How To Combine YouTube Channels under one Account

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  1. Achully if you have a Adroid tablet and GMAIL app what you describe here is now obsolete as you can sincranise all Gmail accounts with there connect Gplus accounts and youtube accounts together and acces all emails from one place and easily switch from one youtube account to another in seconds.


  3. This didn't work because when I go to add the 2nd account, it wants to delete the videos added by the 1st account. Ugh. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. I need help. I am too confused. A lot of these tutorials I am finding are outdated and I am not seeing the same content. I have my Gmail account I want to keep. It has no YouTube content. I have my old Hotmail account I want to eventually delete. It is linked with my YouTube account actually two (somehow). I want to delete one and keep the other. So eventually I would like to sign on to my Gmail account but using my old YouTube account (that is linked to Hotmail). Can someone please help? 🙂

  5. Thank you that sounds like something I can do. The video is pretty old (4 years) the look of the google account etc., look a bit different. Any updates on this video?
    I have two accounts, one created by me, and had many viewers. The other was created by my website builder, after I move my email into a gmail server ( still under my own domain). For a while he actually closed my old account by mistake, but I was able to recover it before it was shut down completely.
    Any updated would be appreciated, since google themselves say you can not merge or transfer one account to the other. Thanks!

  6. Can we share videos. Like if I have two youtube accounts. And rather than upload videos twice can we just share the videos between accounts?

  7. I have created a youtube channel now I have interested to create another youtube channel but the different language is there any problem in YouTube if I using the same footage in both the channel but in the different background language???

  8. I have 2 youtube channelsI was only aware of one…I have 17 videos on one channel which is fine… the other channel with the same screen name i would like to edit but i can;t sign into it because the email i sign in with takes me to the channel with 17 videos…i need to edit the channel with only 2 videos in it…same screen name…i don't remember creating the second account….advice?

  9. I just want to put all my subscribers under one account being so I can monetize one account.I.E. My personal has 452 subs my business as 12 subs and all my playlists combined. Does YouTube look at all your account as one? Am I worrying too much about this?

  10. Hey Tim thank you so much for this video.

    I would REALLY appreciate it if you could answer a question that I am having great difficulty finding and answer for 🙂

    I have 3 accounts altogether (each created with different gmail addresses), only one of them is eligible for monetization (1000 Subscribers, 4000 view hours).

    If I follow the steps to put the 2 non eligible for monetization channels under the ownership of the eligible channel will that then make the 2 non eligible ones become eligible (I.E proving that all content is mine and combining all of the view hours etc)?

    Or would I still need to wait until I have 1000 subscribers and 4000 view hours on the non eligible channels in order to make that content eligible?

    I really, really am at a loss to find an answer for this question – I hope you can help.

  11. Hey bro you're really doing a good job of breaking this down but if yes definitely daunting if you could draw it out bigger and break it down and simplify it more that would make it accessible to a whole lot more of us!!!!!!!

    Well I hope ya consider maybe doing that that would be great looking forward to hearing your feedback on my suggestion thanks for sharing Ken

  12. I have one adsense, one gmail, and 2 youtube channels. One main channel is already monetized. Then can I monetize other channel with same adsense and gmail?

  13. Hi Tim Schmoyer,
    I have three Youtube Channels under one Gmail account. How I can connect and monetize all my three Youtube Channels to one Adsense account that are under the same Gmail account in which all my three Youtube Channels exist???
    Please Reply…

  14. Being we are now in 2018 does this still work? I hope so!. And if I have more then 5 accounts and making money from 2 of them, will doing this effect that little bit of income money, I am making? Or will I need to start that whole process all over again? Thanks

  15. is there a way to transfer videos from one channel to another channel that is under the same email? PS. Without having to download the video and reuploading the video to the next channel….

  16. DUDE>. REALLY?!!?! lol.. GEEZUS, Boss. I only have One question for you… "WHAT!!!!!" (no it DID not make sence! lol fck me. )

  17. this is my second youtube channell that i made 9 months ago. I think I have lost ownership of it because i am unable to upload another karaoke song. how do i check my ownership?

  18. In other words, one can't merge two Youtube accounts.
    One can only create a Google+ a/c to dump the Youtube a/cs into it
    thereby killing the youtube a/c, am I right?

  19. Our Colourarte channel has been a great way to demonstrate various product we make- IT has now come to a point we need to split up content for our viewers- what is best way to do this ? You tube either moves them all OR one at a time- has anything changed on this front?

  20. All I did was replace my old phone phone. screw me when you up grade you lose every thing. The old battery was swelling had to.`now I’m in teck hell

  21. Much easier for many of us to clearly say right from the beginning that you can’t merge two or more channels into one!

  22. I have one "brand" account one empty normal account both the same email. NO IDEA how they became two different accounts in first place, literally YouTube did it on its own. It's not plus accounts literally normal accounts. So the MAIN account that I thought I was using forever wasn't the main it was that "brand" page crap. Now I don't know what to do

  23. I didn’t know about Google plus so that’s cool thank you. However I’m thinking about going the other direction. I currently have one channel and thinking about breaking it out to three channels because of my content is causing conflict with subscribers. I wonder if creating a Google plus From the start before breaking out into separate channels is the best way what do you think.

  24. No one cares about Google + the sooner google gets that the easier everything will be for the user. It is a myriad of confusion.

  25. what about vevo youtube channels ? If you already have a regular youtube channel how does it become a vevo channel and is it with the other channels or its , its own channel ?

  26. HiI hope that you can help. Today when I tried to access my You Tube account, I kept on getting a message saying the account had no name. The picture I had up disappeared also. I can only view my channel now as if I was an outsider.? I stared a new channel but I still need to use my original account. I watched a few videos and tried the suggestions. I am still unabl eto get into my account. Can you please let me know if something weird is going on at You Tube?

  27. With my movie, how do I get my movie videos to go to my other channel ? It is under a different gmail acc but I can just go from Channel to channel on YT but my movie videos only go to one channel. I need to be able to send my my movie videos to my second YT channel? Thank you.

  28. dude I need help iv done everything you’ve said to do but everything on your end is diffrent on my end is there anyway you can do a live chat with me and help me out iv got a hotmail acc and a google plus gmail account but with YouTube don’t know how to combine them both tryed following this but it’s so diffrent to my YouTube any help would be so much appreciated

  29. No+ Tim, I ask how you link regular youtube account to my two brand accounts the other stuff have been done tell the system over told me am over the two brand accounts I need to connect all three

  30. i know this is an old video , BUT does all this stil work, also does watchtime and views all add together if multiply channels under same account

  31. sir can we give our subscriber to any other channel is it possible plzz help me plzz i am ur old subscriber so plzz hlp

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