How Equipter changed Roofing Industry: Innovation from Amish community

How Equipter changed Roofing Industry: Innovation from Amish community

welcome back to roofing insights everyone
Dmitry today we’re taking you all the way to Pennsylvania to show you
how they make equipter we’re going on a company tour we’ll see what the boss
is all about and you do want to finish this video and stay all the way to the
end because at the end I will tell you how you can win free equipped er for
your business let’s go hello and welcome everyone to roofing
insights today we’re bringing to you another factory tour we’re in Lancaster
visiting equipped er I wish you could smell what I smell it’s a heart of Amish
land here and it smells like a farm kind of circle around and end up back
back in this area so how this works on the manufacturing of the equipped ER is
we bring in the wall school okay right here wall material comes in and then we
shape it cut it and take it to a finished product then it comes into a
welding area and where we weld the different assemblies so you know of
course we’re doing everything in batches for a assembly line we’ll build the
factory like originally is it just you just start figuring it out do you have
somebody it’s a mastermind but with a manufacturing background so it actually
it was just a learning process that we do on our own
rate the reverse engineer yeah he just took the processes broke it down and
just a learning curve but we’ve really enjoyed it so you build your own
machinery like you know like tables like this is it cost something is it
purchased some of that is custom our engineering design team custom-built
some of these tables you know we’re again one of our core values is
innovation so we’re always innovating you know a better way to build a product
of course but also a better way to build the product or better way to manufacture so how many equipters was sold today how many equipters you sold today who is the best seller here who keeps
their record have most equipped or sold in a day or at all well the team so how
many quitters you sold today okay we’re gonna do sales training hey what’s up
guys just finished company a tour with a equipter sitting here with a David
Baylor general manager of equipter so I have couple questions
I’ll see if I can negotiate some kind of deal for my subscribers I asked like
three times already and see if cameras will help to get a discount for you but
I’m gonna start with this so here’s the picture from your website you’re a
family owned business obviously this is your dad who are the rest of the people
so you point out my dad already my older brother ray okay he is a waste president
is the vice president yeah Kim and then we have a brother-in-law Jeremiah Weaver
okay I’ve seen him today yes he’s a vice president of production okay then I have
also have Sam Baylor okay so he’s a brother and he’s he’s part of boost
point okay CEO there and then I also have another brother-in-law I just
recently moved to Colorado okay and another brother that just started his
own marketing company that’s Josh okay I mean of course I mean right there in the
middle so you guys at one point of your life you all work with with her you told
me stories earlier you’ve been welding and yes so take me back five years to go
seven years ago when all of you are still were here work
in welding what brothers were doing that yes yes so it’s a good question because
while it goes back even further to fifteen years ago kind of dad invented
the RB 4000 and then over the years so we all had a position at some point in
either welding or manufacturing or the assembly line how is it to work with
your family and some like that worked with your dad I’ve seen your mom today
bringing lunch to everybody how’s all of that it’s been really good course
there’s challenges in any type of relationship but we’ve we’ve had a lot
of fun over the years growing the company together and so you know it’s
it’s really about learning to work together dad he’s a visionary you know
he casts the vision and I tell you it gets an idea look out you know but so
we’ve had a lot of fun with with a lot of that just each one learning their
roles what we’re good at you know what the other other person is good at and
respecting that carry on like holding traditions is Mormonism as
important as the Bible is to them it’s probably an Amish wedding there yeah
there so that’s an Amish wedding in there to see all the buggies and now
here the youth are playing volleyball yep
no this is your traditional Amish wedding you’ll see probably a bunch more
buggies down on this side for you oh they’re good those guys are dead
I like their hangers cuz I like levitated to the pocket there’s a
lot of that those bogus looks pretty modern and then
that cipta made the bargain let’s ship remains all I know there a new buggy
cost about ten thousand when I see them on Home Depot I’m like who’s bought
who’s buying them well equipped her is buying them
that’s a kV drill so then we just have different welding processes for the
different parts of the equipped here we have an aluminum welding station so let
my steel how much aluminum do you have in there and they quit there okay and
the platform of the platform full man I’m like little kids it’s fun it’s
exciting we we enjoy so we’re here in the heart of Amish land I call it right
so I’m ashes are known for you know everything old school they don’t like
technology I mean they do but they don’t everything’s kind of you know hundred
years ago right but the same time a quilter it’s very innovative product how
much Amish culture influences you know equipped or like how much impact culture
didn’t equip it because you guys have also Amish background here dad and how
does it all come over I mean for me it’s big contradiction so you have you know
Amish person who quit you know just goes and creates innovative product that’s a
really good question see fact me answer that so like you said
dad has some Amish background and that influenced it really well in that when
he you know from that background and that culture you work really hard and
it’s a it’s an amazing culture in that way where you you know you do everything
to the best that you can he was in the roofing industry and
working hard you know doing his best but it was after about 15 well ten years ten
plus years he was like there has to be a better way and so then that
with his visionary mind was just like let’s let’s build something so that then
with that culture and that mindset that also enabled him to build you know
something to the best of his ability and he went at it you know with with a
mindset of I’m gonna do this really well I’m gonna build something that works
really well as far as people that yeah so that’s a good question because when
he designed it that’s obviously part of the question like this is really
innovative and we’re right here in the middle of Lancaster County what happened
is actually some of the Amish I would say are some of our most loyal and best
customers yeah they rule I guess you know because I know they don’t have cars
right right but they have drivers yeah so no they they they’re innovative in
their thinking so I respect them a lot for uh for what they do some Amish
community accept it yeah yeah the digital pretty good in business so what’s up with no but but bicycles
they’re like different they’re like scooters yes the Amish don’t hardly buy
sales like the seats they only have the scooters to stand on where you pedal
with you why is that you asking me all these tough questions it’s it’s
tradition a lot almost everything to do is driven by tradition whatever they
consider it not to be too modern but who makes that decision the oldest bishop
Aldus bishop so if there’s a big question let’s let’s say a while and buy
a regular bike and I buy it like is there a punishment for yeah really yeah
what kind of punishment they’ll excommunicate you from the church to the
community what’s the population of Amish here about 30,000 30,000 and where else in the United States
using you it’s a big community of I’m just there’s a mission so Cruz County
Ohio is the largest community hiya second largest is here the third largest
is in Indiana but there’s many many other communities scattered throughout
different and this bruise over here is the aluminum welding how different are
women on this planet right now it’s it’s significantly different in in how its
welded one thing with the aluminum is that it’s it’s visible or a lot more
visible so the art in welding it is nice pretty detailed so if you can’t write
then you don’t grind it so yeah it’s pretty artistic but we haven’t we have
some really good Walters it I do a good job is that my dress price top mm –
minima crisis aluminum is is price here but there’s one key factor with with the
aluminum that we were after and that’s the weight again with our before that
wasn’t primarily being used on customers lon and that we we had to go to a
product that’s fulfilled cheaper would it be if it would be still it’s a good
question I don’t know something that we we pride ourselves in and in the product
being lightweight to minimize damage on come along so this is the frame that
goes underneath the the bed yeah once once it’s done with this you have a dump
bed ready to put on the are before them so all of them have a cover like doors
at the top all are before thousands yeah what is their poets and it’s like keep
breathing in it so yeah with the welding you have Humes like that come from the
welding smoke this is basically bringing filtered air from here into his helmet
but he doesn’t mean oh yeah to keep you from breathing the the weld smooth plus
we have error ventilators circulators that it’ll also hit Austin up yeah honestly I
wouldn’t I wouldn’t world without one of those alright does so well in protecting
years Roofing community is absolutely struggling right now for labor like
shortage is you know and heard if I just did a post couple days ago and everybody
thinks the leaves are the problem so I did a post leads or labor and after like
I think three hundred and ninety votes it’s a 61% labor and thirty-nine leads
at the quilter here do you guys on manufacture inside suffer at all on the
labor like you do you have labor shortage I would say it’s it’s a little
different than ten years ago we have very loyal employees so we’re thankful
for that so overall I would say it’s been it’s been healthy that doesn’t help
you to sell product to roofers who struggle with its it’s definitely
something we’ve been here throughout the roofing industry you know we’re talking
to customers all the time and yeah we’re hearing that all the time
labor is hard to find and again it’s it’s helped us sell because of the RB
4000 essentially doing the work of one to two guys next question is a little
bit political Trump and sock the sanctions and China relationship did it
does it affect manufacturing like yours you know the cost of metal call it cost
of you know products and stuff yeah I mean I would say directly to that yet
we’ve had price increases on the raw material within last year to year yeah
within the last couple years challenging I would say somewhat but nothing that
you can’t work through is it possible for product like equipped or become
electric like Tesla mmm as far as technology goes are you going that way
no we’ve okay one of our core values is innovation so we’re always innovating
but is that is that possible I think it’s possible but maybe someday
do have competition or copycats or anybody who’s trying to copy you and run
with not that I’m aware of not directly to our product do you feel
like fourth family in the trailer business I I wouldn’t say that that way
but we’ve it’s a niche market in the you know with the roofing industry and we’ve
loved it because it’s it’s an industry we love so it’s more like a Rolls Royce
because he can build a lot of stuff it’s not just like you’re lying
yeah robos just put it together it’s it’s very custom guys where technology
and traditions collide so how long ago was your ex photos almost 13 years ago why he look like so what’s the meal like that was right
after I left the average I hadn’t changed anything traditionally yeah so
how old were you 28 28 yeah we got license at 28 price
too late so I was Amish mommies don’t try
I got my first driver’s license right after I left be Amish okay so what why did you decide where
you married yes I was married my oldest son was five six years old so what made
you decide to pin your wife what led to it basically because we saw that we the
Amish were not living life according to the Bible okay then I started going to
different church yeah what church we went to their first church we went after
we thought the Amish was a small nondenominational church called charity
Christian Fellowship and then that’s pretty much open to your
eyes on the Bible and that’s well yeah we were our eyes were open before that
which is what led us to making his changes
and that what happened next as so you go to church you start talking
about and how do you make a decision to leave really yeah it’s very hard to break out
of the culture because of the excommunication and the
Shawnee now there’s there’s some documentaries that BBC did called
trouble and Amish paradise okay those are accurate what is that about
that’s about Amish people leaving okay it’s like basically it’s my store that’s
our store it’s not awesome we’re not in the movie or documentary but it pretty
much our story you basically get ostracized from the community even
though we still live here our involvement with the Amish communities
very even hey guys there this is customer care how
many equipped there’s broke today yeah be honest Barth’s I guess the Clippers don’t break
I’d say maybe five bars Burke what kind of parts so it’s inside cylinder seal
which we don’t manufacture those but we get them back to our vendor if I buy a
brain you equipped her today what would I expect like most common problem like
most common repair most common problems are misuse misuse yep how about winter
is the winter harsher like sitting outdoors even in the winter
just like guys running into stuff yeah most common was the back out raises it
goes back into a dumpster and try to get as close as they can so they can just
send it in the hallway are they trained they trained like equip doors on the
break its parts welven so this we actually produce this
whole thing here as well you do this it yes is in house yeah really yeah this is
the the driveaxle so this is what actually
drives so you make this here yeah oh wait you have machinist yeah then we’ll
get we’ll get some of the parts you know obviously this this gets bought in and
but we assemble everything here I don’t know yeah from your weld area for your
mainframe it rolls over here and then comes into the paint process so we have
the cleaning booth you know see recent got a degreaser battles get it ready for
the application of the paint how do you do greases so it’s got we
have chemicals that are sprayed on and like a high-pressure wash system and
then that takes the grease the big bucks so just pen spray yeah so it’s hand
sprayed everything gets cleaned off so anything’s that creepy room can be I
know let’s get out of here yeah let’s get out of there after it’s decreased
and ready for the application then they another ask enough yeah another
astronaut take it in there and my Octonauts everywhere fiving that’s another use for atomic
power rap but that’s where the pain is applied so you know now they apply a to
coat paint system of primer and then the finish it’ll roll out of there black what is
your biggest challenge at equipped or right now
biggest challenge I would have to say complying to the state regulations rule
yes they trying to regulate trying to regulate is it on the driving because
it’s a do Chi house right in there oh it’s sore it’s where regulation is that
that yeah would cross into the d-o-t and some of that in and it’s more on how the
company operates are you I guess you know practice do
what kind of tests have you have to do we would do some we would do design
tests you know stress tests on the products the welds and you know all of
that so yeah there’s testing that goes involved how about OSHA and safety
reasons so with it being a material lift there’s not a whole lot of regulations
to a material lift so we’ve we’ve had good conversations with OSHA and they
love the product because you know essentially it’s it’s a safer for fall
resistant you know as far as roofing goes it’s just different applications on
the equipment a little bit more challenging yeah yeah can you get this
rough for me oh it’s – its old in you it’s weirdest thing ever it’s just so
many of them like dating the replace entire roof they
replace it’s like the weirdest thing ever so here’s a little bunch of school
kids walking school just got dismissed there’s this deaf houses school that’s a
small area in one room school what kind of schools what kind of school
system since it’s called a parochial school it’s a private school first to eighth grade
the Amish don’t go actually isn’t that interesting see that
old musings Kings the roofing it’s equipped oh right they’re equipped her
right there we have a big family like parents and yeah
one of eight my wife there were six in her family
but there’s no mystery of seven children my family most of my family is not most
of my family left the Amish after we did our
her parents her family’s all heart so in this form right here is where my
father was born 19:45 right there so back to the assembly line after the
paint process the mainframe comes out obviously everything’s painted black and
then it comes into the assembly line for the finished assembly and this is then
where they install the hydraulics you know the engine the tires basically
anything that for the final assembly to make this so I’m not a lot of automation
and everything that’s pretty much here here it’s right what is this this is
actually the RB mm small I want the smaller yeah a lot of roofers buying
those her it’s it’s it actually complements the RV 4000 really well in
that again if the RV for thousands too big to get to a certain spot the RV mm
hunter putter usually transported so this you’ll have to load into another
trailer or truck for another what’s the price tag on this one this one currently
is at fourteen thousand nine hundred fourteen thousand yeah can you tow it
behind your car no so this one is not doable so it’s not a trailer so you have
to load it up launch another trailer the unique thing about this one here is
that it’s under three foot wide so really
you could actually get into like a single gate open privacy fence and
they’re really narrow and plus it’s also less than eight and a half feet long
less than three foot wide you can keep it in your tailor anyone
yeah but what’s there what’s the capacity of the box it’s just
over 1 cubic yard it’ll hold 1,500 pounds 1,500 pounds 15 yep
pop tall does it again it’s like 10 feet of it’ll it’ll reach 7 feet to the
bottom of the seventh 7 feet so typically I mean you’ll be
able to dump it into a dump this is not fully extended that you still hence it
is I think it’s fully extended here I mean you can dump it more or you can
dump you can dump it so you can lift it up and dump it let’s say you want to
dump it into a dumpster or another dump trailer or something how do you operate
it so it’s the throat here yeah yep so the girl behind this is your drive
system cuz it back and forth oh yeah yeah you’re gonna walk with it as it
drives and then here you have your your box features live you’re dumb and then
also your stabilizers what kind of engine is this this it’s a hot engine so
it’s to serenade like it’s an 11 horse Honda engine the RV mm has been in the
not necessarily new development stage but in the development stage and so some
upgrades just yeah it’s just as of recently coming into the assembly
line for mass production very cool that’s why some of the what is this like
hours use yeah that’d be an hours use for your yeah so one of the biggest
concerns that I see it from the contractors about equipped are obviously
it’s a tires in the grass do you ever get a complaint complaints from the
customers direct that maybe they contacted you because of ruin grass and
how big of the problem it is and what you what’s your feedback from the
contractors I know it’s really big it’s an excellent question we’ve had we’ve
had several customers say you know it does this you know leaves leaves some
damage we’ll ask them questions like okay what what happened and you know
again typically it’s like it just ring three inches and there’s bad water
runoff well ok your foot is gonna make an imprint in the lawn you know so but
typically the typical feedback we get is guys say that it doesn’t leave any ruts
in the lawns and that it you know it does very little damage to customers
long landscape how much the weight empty its it 4,000 pounds right now but the
tires are really really white yeah so it has the wide tires plus if you compare
weight to like a material if you know joga left or something like that
they’re what twenty thousand pounds so comparable to a similar product you know
it’s it’s really light weight you mentioned during the tour that you have
some kind of solution in case of softer or you have to be more productive is it
like a pad or something yes so there is a what we call track mat oh yeah it’s an
optional accessory that you can store underneath the bed of the equipped or
how does it work like what is it so it’s a two foot by six foot mat and typically
guys who get four of them so you can lay them down in a really soft long and then
just drive right over there do guys use it my
car yeah how popular is it I would say it’s it’s somewhat popular it’s it’s not
like you need it it’s more for the areas that get a lot
of rain like I said bad water runoff situations what breaks the most and
what’s the most common repair unequipped er what part are accessories you know
it’s got a Honda engine so you have the typical maintenance their engine oil and
so you know you’ll get calls for a carburetor in the engine there’s a lot
of moving parts obviously well it’s really well built I’m just curious
yeah like you know just like for example I have a steamer it’s a $5,000 steamer
and one would do i sim remove it would be like busted hose and like a little
connection that under pressure always goes off with it’s it’s a $5 thing that
five minutes to replace I’m just curious on such a massive equipment like what
would be like on our dump trailers is just a Dom trailer like we have problems
with the batteries there would not be charging when you drive like I know
where this thing especially when it’s cold so we just know you have to carry
those but there’s not you’re right there’s not much to them but the same
time in yours there’s a lot to it but it’s just curious what to expect and if
there’s one thing that breaks first maybe three years down the road what
would it be probably you know with it being an
electric start so you have starter things there you have the starter so see
it’s probably one of the something with the engine just like something with the
engine because that’s you know that’s a direct drive and so electric start you
have the battery too for the electric start
if contractor will lose one or two jobs that’s it you lose $15,000 job because
you didn’t have a quitter boom you started thinking fast
how many leads you gave them today just sign the dotted line so and then what
you not a5 Bishop did here a living no we didn’t have to do that word gets
around pretty quick so you start going to other church and
we told our parents within whether or not we didn’t necessarily don’t people
just gets around the community and then they not like they pretty much did a
meeting in the is there in like a ceremony of exclusion correct without
you or with you without us we were we were told to be there but we didn’t go
so that then they did it without rabble hey once
I made my decision to leave I was it told us to be there we did not go okay
it was next they stopped talking to you like it did it effect like business or
work like like you go buy from somebody you know and there was not sell to use
that I cataract yeah really yeah they look after business for the uncorrect so
the Amish stores Amish business people could not do this some some still did
but some of them didn’t conservative so Amish people don’t do
business but not Amish people they do but not with people that have been left that’s messed up so they won’t do
business with me but they would not do this with you right you can be the most
worldly ungodliness person that ever existed you know the business with you
so listen if you need to buy something from Amish there’s no I’ll give you will
get it for me I’ll just charge a small fee right up so don’t worry there’s
plenty of plenty of other places like if they don’t want my money then so be it
so if the clip term would be Amish product and because : how does that work
yes they did they leave to they did and how come mom is just buying the same
they some of the Amish do some wouldn’t oh really some some how much was not
very good but it’s popular shit means most people do I’m sorry it’s very
messed up but it’s very inconsistent because some world so more
and because they really probably wanted to like it yeah and sometimes it’s also
some of their decisions are made some purely of convenience like
I’ll just look the other way if they really have to have it this song all those bikes are so cool here’s where here’s an RV 4000 in
production so it just goes from different stages in the assembly you
know of course they put the electrical wiring the lights and all of that and
that’s doable with Donna Beaulieu just yeah so this is this is the unit that is
Tobal this is the one that we’ve been manufacturing for about 15 years this is
what we come and exchange did he go through well we’ve I’ve gone through a
lot of changes yeah the the initial concept and innovative
ideas is is still there is it’s just you know how it operates how it functions
different products that we so yeah like I said that it just goes from stage to
stage in different steps of the process what’s your start to finish like timing
like from from you start making the quilter to the end like you say you do
10 per week yeah it’s well of course do you feel like in a day or two well yeah
it yeah I wouldn’t even know the answer to that because of the different stages
of that it goes through so you know we have we have them in there and plus they
do it in batches you know you’ll have a batch of one product and then it sits so
you know here’s where they put the engine on they put the drive axle the
drive system once it’s done in this stage the engine
is ready to operate you know they put gas in it and take it over there and
then they install the tires and get the thing ready to drive and then the one of
the last processes is install the button the box
dump container I guess it’s a lot of hydraulics huh so yeah I mean you’ll
with it being the direct drive so you start the engine up and then that pumps
our oil and then you have your manual controls here to operate your steering
your wheel lift of course your dump bed features stabilizer and then that that’s
circulates the hydraulic oil but you opened them manually then yes those are
those are all manual you’ll get a good a good idea then on the on the actual
product I’m weak so once it rolls out of out of this Bay you should end up with a
finished product and this is where we end up here in this
Bay here they’ll finish the the decals you know put all the branding on it and
warning time warning labels look at the size of this thing
beer a tire that’s it well this is a big tire so I guess for
the grass you have to have it I want to right in here if you would have to guess I don’t know
if you have data further I don’t know what state has the most equipped right
now I’d have to say probably Pennsylvania mm-hmm and reason for that
is obviously being based here but its premium pretty much become the industry
standard in here in Lancaster in the surrounding cities again because if
someone’s doing a roof with an equipped er and then you see a neighbor getting
one without an equipped er you see the difference and so typically homeowners
are looking for a contractor that has an equipped er so they start creating
demand yeah and contractors to compete and be had it if would you say more
contractors here half equipped er than contractors that don’t have it yeah it’s
more common in Pennsylvania like if you don’t have any quip Durand you do
roofing it’s a little odd so definitely the industry standard here what other
states are very very popular and like picking this trend off I see a lot of
guys in Michigan for some reason yeah Michigan there’s I didn’t see this rig
in Minneapolis when I saw that it’s not a standard I could tell you we have
never seen equip there on the streets and they’re all never have anybody ever
asked so interesting because we have we have customers nationwide I mean its
first trending I’d have to say Ohio you know it’s kind of I’d say it’s branching
out quite a bit so the trends tend to go with it what’s your take a man must make
a crowd that become an extender it’s like Philadelphia said but what’s your
vision for roofing industry you know overall like equipped ER and your vision
where you guys going I mean you have four products already a
you planning to the war what’s your take on the
industry yes yeah we’ve with our history in in the roofing industry specifically
we we love the roofing industry that’s where we come from that’s our background
and one of our mottos is that we are driven to advance roofing and and so
weird our goal is to see roofing come more professional in our approach in
obviously in our sales marketing but also in the completion of the job you
know up until you know the last 10 years it’s you know a blue tarp is just okay
but you know I think our customers I think our customers deserve better you
know every other industry is advancing in robotic machines and innovative
equipment and I see the roofing industry also can benefit from that and so that’s
that’s what we see we want to professionalism but also your yeah yeah
I know be safer right but yeah that’s that’s
our goal is to is to advance the roofing industry in professionalism but also
efficiency on in the labor to like I mean if you like right now we have to
throw shingles on the ground mm-hmm pick them up I mean that always raised me
crazy problem is the guys who are doing it
they’re like the cheapest labor the usual not allowed even to be on the
river like laborers but it’s a harder and harder to find even those laborers
yeah and and is it fair to them you know cheapest labor but yet they probably
have the most demanding or difficult tasks you know throwing whatever it may
be seven to ten thousand pounds of debris in one day you know why would you
do that yeah work smarter not harder
that’s right so if you want hop on it and you take it outside if you want sure
there’s more face yep yeah for Drive
you’re ready just disengaged parking brake I like it that’s for one of the additional
accessories or the roof chute and the gutter she would go in there okay
that’s the storage thank you it’s actually very easy
very intuitive yeah yeah way idea from the beginning was to make something
simple you know it doesn’t take a long time to learn or big a learning curve
it’s from the design of it even the the concept of the disengage and the the
engagement of the drive system so you know of course right now it’s the drive
system is engaged but when you connect it to your truck these front tires come
up and then that automatically disengages the drive system you know the
drive axle so that now can freewheel like a trailer because you know that’s
sometimes that doesn’t compute though there were one in in that like okay I
get it it’s a piece of equipment that dries but also then you got to make it
like a trailer so but that all happens automatically I’ll show you here I’ll
just lower the stabilizers she on your ball hitch and like I said
automatically just what’s really nice about it is within
literally within minutes you can have one guy have this thing set up ready to
collect debris I’ve never met anyone who would look at the quitter and would not
be amazed so we know the fact that every roofer who looks at it makes sense like
he looks at it he understands he needs it what but yet like contractors not
ready to buy them a lot of contractors just would not even put it in the least
and like even like myself it’s a hard decision not because of the price tag so
what’s the list reasons why contractors are not buying equip there’s reason
number one I would list like if I would tell tell me if you see it from other
contractors the reason number one is a relationship between contractor in a
subcontractor because if the subcontractor have you know four or five
guys working for him he doesn’t really need it or doesn’t understand it
contractor can’t force it mm-hmm I mean that’s a relationship in between because
it’s not employees of the business there are subcontractors and you can’t
really tell them what to do and it makes no sense for the contractor to do it for
them what other reasons do you see why a contractors not buying I mean I think
right along with that is the the process I mean we’ve been doing doing it this
way for so long right and so I think you mentioned it earlier in the fact of you
know you take a dump trailer and that’s we’re used to taking just a dump trailer
to the job site you add the RB 4000 where you’re adding another piece of
equipment to take along so it’s it’s changing the mind mindset really we’re
used to just buying some cheaper items and we can do a roof so changing the
mindset of how in the process of getting this done like is it actually worth me
having a dump trailer and an RV 4,000 or make changing the the process my process
of a business to have both of these there so we’re just to take care of
trash I mean I say just reason number two not being open-minded mmm-hmm
contractors are known for being closed-minded I’ve been doing it for
years okay I can see that what are the reasons
what other objections did you guys hear hear objections I mean
I know price is one and I touched on that just a little bit ago of the fact
of like well we’re used to having a dump trailer and an air compressor and you
know for 15 grand we can be up and running with a roofing business so you
know look at look at an investment like this well we’re not used to doing that
in the roofing industry so but I think price is the easiest objection to
justify because numbers are there I mean Kevin to employees for a couple of
months I mean pays for itself this one is still poor still partly in production
so we don’t have any don’t have any warning decals on it but oh so don’t let
us take it for a test spin yes so you got to turn that on and then it’s a you
have the third here just start with a full frame yeah I like it but even better
it’s so simple yeah you guys ll see new heights all see
that’s the manufacturing branch of the two companies oh yeah
so new heights LLC is the manufacturer and then equipped or is the dealership I
see that sells the product how many quitters you have our own so all of the
equipped errs are sold so we have about a two week lead time right now oh so
they’re yeah these are all getting or waiting to be shipped they ship them
we’ll put them on a truck typically will use LTL third party yeah our customers
will come pick up it’s a bigger talk employers versus opposition but I know
out of in my network only two contractors who have employees like Bill
yourselves it’s almost impossible because by the time you pay you know
subcontract employees direct it just it’s ridiculous but they’re if they’re
SOB now it’s really hard to enforce them to do it your way
yeah I mean that you make good comment there in the relation there of how our
businesses are operating and so I think from from seeing how they how does the
equipped or fit into that is the the thought of the customer the value to the
customer in okay we sell and we market we we sell our jobs but how does the job
actually get done and so if we can see the value in in how the job getting it
gets done with the right equipment and the value to the homeowner you know
obviously that brings referrals back to your business
yeah I think you make it good good statement oh I would make the more to
think about it that would make one more argument why contractors are not buying
equip tears because we went like the decoder roofing industry in wouldn’t
last I would say five ten years wondering directions over sales from
workmanship so before it was you know I’m a business owner
I own in a warehouse I want employees like we’re proud of workmanship and with
a storm-chasing being on the rise it’s all becomes sales
driving and sales case they don’t care they don’t care who does the work it’s
all about how many contracts I can sign and how fast can we produce and when you
have that approach now who does it like your image how you do it what’s your
safe it doesn’t really matter and I personally hate it because for me like
we want to we need to start taking pride of what we actually do and we take like
a lot of business owners in the roofing industry they take pride in their sales
and we’re like million dollar producers we don’t say like you know hundred
roofer installer with a million dollar producer that’s that’s pretty much on
the pedestal now so that’s where everybody wants to be because it’s easy
much easier money yeah and and I feel like because of that because of that
culture we going after sales you know like talking about the quilters it’s not
sexy it’s not popular why do I need that I can sell it without it and I feel like
it needs to turn the direction we need to switch back to workmanship and
convince homeowners and everybody else like no it is about work it’s not about
sales mm-hmm but it’s it’s hard because I mean it’s also capital it’s like money
tolls its sales and mm-hmm but I think that’s where I think that’s where we can
make the difference in bringing it back to workmanship and doing doing business
the right way doing the work the right way treating the homeowner the right way
from from the beginning to the end and so that’s one of the things we’ve
focused on is the process of this roof getting done this is where the equipt
are shines obviously it shines also in the sales part because you present this
to a homeowner and we’re gonna do the job correctly we have the right
equipment to do the job I like how he puts uh see how he put stickers on think you missed a spot well you’re gonna ruin it man don’t ruin
it that’s it do you messed it up it was perfect till you touch it oh this is
just a truck bed then mounted to this part right here unlatch it and it offsets the weight of the brake you
know so it feels like it’ll take basically you know it springs up and
you’re talking about commercial like break for like siding gutters worked
right yeah and in the roofing industry you’re using it for what 30 minutes a
day sometimes maybe a little more but it’s that like you’re only using it for
a little bit so but yet you got to take it to the jobsite right yeah this is a
easy way to have it on the side of your truck all the time you know out of the
way when you don’t need it when you need it it brings it down into a working
position I like him it’s a backup in there very cool what’s your favorite equipment
did you like you have four what’s your favorite by far the RB 4000 for common
yeah yeah just because of how how much it’s changed the industry and how much
it changes the way you do something I mean going from a blue tarp to you know
state-of-the-art equipment and just the what that changes so you have any equip
their internal jokes I mean he must help me out with that one you know was it it
was their joke I talked to your mom earlier I was like the cutest thing ever
so their mom comes in every Thursday and just brings lunch to everybody I got to
talk to her and it was like when everybody is like thanks mom
it was like the cutest thing ever what’s behind it like so she’s done that for
years and she enjoys that she loves it what’s behind that really and you know
why do we keep doing that is one of our core values is relationships and so you
know obviously that extends to our customers but also to our employees and
so we want to we want to build a company off of core values and again one being
relationships and keeping a the family atmosphere and you know it’s it’s hard
to do these days because there it’s everything’s business and corporate but
we really want to strive to keep a family atmosphere and good relationships
and I notice religion is pretty big part of its it’s actually it’s a big part of
what we do we strive to honor and glorify God in whatever we do so we’re
really thankful to what he’s given us to do and we’re just trying to be faithful
to to his blessing so this is the CR 8400 so this actually it
has a dump bed on it with removable sides so it can act as a flatbed trailer
it’s also self-propelled so like you know like our other products then it
also has a mobile crane on it or a crane so essentially you can drive it around
lift your materials with this crane even it’ll go up to about 29 feet this one
runs at about 45 Grand oh wow yeah this is yeah this is most
expensive the thing with this product it finds it’s very useful in other
industries as well you look at tombstone deliveries hot tub deliveries so other
niche markets niche industries for something like this so it’s the same as
some of the other products under six foot wide so it’s compact it’s got a
tight turning radius you know some of the unique features of what we’re doing
I can see like in the new construction you build in a house well thank you so much for hospitality
inviting me here there’s been great I’ll say it’s been good having you here so
thanks thanks for stopping in and taking a look at the plant
so what we’re gonna do for our subscribers was the deal how much we’re
gonna give them off 1% oh hey we have a marketing director here sales director
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it says end of year special so let’s do it end of year Roofing insights special
if you if somebody wants to buy equip the right now what kind of offer that
best offer make the best offer to our audience well I mean since you brought
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