Honkai Impact 3 Flame Sakitama Quick Guide

Honkai Impact 3 Flame Sakitama Quick Guide

Umu you filthy Weeb Lord. It have been a while I not making the video. Today I gonna make a guide for Flame Sakitama. She is the best elemental valkyrie
on the bionic type. Because there is no fucking other elemental
valkyrie on this type. You can farm her on Sakura Samsara shop. She is really rank dependant. Higher rank will improve her performance. I normally use her on memorial arena and some
bosses. She really good on 1 versus 1 situation. She is really hard to play. You need to practice your inner ultra instict
when playing her. So how to use her? You need to build up your combo steadily. You need to perform the fire combo by tapping
hit hit hit hit and zing zing. You will wonder what the heck is zing zing. You take a good look on your valk, Not on
the ass. In the front there will be glowing fire circle
when you doing the 4th hit. Tap hit button when you saw the glowing circle. This is the main damage for Flame Sakitama. The combo almost same as Scarlet Fusion but
with smaller hole. She is very agile for the size. You can continue the zing zing combo after
you dodge. But you need to practice when performing this
zing zing combo. You will notice, when performing zing zing
combo fire meter bar will going up. It is because every zing zing combo will build
up this meter. This bar will making your fire damage even
stronger. If you dont see the fire bar, you suck. Make her to SS rank you weeb. If you are lazy as me just farm your Valkyrie
Blade Strike to SS rank. Fire bar will unlocked. I think it is better making Flame Sakitama
to SS rank so she can build up sp and ultimate faster. Because Flame Sakitama ultimate require a lot of sp. You need to close your distance when performing
combo. So you need jump to your enemy by hold hit
and release the button. When you see the ass. No, I mean the glowing fire circle. Tap hit button again. So you can close your distance and there will
be the fire mark. This fire mark will make your elemental damage
stronger. When you doing QTE you tap the hit button
as fast as you can. So you can do more fire damage. Make sure fire bar at the maximum and dont forget
to mark your enemy before performing ultimate. When your sp reach 125. It is time you unleash your ultimate. After ultimate she can do 3 zing zing combo
while she on fire. So keep spamming hit button as fast as possible
as your life depends on it. One quick note. This mode not making you invincible. You still can be hit. So use your brain when using her. For free to play build you use this. Use some healthy portion of elemental gears
will make her playable. It is better than nothing. For expensive build you use this type of equipment. Just go with universal fire gears build. This is the best gears for Flame Sakitama. I hope you understand how to use Flame Sakitama. You need train your muscle memory when using
her. If you have the right tempo she will be easy
to play. Now go out there and do something that productive. For example subscribe to piewdiepie or watch
some lolis dragon anime. By the way thanks for watching weeb lord.

36 thoughts on “Honkai Impact 3 Flame Sakitama Quick Guide

  1. For the first combo picture. It is not hit,hit,hit,hit and ultimate. It is hit,hit,hit,hit and hit. I'm sorry my maid make me drunk.

  2. I dont really understands because my english so bad… So…we need to up blade strike to rank SS to open bar flame sakitama? How about my flame sakita Rank S but Blade Strike SS is that still open the bar?

  3. thanks for this guide i love sakitama i just rank her to S all i need is the weapon i only use the devine weapon samurai

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