40 and then at 50 and so on. What could it be ?

  8. Hey Scotty ive got a 1983 Toyota Corolla Wagon that's having the same problem . I ordered a new 2 shaft like the old one because the factory shaft is not serviceable , the U Joints are staked in instead of the C clips you just removed in the vedio.
    The new shaft does the same thing plus ive had it checked for for balance , the driveline shop said the shaft was indeed in balance….
    Ive rotated it on the diff flange 90° in steps to a total of 360° , one place seemed to help but the vibration is still there .
    What can i do to correct this situation?
    The new

  9. Rough as guts. I wouldn't want Scotty fixing my car. We see he just throws the driveshaft along the ground. What a doofus! Instead of being careful with it and taking the time to place it end by end under the car, he just throws it under😵

  10. Could bad u joint also cause the back end of a truck to feel like it's jumping up, & down? I also noticed a very strong vibration throughout my truck when in 4 low in drive, but with brake applied.

  11. My care doesn’t shake when I accelerate it shakes when I have the my foot on the break like bad would this be the same

  12. I know you posted a tools list for the video, but the Ujoint kit you list isn't the Ujoint anvil that you used in the video. Where can I get one of those? That's a great tool.

  13. Hey Scotty ive been hunting my two piece driveshaft vibrations on my 1983 Toyota Corolla Wagon over a year now .
    Ive installed a new shaft with no change , took it out had it checked for balance turned out perfect ..
    Ive rotated the shaft 180° and a bolt hole at a time , still no change .
    Diff doesn't have and play Whatsoever nor does the transmission output…
    Do you have any suggestions ?

  14. Having the same problem with the link for the u joint tool that lots of others seem to be having. Anyone ever figure out what it's called or where one can be purchased? Having no luck finding one online. Need this tool, not the C-clamp looking press..

  15. Scotty my car wobbles when reaching 40 to 60 after that at higher speed feels less what can it be I took it to my mechanic said everything is good like axel cv joint.ect..please help..

  16. I was driving down the hwy smoothly and after maybe 10 miles my jeep started shaking violently, I let go of the gas pedal and it went away, again when I began to accelerate it started shaking again at around 55mph, let go of the gas and went away again, so I drove home under 50mph. Any ideas?

  17. Would this apply to the 2007 ford edge? I hear a scrapping or rattling like sound i guess..i actually need a mechanic to ride with me to hear issue going on with it…

  18. Hi Scotty I have an accord 03 V6 shakes after 60 I change tie rods axels upper and lower control arms rotors and breaks pads high speed balance and alignment still shakes what else can I check

  19. scotty i have a 2011 Sierra 1500 4×4. new tires, new alignment, still shakes between 65-80 mph. been looking around and there is allot of those problem on different youtube videos. calling it "CHEVY SHAKE" have you heard anything about that.?
    thank you for your help

  20. Hey I recently bought a new Chevy Colorado mid size truck, it’s a 2019 and after a couple of months of use, sometimes it shakes while accelerating, I put up a bed toolbox on it but that’s basically the only modification I have ever done to it.. what do you think my problem is????

  21. Are U joints the same for all vehicles? As the name implies, are they universal for all vehicles? One size fits all? I need to replace mine.

  22. Hi. Big fan of your videos!
    I have a BMW 520d f11 from 2011 with a problem, could you help with an advice please

    while the car is in neutral, 1st gear or 2nd gear, everything is fine. Also while switching gears at high RPM (above 2400rpm) everything is fine in the 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th gear as well. The strange behavior is hard to explain, but here it goes:

    For example, let's say I'm in the 4th gear, switch to the 5th gear, and the RPM is now at 1600rpm. Now when I press the gas and accelerate there is no vibration, but as the RPM goes up, I'll get a 1-2 second aggressive vibration (can feel even the dashboard vibrating) when I'm at 1800-2000 RPM. As I continue pressing the gas and RPM keeps going above 2300-2400rpm the vibration is not there anymore. The same thing applies to switching from 3rd to 4th and from 4th to 5th and 5th to 6th.

    Basically it happens every time at 1800-2100RPM when I try to accelerate somewhat fast.

    However this issue is NOT there when I accelerate slowly.

  23. My truck shakes after 40mph , if I accelerate past 40 it’ll go but as soon as I let off the gas it’ll shake , the whole front end shakes horribly. I replaced the transmission mount that was broken and that didn’t fix it either. ANY IDEAS??

  24. What about a car that shakes when I reach 60mph but resolves at 70/75 every time??! (2004 Honda Element)

  25. I have a 2006 Ford ranger 4×4 that shakes really bad when it gets up to around 60mph. Could this be the problem in it as well.

  26. …and if its not the U-joint its an axle/bevel gear that you replace for a mere 4,000 for the part and good luck on the labor! Any time soon you can show how to convert a 2005 Volvo xc70 from AWD to FWD?

  27. Yep my U joint has got to be replaced before I drive my pickup again. Coming home from work poor thing was shaking all over didnt think I was going to make it to the house, I babied her all the way!!!!

  28. Scotty I have a 2012 Honda Pilot, 4 wheel drive, 67,000 miles and it was vibrating after 40 mph and up. I went to the dealer and they recommended to replace the driveshaft. My vehicle was still under Honda warranty so they took care of it at no cost to me. I also did alignment and put on brand new tires. Not even a year has passed and now the vehicle is vibrating again! and I have a funny feeling it is the driveshaft again. What is going on?, the vehicle is not even use as much (2,000 miles per year or less). Why the problem keep coming back? Do you know anything about this specific problem of the Honda Pilots? What can I do to prevent this from happening again and again and again? I hear other Honda Pilot owners have the same issue even the newest models are experiencing the same issue. Any suggestion? Thanks a million for your channel and all the info you provide. It is hard to find honest mechanic like you, I hope they can clone mechanics like you everywhere. Thanks!

  29. My 2014 cr-v shakes from 25mph to 40mph. So what i do is press harder on the gas so it can quickly go over 40mph so i dnt feel it shaking.

  30. I've removed the nuts and bolts but the drive shaft won't slid out can someone help I have a 2001 4runner 2wD

  31. Hey Scotty Have a problem with my 2011 Jeep Wrangler it making a rattling/shaking when cruising between 25 to 40 miles an hour. If I am speeding at 65-70 it doesn't shake or rattle. Only when I am cruising. Have you ever come across this issue.

  32. Hey Scotty My Econoline E350 2001 rattles only at certain speed… Once I pass that I can accelerate as normal no more rattling. When I go around 40-50 if a press on the gas n try to pass another driver it starts to rattle real bad. I have to really gentle press on gas and lett it start building up speed. Once it goes over 60 i can now press hard on the gas and no rattling. What do U think it could be?? 🤔

  33. I never knew they made a tool for that. looks very easy but I'm so cheap. U get a thumbs up and I'm a subscriber already. thanks for tutorial

  34. My car may need this done. It vibrates everytime when I accelerate and when I'm in the highway stepped on the gas. Is it really that simple?

  35. time to try this tomorrow on my '07 4runner as i'm getting some shudder when accelerating up a hill or at around the 40-60 kph speed.

  36. Hey so my car (Subaru Forester) does exactly this, but only after having driven a while. Seems to need to warm up before the wobble starts. Is U joint likely culprit or something else?

  37. Hey scotty i have an 08 impala that started jerking or shaking only in reverse at first it shifts smooth but jerks or shakea in reverse as i start to accelerate and then today in drive at lower speeds started doing the same thing but not as bad as it does in reverse any idea what it could be?

  38. How about with front wheel drive vehicles? When I slow down and have to accelerate before coming to a full stop, my car shudders when I go to accelerate. Would that be a CV Joint axle issue? It’s a 2015 Nissan Versa Note with a CVT Tranny. 90k miles.

  39. Throws the drive shaft knowing that could bent it causing the drivetrain to shake again but revvvv up your engines

  40. Hey scotty i have a 06 toyota mini van and it has a vibration and sometimes a wobble under accelerating and the passenger side has a scrubbing sound like bad brakes sound when accelerating can u help thanks

  41. Ok, this video/channel has earned my subscription. My Truck has been doing that and I couldn't pinpoint what was making it shake like that. I decided to try a youtube search and this was the first video I clicked on and viewed. Thanks this was very helpful…

  42. hello sir my car is patrol safari y61 when i drive in highway 110km running its starts vibration to 160km please recommanded any ideas how to fix?

  43. What if a Volvo V50 vibrates (The whole car shakes, not the steering wheel) on acceleration between 35-45 km/h or 22-28 mph almost, even after changing the whole drive shafts in both sides and checking that engine mounts are good?

  44. As ALWAY'S Scotty, THANK'S A MILLION. My wife's Ford Expedition 5.6L V-8 was shaking and I thought " Oh boy, here goes a couple Thousands of dollar's. " But, thank's to you and your AWESOME video's. I only spent a total of $112.00

  45. hello how do i remove a transfer case shaft from 1995 chevey truck 4*4 the front shaft it starts viberating when i put into 4 wheel drive

  46. I have a 2004 jeep wrangler se it clunks and hops when shifting from park to drive and reverse is it the driveshaft jeep shifts fine when driving

  47. so i was speeding and now my engine shakes i don’t know when i put my foot on the gas pedal is shakes it never did this before anyone knows anything ?

  48. Hi Scotty,

    What about this wierd chirping like sound to be heard when my honda civic 2006 car gets bumped against the pothole?

  49. Great video but please do not throw your drive shaft around like that even the smallest dent can make your car shake severely.

  50. Hey Scotty, Really enjoy your videos. I have a 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour. It has a slight shake or skip upon acceleration, especially when under a load like uphill. Runs smooth down hill, or when you decelerate. Thanks in advance.

  51. It has been said in the thread many times but, even as an old hand at this in a profession, use TWO FRAME stands, to support the vehicle you are working on and be sure the FRAME stands are rated in excess of the vehicle weight.

    If you want to get out from under any vehicle alive, use your brain and think SAFETY first.

  52. Hello Scotty Sir I drive a Chevrolet Spark fwd Indian Version and my car vibrates i.e shudders so badly when I reverse can you tell me what might be the cause? Thank you

  53. I'VE


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