This video is sponsored by: LootCrate The monthly subscription service for epic geek and gamer items and pop-culture gear. *smack* Hi, I’m Stevie T, and today we’re going to learn how to be: POWER METAL! *POWER INTENSIFIES* Like, I’ve done videos for a lot of different genres of “submetal”. *realises it’s not a word* What!? Let me try that again. Now, I’ve done videos for a lot of different subgenres of metal *there you go* but no subgenre is more epic than Power Metal Like, Power Metal is absolutely known for their: epic soaring vocals, shredding guitar solos and just overall speed! Bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween and even Judas Priest are some of the early metal bands that really helped to inspire and define what we know today as power metal. And now bands such as Blind Guardian, Sonata Arctica, and, of course, DRAGONFORCE! are among some of the more popular power metal bands today. Now, honestly, there aren’t many “rules” when it comes to the IMAGE of power metal. I mean, basically, as long as you have long hair and are wearing clothes you can basically be considered power metal. With power metal, it’s really more about the music and the musicianship. Alright, so I guess now it’s about time for us to write our power metal song! K, so to write a power metal song *adjusts glasses like a badass anime character* we’re going to choose THREE chords. So I’m going to choose C sharp (C#) *more like, ninth fret* *melodically* A~ *more like fifth fret* and then B~ *more like seventh fret* So now you’ve chosen your three chords *MORE GLASSES ADJUSTMENTS* and for the verse you’re gonna palm mute the *voice crack* CRAP out of them. Like honestly, if you thought other metal genres gave you carpal tunnel from picking so much well, wait until you play some power metal. Alright, so here is our verse. We’re gonna go: BAM *Furious picking along with lip noises* You’re gonna do that for a bar or two and then you’re gonna move to… …the next chord. BAM *More furious picking along with synced lip noises* Move on to your third chord. BUAM *Do you think he has carpal tunnel yet dear viewer?* *Melodically singing* Carpal tunnel syndrome DJENT! 😀 And for the chorus all you’re gonna do is hit the full chords and let the vocals take over. You’ll see at the end with our finished song Oh! And don’t forget to write a lead guitar part… …that you can irish dance to. *Irish in the background* IT’S CALLED RIVERDANCE YA FOCKING CUNT! *Couldn’t think of a joke, so il just let this part be* To be quite honest power metal guitar is pretty straight forward until you get to the solo. And then you’re screwed. *THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!* ‘Cause power metal guitar solos are amazing, and fast and you have to include a few different techniques such as: Fast ascending and descending licks. *Paul Gilbert would be proud…* As well as a couple of tapping licks. *Holy fock guys, we got ourselves another Van Halen over here!* And of course, a lot of TREM PICKING! *insert death metal joke here* Carpal Tunnel! And of course, what power metal song would be complete without some WHAMMY BAR stuff! Stuff like whammy bar dives *Retarded Lion mating call* Some pinch dives. *When your gf is on her period* And, of course, the ones where you just pinch and just ream on it. *Waohh ooooohwwWWWAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa* *Satisfied giggle* All this stuff you will hear on my power metal song at the end of the video. Now with power metal you have the choice between two different drum beats. You have the “Ca Ca” beat. Which goes: *Ca- Oh wait, he already subtitled this part* And the most common drumbeat for power metal: The “Boot Camp, Booty Camp” drum beat.*10/10 name* *Boo- Oh, motherfucker, why not just make subtitles by yourself then? Focking cunt…* So the idea of using these drum beats is: It lays the fast, aggressive foundation for the song. Don’t try to get all creative and put pop drumbeats over power metal ’cause it’s just not gonna work. *The almighty jesus-kun of power metal slays 10 kittens for every song that uses this drum beat* *Wha- STOP DANCING, THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, STEVIE!!* Now before we get into writing power metal lyrics. Every power metal song has to start off with the word: “Ah” Let me *and me* explain. For example, in rap music *almost every rap song starts with something like: “Yeah” *No* “Yeah” *NO!!* Something along those lines. *This is how you fuck up a power metal song in the best way possible* Now this doesn’t work with power metal *Tcheh, I wonder why…* We’re gonna need to put a little more effort than that. So what we’re going to do here *And prepare yourselves* Is; we’re going to grab our nutterals and we’re going to hit the highest note we can. *When you fail at parkour and hit your manlihood and then realise you have a test due tomorrow* *and then realise that your test was pushed back a week* *ouch* !!! Awesome! :O And remember, if you can’t hit those high notes, just squeeze your testiculars or use like… a “nut-clamp” or something… Now power metal vocals are one of the main focal points of power metal along with guitar *AND DRUMS!* #MORELOVETODRUMMERS Like, if I had to choose which subgenre of metal has the most talented vocalists? Bar none, it would be… power metal. Like, I’m going to show you my power metal song at the end but I already admit that I am not cut out to be a power metal vocalist. But I tried my best for ya so… don’t make fun! *If you do, I (the subtitle editor) will slap the man outta you!* Right, so I guess now it’s time to write lyrics! And to help us with this I created… a Power Metal Lyrics Generator™ So, basically, these are words that power metal bands use. They’re very… “mythological” *”fantastical” words So, basically, you just connect a bunch of these words together to make sense. Even if we look at the top words of all these different categories: “Galloping triumphantly through snowy moonlit path” Like, that’s perfect! *Ikr?* Let’s sing it! *Singing melodically with “Through Fire and Flames” in the background (Old, I know, but gold nonetheless)* GALLOPING TRIUMPHANTLY THROUGH SNOWY MOONLIT PATH! *Yeah! Right on!* Perfect! *voice crack* BRAVELY CLIMBING THROUGH THE SNOWY WINGS OF MOUNTAIN PLAINS!! *”I’m at a loss for words…”* The best thing to do is cover your eyes and randomly select a word. *Hocus Pocus* Wings!<:d jesus you scared me there for a second steve. that great the funniest thing about this is it actually works now don try adding some fancy words here like banana or... oven mitt. mittens in not-so-melodic voice blazing quickly through snow... with my mitt hideous word something badass has to do swords or power metal jesus-kun sure add more kittens pile just doesn work... shit... gotta follow these rules oh by way can also make band names and song using lyric generator so name... is: genius ah right ...and going be called: does get much than alright i use chart lyrics ready show guys yeah epic we done writing our time music vi- please stop making fun of googly eyes very self-conscious them. ne at part should regardless video. so... got sunglasses... long black fantastical eternal wig. go video... pretty all need greenscreen mythological spacey backgrounds idea maximal cheesiness. but even matter watching musicians... play amazingly. who cares without further ado... throat mimimiii warning:the presented subtitles are unofficial not related any shape form steve actual song. rough interpretation fan. oooooooooh.... ...ooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... aaaaaaaaaah down up icy fields seem ancient unknown sunshine everlasting... lighting souls battlecry goes darkness night fly on free heavens burning spread your wings salvation arise defenders skies soar stars moving onwards hearts light sunlight everlasting burn beneath sky woaaaaah hooohoooooooo hooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooh hoooaaa oooooooooooh hwooaaaaaaah hoooooooaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooooh hoooaaaoooooooooooh liiiight ...wings ...oooouuuuu aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah have little bit ya once again thanks alot thankyou supporting sponsors until next buh-bye video sponsored lootcrate... less month four eight items include collectibles apparell licensed gear every crate an exclusive tee-shirt loot-pin... anywhere else slighter big summer blockbusters... makes may perfect celebrate... pop-culture unstoppable unrelenting unbeatable characters objects. carry kitchen cool figure monthly tee pin. featuring two marvel plus warcraft dragon ball z. no one see what did did. genius. me-... funny k pst... subscribe receive when cut-off happens over month. hey always too. head muh name. sign enter code: save off new subscription. noooooooooooooooooooooooooow english provided by: mildlymenacingmeem>

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  1. This is so good, I can't tell why I love it that much. Put it on Spotify or put the part with your cover on youtube so I can download it.

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