How to Connect and Leak Test an Argon Bottle to Your Welder Part 1

Here’s the regulator, when you buy a
regulator make sure you buy one that has the proper fitting for your bottle. UH, this
is Uh I believe this called a CGA-580. I like it because it’s got the scale on there and
it’s also got whatever your input pressure is. So my only concern is after
I put it on I’m going to have to go ahead and use some bubble water
everywhere on all the all the connections and make sure everything is
is tight and that they don’t leak. So let’s go ahead and get everything
mounted up and then we’ll we’ll do the bubble tests and I’ll show that to you. Well we had this hose on here and it’s
just a press on with like some serrated nipples on this thing, and it it was too
loose and you could you can just move it side to side and back out a little bit i knew
it was going to leak. Harbor Freight came with this little clamp
on it just like that and it just it was pretty inefficient. So what I did is
I went down to the parts store and I bought some some number four clamps. Just wanted to make sure that I didn’t have any leaks here. So the next thing
we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and mount the bottle on this thing
and get the regulator on it. Well I’ve got it all together got the C25 on it. The last thing I need to do is go ahead
and do the leak check on this and make sure all the hoses don’t leak anymore.
What we’re going to use for that is we’re going to use a some soap and water
will spray on it. It also has a connector on the inside
here and I didn’t bother to check that before I put the cover back on it. So
I’m going to get to pull the cover back off the welder here and then I’m going to energize the
whole system then we’ll do a leak check on it. To mount it as you saw previously
I clamp this down and then I went and clamp this one on here and this one was
the the actual fitting was larger than the one that was on the back of the
weather over there so what I ended up doing was actually took like a candle
lighter and I heated this up now this is
non-flammable gas otherwise I wouldn’t have done it I would have probably taken
it away or put the tank someplace else and then heated it up but anyway so I
just hated this up with a lighter and then i squish this up on here and then i
clamped down there and get the cover off of it here and by the way for you guys
that don’t know how this works you just push this in and you pull the tube out
and it comes straight out alright let’s go ahead and not charged
up this system here and see what the see what the pressure is so we got some
pressure now it’s the let’s get some soap here I don’t see anything actually
see them bubbles right there that tells me the system is leaking and we go I’ve got a couple over there to there we
get here and check up in here you know let’s give it a shot don’t really see any there looks like
maalik is right there and right here you know and I tighten this thing down
really tight too when I put it on there but i guess a it just didn’t seem good
enough I can fix this one with some teflon tape I can’t really fix this one
tip on tape because it’s a what is that the CDA 580 and it’s supposed to be a
compression type that maybe if I loosen up and then retighten at all it’ll solve
that problem I don’t see any bubbles coming out
nothing so I decided to go ahead and open the flow valve and see if there’s
any leaks and I can’t really see it looks like there might be a little bit
of one up in here can’t really tell I’ll just let it sit for a little bit
and see bubbles come out and I don’t see any around this joint I don’t see any here but I see a very
active league right here so I’m gonna have to probably just since i’ll never
change I’ll probably RTV it up or something these are steel on the inside not too
impressed with it i think what i’m going to do is go ahead and teflon it up that
doesn’t work then I’ll just epoxy it and that should stop it from doing that so
as far as this side goes haven’t taken it off here but I’ll take it off and i
have a good look on the inside see what’s up with that got about three or
four layers of Teflon wrapped around this and I’m gonna pull this off and
look inside and then I’m gonna screw this on and run another test on and see
how it goes okay this is the inside of the bottle here inside the throat I
don’t see anything it looks like it had a good seal but i guess it wasn’t good
enough here’s the end here it looks pretty good for all seems ok
I’ll just clean it up real good make sure there’s no dust on it and do it
again maybe i’ll have to compress it a few times to make sure everything forms
really well this is a brand-new tank by the way and a brand-new putting on top
so maybe it just needs a little bit of working and get this gauge back on and
it on there for about five minutes now and no bubbles either side so i think i
got these two fixed right here so it looks like the only fix I have left to
do is this one in here it is out here and pull pull there it is

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