How to Edit Video on Youtube Merge Two Videos Using Creator Studio

alright i’m going to explain to you in just less than five minutes how to edit your video on youtube you don’t actually need every detail if you want to merge two videos and you need to merge your videos especially if you have an intro you want to add to all your videos so how do you do it so just go to your channel our YouTube you just go to your channel I’m in my channel right now and just go to this little image your avatar and go to Creator Studio. So in Creator Studio to do you go down to create just drop down create and then go to video editor right here okay video editor is very good it can even help you to add music and every other things. so now I want to add an intro to my video let me just show you the intro. this is the intro this is how it goes as you can see this is only 25 seconds so it’s not much I want to add it to a video. so instead of using a video editing software i’ll just have to add add it using this video editor youtube has given us all for free so just drag the video to the timeline the first place, stop this thing, and then go back to go back to your videos and drag the next one. let’s assume I want to merge it with this “Hello as you know…” the Nicene i’m going to do now he’s just to give it a name I i’m just call it Updated compiler construction ok so this point i don’t i don’t need any more thing unless I want to work on all these and just go ahead to click create video. So this is how easy it is to create video and after some time is going to process the video and give us this video completely new video compiler construction you can go ahead to update the information only are youtube editor and so on and so forth so this is how to edit video remember you go from your your thumbnail here and go to creator studio and then you use video editor. thank you very much for viewing please subscribe to my channel if this has been informative for you ok

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