How Plasma Cutting Works: Part 2

How Plasma Cutting Works: Part 2

The torch holds the consumable electrode
in a recessed chamber where gas is heated to plasma. The tip of the torch
holds the constricting nozzle with an orifice for the arc and plasma to pass
through. As the arc and gas pass through the orifice, they are constricted into a
focused column that increases the velocity and heat of the arc.

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  1. This could be a weapon of the future…they already use it to get through doors…. There's the possibility that you could send machines with these attached to them as drones…then release them from somekind of weapons bay…it would utterly destroy any kind of pressurization on a spacecraft lol.

  2. easy. If you can stick it to there forehead, you could clamp there arm to the machine….after you wheel it towards them…I suppose you could carry on your back….OR we could just continue using depleted uranium tipped rounds…same effect.

  3. Plasma Air Cutting (PAC) uses compressed air, and is fed by and air compresser. The things dont even fire up untill you have about 30-60psi air pressure, if u compress acetylene to any more than 30psi it starts to become unstable and may explode without warning. i am a LVL 2 Weling apprentice averaging in the high 90's, i know.

  4. should you go on a angle while using the plasma cutter or straight up and down and how do you know if your going fast or slow

  5. Simple, if its too slow the gun does nothing but sputter. If its too fast the molten metal blows back into your face/neck just like a oxyacetylene cut.

  6. @cheaphardwarez yeah, but I heard it was dangerous to build one of those things unless you know what you were doing… although if there was a bit less danger, I'd build one…

  7. when using the cutter, should the nozzle make contact/rest on the material being cut? or do you need to have space in between the nozzle and metal? I am new to this…

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  10. @stonedvideos1 Sorry it didn''t meet your standards. Plenty more on plasma cutting on our channel. New stuff in the works specific to metal sculpture.

  11. That didn't explain how it works at all. I see 2 wires (?) at the top. They produce an arc that heats the gas to a plasma. How does this end up coming out of the end of the green bit?

  12. Manfred – Thanks for telling us that animation was unclear. Allow us to clarify it with a one-page document we'd like to send you that's a more detailed process definition of plasma cutting. Please send us a direct message here on YouTube with your email address and we'll get that out to you.

  13. More from our plasma product manager: the green is the electrode positive charge and the red part is the tip negative charge. As we pull the trigger an arc is created as the two are shorted together. Heat from the electrical arc and the pressure from the forced air through the torch creates the plasma stream as the pilot arc. Once the arc touches the piece we are trying to cut the electrical path flows from the tip of the torch negative charge to the work clamp connection positive charge.

  14. If you use in combusting chamber for super charging with it fuel efficiency will be very high you don't need after burner ,

  15. what is not clear in the animation is that the electrode is screwed up with the plunger tube which brings up the air or gas to be ionized and then when the arc is produced it creates a plasma jet which is constricted into the nozzle and thus producing that enormous heat up to 20000 degrees centigrade. That's why plasma can cut virtually all conductive metals…

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