How to Clean Your Welding Table | JIMBO’S GARAGE

How to Clean Your Welding Table | JIMBO’S GARAGE

Welcome to Jimbo’s garage Garage well tonight I want to talk a little bit about welding table maintenance You know I get a lot of comments in the comments section and people ask How do you keep your table so clean so flat in and smooth? Well it involves a little bit of maintenance you know after a period of time of doing a lot of welding here on your table You might develop a lot of bb’s or a lot of buildup it Just gets dirty, and and that makes your table unlevel yeah when you’re trying to build stuff on it You know you wanted it smooth and flat as clean as possible To help your project go along and so after a period of time these things build up And I want to show you how I do here in the shop how I maintain my woven tape First thing I do is grab a broom or brush or whatever I’ve got there and sweep the table off get all the dust debris Slag whatever it is that may be on the table off, and then I grab a flap disc and hit the harder area So let’s say say that bb’s and the build up that might be in one area more than the other I use my welding table off the corner here More than I do look towards the center, so I like to be able to get all our rough area off first And then I do this slight sweeping motion all the way across on all four sides of the table and I do that just to ensure that I’m getting everything off and As you see I drag this thing across the table you might see a spark or two that will fly off Now that is because the the grinder itself is actually picking up Something that is sticking up and grinding it down flat And once I go all four sides around and get everything completely cleaned off like that And I know that there’s nothing sticking up. I like to use acetone it it’s just You just put some acetone on a rag and then wipe off anything that might be On the table oil grease that goes on there, and it cleans everything off It makes everything nice and clean and you can rub your hand on it right there There’ll be no grease and then finally a nice little blast of wd-40 now The wd-40 is what I use I have it here in the shop It said it’s a multi-use lubricant and use it for a lot of different things You know it’s not saying that you have to have that there’s lots of different lubricants out there it’s just that what it’s just what I use a lot of and a light coat of that all the way around the table and you can see that that that really puts a nice little sheen on it a nice little protective coating and You’re nice, and you’re ready for your next upcoming project now this Wd-40 lasts, maybe about 12 hours, so I like to do it at night Before I leave the shop and that way I come back in the morning and it ready to go for my next project It may look like a lot of work, but realistically it was about 10-15 minutes And that’s no time at all to make your table look and brand new again Hope you guys enjoyed this welding tip for the day. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to rate comment subscribe for more fish See you next time on Jimbo’s garage

30 thoughts on “How to Clean Your Welding Table | JIMBO’S GARAGE

  1. Hey Jim, have you ever used some sort of anti-spatter? Also, could you tell me the dimensions of your welding table? I'm looking into setting one up in my shop and I like the size that you have. Thanks

  2. 30 years in the trade.
    1.Don't sweep your table dust on the floor.
    Use a fox tail and sweep into a dust pan our vacuum.
    if you sweep it on the floor it will go Airborne and is unhealthy to breathe and makes a mess in your garage.
    2. When cleaning your table of tack welds and BB's.
    Start with 4 inch paper wheel and knock down the high tack welds.
    Then use a 7 inch fresh flatwheel and always hold it flat to the table at all times never hold to an angle because with in time your table will have waves.
    3. If you want to keep the BB's from sticking to table use splatter spray on table and wipe down with WD 40.
    4. Never straighten metal with a torch or heat up parts on your welding table it will warp it.
    This is just how I was taught buy the old timers back in the day. Thanks
    Joe from Selfridge airforce base .
    Lead welder.

  3. I'm sure everyone knows this but I never see anyone in videos doing it. So it makes me wonder if it is as well known as I think it is. When you are trying to smooth out a piece of metal like what you are doing here on your table, if you would lay the sanding or grinding disc down flat on the metal, it will cover a lot more area, give a really smooth surface and not leave those grinding marks. I also lay the disc flat after I grind all my welds that I want to make as smooth as possible. I never see anyone do this trick…

  4. You could spray the whole table with ceramic anti spatter, I use it on jigs, lasts longer than the regular stuff. Steel plates are never dead flat, can be a pain sometimes.

  5. Great tip!By the way is that the Diresta ice pick on the left hand side of the hardware store? Right of the window?

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