Homemade tube notcher I * SUBTITLES * DRILL HACK #1

Homemade tube notcher I * SUBTITLES * DRILL HACK #1

Hey! I am Patryk, and in today’s episode I will show you how… I easily prepare pipes for welding, so that they are fit togeher in 100% and so? Are you fed up with preparing pipes for welding? arduous grinding drives you crazy and the wasted time makes you dizzy? This is the right place! The SuperBooster 2000 pipe milling machine is just for you! Quick assembly of the workpiece, and the ability to cut at any angle, these are just few advantages of this device… thanks to this clever device you will prepare your pipes e.g. for the construction of your first buggy, or any other construction in really short time… the machine is so easy to use that even your cat can handle it… Well, now that you know how cool it is and you would like to have it… …then at the end of the episode, I will tell more about possible purchase option and if you want to make one yourself, I invite you to the rest of the video in which you’ll learn how to do it. Ahh, when it comes to making threads this is not my specialty yet… the important thing is that it screws in 😉 Okay, this element can be said to be finished. now I have to think of a way to fix the pipe here, …so as to keep its alignment with the hole saw and to make it easy to assemble. alright, I’m going for a piece paper… look, I had to invest in science. let’s say our pipe will be here and thanks to these bevels, no matter what size we choose, our pipe will position itself, relative to the axis… …here is the axis and now I need to calculate this angle… erm, this is not a right angle. Let’s say beta and here we have beta because they are the same. Cool! I think it worked, now I have to cut it out of metal;) This will be perfect… ok, now I have to add something here that will tighten this pipe for me Give me your paw And finally, I will introduce a small improvement, I will replace this holdfast with one made of triangles, just like these elements thanks to which I will get 3 support points more, which is important when installing larger pipes because… nothing will move here but despite all this holdfast is not wasted, because I will use it when mounting the profile. we have two in one. Alright, it’s time for some business… after the videos I added, I got questions about the option of buying stuff done during the episode .. or making a similiar item for order… but I never did it in fear of taxes, for the first time I will try to meet your request… and do something like that – such a purchase option in general, my passion for DIY is not the cheapest… so episodes unfortunately appear rarely, so I think it’s not the worst idea ..;) good, don’t worry about tax matters, see better what the set prepared for the customer looks like the sheets were cut in numerical machine technology using a laser which gives the highest production quality connections of individual elements as you can see are mortises… thanks to which the assembly of the whole set resembles more a construction made of lego blocks and is child’s play To reduce production costs, I initially think of selling an assembly kit so you’ll need to do some welds as you can see on the quick guide it took me 2-3 minutes to assemble it all… and now all you have to do is weld in these places… more information such as price or variants to choose from… you will find in the description because they depend on the number of orders and thank yoy for your attention and see you in the next episode! 😉

18 thoughts on “Homemade tube notcher I * SUBTITLES * DRILL HACK #1

  1. No powiem ci że ta wersja finalna na wpusty to fajna sprawa do sprzedaży 🙂 na pewno dzięki dużym i grubym blacha konstrukcja jest sztywna i będzie się dobrze wierciło 🙂
    Pozdrawiam 🙂

  2. Genialne. Ziomeczku, podeślesz jakiesz pliki żeby wypalić sobie wszystkie elementy na laserku? ? Numery łożysk itd też by się przydały. ? Edit: teraz zauważyłem że robisz takie na sprzedaż. Ile za gotowca?

  3. Ale na tym urządzenie obrobisz tylko dłuższe rury czy tam kształtowniki w sumie,do krótszy nie będzie dochodził ten frez na wiertarce

  4. no nareszcie się do roboty wziąłeś 🙂 … ale tak to już jest ja też film z prasy robię już któryś miesiąc a frezarkę CNC to całkiem mam zaniedbaną ;/

  5. 3:10 Taka mała uwaga. Jak szlifujesz papierem ściernym na tokarce to musisz to robić na odwrót. Ciągnąc papier do siebie, a nie pchając w kierunku tokarki. Wtedy jeśli papier pęknie to lecisz do tyłu, a nie na obracający się materiał i uchwyt. Po za tym to kawał dobrej roboty wykonałeś no i pozdrawiam serdecznie 😀

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