How Electricity Works & The Energy Transition to Renewable Energy | Schneider Electric

You might not know it,
but Schneider Electric is just about everywhere
in your environment, helping you get the
electricity you need. The traditional electricity
grid flows in one direction. Like an expressway,
high voltage power lines carry electricity from power plants to
distribution stations and transformers, where the voltage is stepped down. From the transformer,
electricity continues its journey along the grid to consumers. Schneider Electric Solutions can detect
and analyze volts, run command systems, and protect the grid and its equipment
from lightning and short circuits. Software connected to the equipment
is used to supervise and manage the grid, ensuring a reliable
supply of electricity wherever and whenever it is needed. But the way the traditional
grid works is changing. The electricity market is undergoing
a profound transformation. You may be wondering why. Electricity is a valuable
and costly resource, and it takes innovation to produce
electricity more efficiently and use less of it. So what does all of this mean? We are making the transition
from fossil-based energy to locally-produced renewable energy. Consumers needs are also expanding,
and new devices connected to the grid are appearing. And people’s behavior is
changing, with consumers playing an active role in the grid. The energy transition affects everyone,
and everyone is getting involved. So we are no longer managing
a one-way flow of electricity. Today’s grid is smart. It is capable of
absorbing and processing flows of electricity
between multiple points and a continuous flow of information. And who better than Schneider Electric
to support the transformation? With connected products to
secure electrical distribution for a reliable available
power supply, with software to supervise and manage
equipment in real time, and smart capabilities to optimize
both production and consumption and to manage, schedule,
and predict maintenance for all of the equipment on the grid– all of these solutions can be
found in our EcoStruxure platform, a solution developed to support
digital transformation and energy and automation system management. For electricity that is safer, more
efficient, reliable, and sustainable. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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