Hot n New SEMA 2017: Weld XT Vektor

Hot n New SEMA 2017: Weld XT Vektor

(jr.’s little theme music) (upbeat music) – Hey guys, Shawn with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on YouTube, got another seams edition, hot new for ya. This is gonna be the Weld Racing XT, remember welds from way back in the day? They’re back again and they’re coming out with this whole entire Forged Land which is Weld Racing XT,
that XT is your Forged Land. This is gonna be the new Vector, it’s VEKTOR and this bad boy is basically a split spoke Forged wheel,
all of the Forged wheels as we talk about the weld XTs, they’re gonna come in 20s, 22s and 24s, 12 wides and 14 wide,
so 20×12, 20×14, 22×12, you get it, all the way to 24×14 and they’re running right around that four week time frame so,
pretty much the same time frame for some of the faster
Forged wheel companies. And then as far as price point, they’re right there
with the American Force, probably around that
1,000 dollars per wheel, 4,000 dollars a set. Of course we can help
out on a package deal if you guys wanna check that out so, this is like I said, the Vektor, it’s a split spoke, one
of the things you’ll see is it’s got some additional
engraving in here, so you’re gonna see this
guy’s got almost like a, three ripples inside every
single one of the spokes. It’s also got a step
inside of the spokes here, so it’s got some milling
inside, to give it some depth. This is the 22×14 and
you’re gonna see it’s got a big old lip on it. So it’s gonna just completely
devour that six inch hundo, so I would say it’s
about eight and a half, almost close to that nine inch, which is pretty much the max you get on a lot of the forged
wheels in the 14 wides. Let’s talk about, oh,
exposed lug nuts of course, it’s a forged wheel and then, it’s also have the Weld Racing cap. Let’s talk about finishes, so obviously, this is your polished, all of our guys are commenting on how amazing
the mirror finish looks on the polished wheel,
even down to the spokes, have a mirror finish to the face of every single one of them. So a super clean, super good quality, the other thing you’ll see is this one’s designed completely clean, as
far as the lip of the wheel, you’re gonna see nothing on the outer lip. This one, they had the weld,
Forged engraved into it. This one down here, come all the way down, has got the rivets engraved. The reason for that is you basically get to pick and choose, so they have dozens of colors, dozens
of different etchings and designs you can do, you can even do a custom offset, is what I would, what you should do,
what everybody should do and put that right in the lip wheel so you can kinda pick
and choose and design the wheel the way you want it to. This would be an example of the gloss black with the machining all the way around or the
milling all the way around and machining inside of every single one of the windows and spokes and it goes all the way
in for the lug nuts. So really, you can pick and choose and kinda play around
with the different ones. This one is one we’ve
really been eyeballing because we’re from up in the north area, where we have salt and
crap all over our roads, this is completely brushed aluminum, they went through and brushed it and you’ll see the brushing
in all of the spokes as well and then they clear coated it. So what that means is
you could run this one year round in our environment, then you’re gonna be able
to keep that thing clean because it’s no different
than a powdered and cleared or painted and cleared wheel, because you got that
clear coat protection. So that one’s gonna be
one that you can run pretty much in any environment. Within reason of course,
you gotta take care of it, keep it clean blah blah blah, but, you still won’t get that mirror finish that cannot be beat by
good old polished wheel. A little blood, sweat and tears keeping that mirrored finish all abooted. So that is gonna be your Vector, that’s all I gotta say about that, peace! (upbeat music)

6 thoughts on “Hot n New SEMA 2017: Weld XT Vektor

  1. Haven’t seen any of the WELD on the website,they’ve got some bad ass wheels,hopefully you guys stock them this year ✌?

  2. Always loved the Weld wheels. Always wanted to get a set for my truck but they're a lot of money. Hope to get some this winter though!

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