How To Cook Steak In A Pan or Cast Iron Skillet

what’s up everybody this is Lyle with no hippie BBQ might be doing today is going to be a bone in New York strip
steak we are gonna be doing this inside because the weather outside is really
not conducive to cooking on the grill so I figured you know what let’s go ahead
and knock this out inside the good thing is I’m gonna be using some steak that
was sent to me by a company called Snake River farms they sent me four of these
New York Strip bone-in steak so we’re going to be doing and I decided to do
each one of these different so this particular one is going to be done
indoors anyway this particular New York strip steak is in American Wagyu New
York strip steak basically they take Kobe beef cow mix it with an American
cow and you get the best of both worlds and rather than me explain it to you I’m
gonna leave a link in the description where you can go down there and take a
look at you know all the information on that website and if you choose to happen
to want to buy something there’s gonna be a nice little discount code there for
you as well anyway so they sent me for these steaks now it’s kind of surprised
by how the packaging came because I did buy some steak from a company a little
while ago and the packaging was a little bit different like I said this was sent
complimentary but listen here’s what you get they’re gonna send it in the normal
packaging so you have the ice you know the dry ice no I got stuff but for all
you hippies out there they send it in a little almost grocery bag like thing
that you can use next time you’re go to the grocery store save the environment
as well anyway a little zipper on it boom when you open it up you have your
frozen New York strip steaks and you have little information packet about the
company now difference about this is that you’re not only learning about the
company but they have different things about how to cook the steaks in here as
well so if you’re not familiar with cooking a steak brisket roast ham
rapport boom they got the pointers right in here like I was telling you this
right here is probably the highest grade cut of meat that I have ever tried so
we’re just gonna go ahead and be pretty basic with it we’re just gonna hit it
with this is a salt pepper and garlic mix and you know what I’m not sure if I
have this on here long enough for you to take a look at that marbling but we’re
gonna go ahead and flip it over and you’ll be able to see what we’re looking
like once I do that the technique we’re gonna be using on this is we’re gonna be
reverse cooking it and rather than do it on the grill like I said we’re gonna do
it in our oven it’s gonna be basically the same technique but to sear it we’re
gonna be using our cast iron skillet I am gonna go ahead and season up this fat
but I’m gonna go ahead and do that off-camera take a look at that marbling
isn’t I mean that is absolutely beautiful so we’re going to do is we’re
going to throw it in the oven once I’m done seasoning this all up we’re gonna
throw it in the oven at 250 degrees I’m gonna be going for something a little
bit closer to that rare to medium rare so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
cook it in the oven until we reach about a hundred and ten hundred twelve degrees
then we’re gonna go ahead and sear it off in a cast-iron skillet a lot of
times people will cook with some kind of oil in their skillet what imma be using
is some clarified butter and I have a quick technique on making clarified
butter I’m gonna go ahead and leave a link to that video in the iCard above
and it’s just a quick and easy way to make your own clarified butter and a
sudden this work for me it is almost at room temperature I can tell you that the
seasoning is starting to permeate from this state I am my oven getting pretty
heated we’re gonna cook it at about 245 degrees 245 to 250 degrees would be
great this is almost up to 245° let’s go over the stove throw it in
now that our ovens preheated to 245 degrees we’re gonna go ahead and throw
our steak in we’re gonna be cooking this until we get an internal temperature of
110 degrees now I’m going to be using a meat probe and if you don’t have a meat
probe you know regular meat thermometer like that would work as well you just
may need to check it a little bit more often
anyway let’s shut it down see you back in a bit
here’s going off we’re at 110 degrees we’re gonna go ahead and take this out
of the oven I’m going to go ahead and get my skillet hot with this clarified
butter and we’ll get searing that bad boy off this cast-iron breaching hot
with that clarified butter one of the reasons I’m using clarified butters
you’re not going to end up with any of that burning of the butter because we’ve
separated out that milk milk fat if you don’t want to use clarified butter feel
free to use just like a canola or a vegetable oil as well now we’re just
gonna go ahead throw it in and get it seared off on both sides isn’t gonna
take too long we only have the searing for about 45 seconds let’s go ahead and
take a look at it so that’s what we’re looking like that looks seared really
good to me go ahead and lay it down for another 45 seconds so that’s about
another 45 seconds a minute that’s we’re looking like you know what I think
that’s fine this should fly them up about another 5
degrees once we pull it off so we should still be in that medium medium rare
range we’ll go ahead and shut this down let the stay cool off a minute about 5
minutes and then we’ll go ahead and taste it this steak looks absolutely
great what I’m gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead I’m gonna cut off a little bit
of this take this from the boom cut this up I’m
gonna go ahead and cut this little tip off here I’ll go ahead and give this
little portion to my dogs you know they got a share and some of this goodness my
god you know you can kind of this almost
looks like hopefully the camera is bringing this in this almost looks like
man I can’t explain what the look is this has like a texture in a look that I
can’t really explain something that I’ve never had anyway I’ll be able to explain and once
I taste it I’m gonna finish cutting this stuff up
get it on this plate kind of looking a little bit better and we’ll go in for
this taste test so it is time for my taste test some of
you guys know that I usually have my son up in here helping me out with some of
these taste tests but he’s out for the day anyway I’m gonna be doing this by
myself maybe I’ll get a couple extra get us
taste testers in here to see what’s up anyway this looks absolutely beautiful
let’s just kind of go in right quick on our own before we see about these
celebrity guest guests taste testers let me pick one from the middle the stuff is so awesome I’m not used to
have a meet this this marble it almost has like a buttery texture to it but you
know it before I get my celebrity taste testers in here I want you guys listen
just go down to the description below check out that Snake River finds coupon
code is gonna be down there as well but I’m telling you you’re you know if you
have a special occasion coming up you want to hook it up right definitely
this right here anyway let me get my guests taste tester boom I got Frankie
here let’s see if Frankie likes it come on Pia Frankie said this is all
that come on penny let’s get pimmy up in here see what she thinks I think she
likes it too anyway damn that is some good stuff
hey I want to thank you guys for stopping by know if you barbecue I want
to thank the guys at Snake River farms for letting me know that I haven’t been
living all this time and sending me out some in estate man this is awesome
anyway be on the lookout for some sous vide some leather outdoor grilling on
some of this steak I think it’s even gonna be better than this
anyway thanks for setting my tepee barbecue I appreciate it
comment subscribe and I’m out Best Steak Recipe

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