How to Cook flame grilled 4 course meals Bush style

(gun shots echoing) – Here’s my modern day tinder box. In a plastic nalgene container. Inside, I keep a few fire
lighters, wrapped in foil. The foil also helps when
you’re starting a fire and you need something
to reflect the heat off. Here’s one of the flammable
cubes that go inside. If the flame does start to go out just place another small piece of the flammable cubes into the fire. This wood is pretty dry so it looks like we’re not gonna have any
problem getting this fire going. I’ve just put these small
boulders around here just to give us a bit of a wind break. And here’s my homemade campfire grill you may have seen in other videos. So it took me a while to set this up so that we’d be in a position where we can place the campfire grill nice and level. And there should be enough room to fit about two or three
different pots here. You can even have a pot
right there on the edge. We’ll just come back in a few minutes once this fire is going. – [woman] Maybe that’s ready. Asparagus is ready. Get it. – [man] Looks like the corn is ready. That’s how you want. You actually want to
charcoal it like that. Believe it or not it’s absolutely delicious when it’s cooked like that. We had the fire going a
little bit too hot before. When you are roasting or
flame grilling veggies like this over fire you want
the fire to be pretty gentle. Just a little bed of hot
coals with a small flame. And that’s why our asparagus is burnt. Because we didn’t have
a small enough fire. Oh well. Black asparagus. Not bad. Potato. Bit of pumpkin. That’s parsnip, the white vegetable. Soon we’re gonna just put
this onion on a shish kabob. Also flame grill the tomato. Eating pig. A bit of pork going in there. We’re just gonna pre-boil the pork before we flame grill it. – [woman] This is the foods. I’m making a stick for
a onion and then tomato. Onion and tomato. – [man] Just panning the camera around. So you can see this dirt
road that we’re camped on. I’ll take you for a walk over
here to our water source. Down here I’m gonna have to be careful walking across
this wooden stump here. Or this, fallen tree. Just there in the water we have
a fresh water crayfish trap. In a couple of hours I’ll pull that out and hopefully we’ll have
something in the trap. – [woman] Because it’s too very hot. – [man] And once the dishes
are done, then comes dessert.

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