How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan With Stuck On Food- Cleaning Tips Tricks Hacks

how to clean cast iron grill pan with stuck on food best way to clean cast iron how to clean cast iron cookware hi it’s AlaskaGranny did you ever finish preparing
dinner in your cast iron pan and things were stuck on it we know you can’t soak your
cast iron but it isn’t that hard to clean turn your burner back on add few inches of water
into your pan and let it boil for few minutes it’s just starting to boil and
you can see how much stuck on food has already simply floated off take a spatula
bachelor just scrape any parts that are still stuck and let it continue to boil for a few minutes while everything simply lifts off once you’re satisfied things are clean turn off the burner and then let it cool for just a few minute and then
you’re gonna dump it out pour that all out check that my tap water is nice and hot I don’t want to warp my pan so I don’t want any cool water get in here the water is hot rinse out my pan take a dry paper towel and wipe away
the rest of the grit to put it back on a warm burner so it can dry over a low
heat you don’t want to get it hot you just
want to dry it then i keep Crisco on hand just for seasoning cast iron rub a little
crisco on a dry paper towel season your pan then you simply turn it off and let it
cool and it’s ready for next time cooking with cast iron is easy extra good for
you not difficult to take care of your cast iron pans Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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