Here’s Why Car Repair Will Kill You

Here’s Why Car Repair Will Kill You

rev up your engines,
Adam Darby says have you had any negative health effects from handling
oils, cleaners and solvents over the years, no because if you notice a lot of
times when I’m seriously working and not just making videos, I wear these rubber
gloves and my wife got me them decades ago cuz I used to work on a lot of
Mercedes diesels and in the winter I couldn’t get the diesel black off my
hands, and she didn’t want me touching her with dirty
hands, so she bought me them for a Christmas joke present, well it didn’t
turn out to be much of a joke it’s great I use them all the time, and if you
notice I work outside and if you also notice, I have that giant Big Tex
humongous fan, well it blows the smell away, so whenever I’m using solvents and
stuff, I stand upwind and the fan blows all the smells downwind and they
dissipate in the atmosphere, so if you’re working inside a sealed atmosphere yes
you have to worry about that, but I work outside and I’m blowing the stuff away
so that’s something that you really want to think about, I mean I knew it got
years ago, he ran body shop and his son worked there, and the son I’m watching
him clean his hands, and he had a big drum of lacquer thinner that they used
when they painted cars, he just took the top off, he stuck his hands in and he
cleaned his hands and took them out, well one is messing with the thinner
but two, your skin is absorbing all that thinner, I don’t know the guy
probably ended up dying from pancreatic cancer something from all that stuff going
in so, you want to be careful around solvents, royal c says what do you think
about Buying a used VW touareg with 40,000 miles on it, well if you can get it for
practically nothing go ahead, but those vw touareg are one of the
highest maintenance cars in the world, it’s basically you know it’s got the
same engine in it most of them that the Porsches have in them, you know
Volkswagen owns porsche and they swap a lot of technology back and forth, they
are endless money pits as they age, but they have said, now I have had customers
buy used Volkswagens for practically nothing, and they drove them for a couple
of years and they were okay cars, because they do handle great there’s no arguing
that, they’re fun to drive around, but don’t ever pay much money for one
because they’re endless money pits as they age, and their resale value goes
like a stone, so keep that in mind, jamie says my rocker panels
under my car door are all rotten out, how can
I fix those things on the cheap, once those rocker panels start rusting they’re
garbage, don’t believe any of these nonsense YouTube videos, where guys show
you fix rust with bondo and sand it off and then put some bondo on it and
then paint it, a bunch of nonsense you can cover it up, and if you’re gonna sell
the car and you’re really good at painting, yeah you might fool somebody
for a while, but that rust is gonna come right out, water is still gonna get inside
and it’s gonna rust and the bond is gonna fall
off too, the only way you can fix rust is by cutting the old stuff out, welding the
new metal on, and then paint it, priming it,
and paint it that’s it, so you know if you want to mess around with bondo buy
$12 of bondo and try paint and stuff it’s a lot of work to get it done right
and it won’t last believe me, I’ve seen people try, when I was a kid of course I
tried and of course it always just come back through in a year or two and
looked horrible again so, third girl Scotty I’ve been using PB Blaster on my
hinges it’s just not working, I need a different spray, boy there’s all kinds of
sprays out there, that’s why I check all those things out, you know if you watch
that video I just made on how to make your tools last forever, it’s a new spray
that’s out there that seems to work better than the other ones, the PB
Blaster, they’ve been advertising kind of secretly for years, and oh this is the
secret this and works better than any others, and I tried it but you know it
didn’t seem to work any better than the other ones, and in your case it’s not even
working on the hinges so, you know I can’t believe advertising, you could only
believe the experience that you see with the own eyes, do with your own hands, and
then try stuff out and see what works, and in that respect, hey all you viewers out
there, hey tell me about the silicone sprays or penetrating sprays that you’ve
had the best results with, then I’ll try some of those out too, cuz I’m always
open-minded, I can find something that works better I’ll buy it i’ve got no
qualms, nobody’s got their hooks in me, if something’s better I’ll buy it, use it,
and tell people about it Canty one two three says they said you
can get to Narnia through Scotty’s garage, well maybe you can you know it’s
a magical place that’s why I don’t want it to change, I’m comfortable there you
know, I gotta admit yeah I’m kind of a hoarder there’s stuff all over the place,
but you don’t believe stuff that sometimes
years later I need something, sure enough under all that junk, yeah I remember I
put it a box somewhere, I go in and get it and there it is, there’s really a
sense of accomplishment when there’s something that you can use to fix
something it’s been sitting there all those years you know, so
I am totally, totally anti planned obsolescence society, so if I have
something that works, I don’t want to throw it away, I want to keep it, even if
it’s only a Scotty Museum when I’m gone people can say here’s, Scotty’s garage,
here’s tools he used to fix stuff with you know
although my wife says when I conk out she’s just gonna open the
garage and put up a sign, free tools anybody that wants them can come get them
she probably will do that too, but I don’t know my great-grandfather conked
out when he was 95 and I’m in better shape than him, so could be a long time
could be a long time, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Scotty, you mentioned Pancreatic Cancer. Made me think of my Grandmother. My grandma died from Pancreatic Cancer. She was refused healthcare in Canada, misdiagnosed when she did eventually see a doctor and by the time they found the cancer, it was too late. I always smirk when I hear someone talk about how great Canadian public healthcare is. Yes, it is great and free as long as you understand that many people are refused care, many people die prematurely and furthermore, Canadians pay on average $16,000 to the govt for healthcare coverage per family of 4. Again, even though we pay so much money, many times we get put on waitings lists and some of us die as a result of it.

  3. Any guy who gets married can't complain about the 'endless money pit' that is owning a car. Wives are much bigger endless money pits than any car you can buy.

  4. I worked in stamping I wore oil soaked gloves all day long everyday the air was thick with smoke I am 61 most fellow workers live to be 64 so far I still feel good but back problems

  5. Hey Scotty! I recently started an apprenticeship and am loving it, but all the mechanics who've done it for decades told me they regret it and that they wish they had done something else as it has killed their passion for working on cars recreationally.I know it's probably quite a bit different working for yourself, versus a terrible shop, and I am assume their are more terrible than good shops out there, but what's your opinion on the matter?

  6. Use ONLY "6 ton" (or heavier) jackstands. Not so much for strength – how many of us have a vehicle that has 6 tons on a corner – the 6 ton jackstands have a wide stance; will not tip easily if they sit on a level concrete floor.
    NEVER go under a vehicle supported by any kind of hydraulic jack.
    Having even a FIAT 500 fall on you will positively RUIN your day!!
    Concrete ("cinder") blocks are totally unsuitable for supporting a vehicle. When they fail it is sudden. The block explodes and drops the vehicle instantly without warning!!

  7. First video Scotty never said anything bad about Chrysler or Fiat my ProMaster cargo Van built like a Sherman tank Scotty

  8. I really love your shows Scotty! You keep it interesting and funny, plus you keep it real because you give out valuable information that helps me to decide if a certain car I want to buy is worth it or not. Even when it comes to purchasing tools or parts for my vehicles, you explain in detail the pros and cons of what to stay away from and what to actually buy. There are very nasty mechanics out there that will ruin your wallet and really take advantage of you if you are not prepared and aware of what exactly is wrong with your car. I know from experience…I sent my car in to get my timing chain with water pump kit to be replaced, and the mechanic called me, only to tell me, that they found another UNRELATED problem with my car (which wasn't what I originally asked to be replaced) and decided to replace it without my authorization and then wanted to bill me for that, even though I never consented on that extra repair that was done. I was furious at why they would do this. Nonetheless, I got that charge taken off my bill and received a free repair, only because I threatened them with a lawyer. So I advise those people that are not car savvy, to educate yourselves on how vehicles operate and even to learn how to do repair yourselves, to save time, money and worry free hassles on being shammed by lucrative mechanic shops out there. Scotty, keep doing what you are doing, YOU ARE DOING GREAT WITH ALL THESE VIDEOS!!! Have a Blessed Day!!!

  9. Penetrate solution suggestion : 50% Acetone/50% Transmission Fluid mix. Simply keep in an oil can – shake before using. Cheap, simple – and it works like a charm 😀

  10. I've used the WD-40 Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray with Blu Torch and found it to be the most effective of commercial sprays like PB Blaster, etc. I've also used a 50/50 mix of tranny fluid and acetone that seems to work really well as well.

  11. I dont know who chooses those pictures with your narration, but they are GREAT !!….  The Tin Man with WD40 made me LOL.  I don't do that often.

  12. Yeah I heard about this. There was that one moment during the video when there was a picture that was an illusion on a guy sitting on the toilet but he wasn't. That was hilarious LOLOLOL😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀

  13. Say Scotty, have you ever introduced your other half? I know a lot of people don't want to be in videos, but it would be nice to know the woman behind the man =) If just second to say "Hi and bye!" lol

  14. public boolean isCarGarbage(Car car) {
    if(car.getCarMake.equals("Toyota") {
    return false;
    } else {
    return true;

  15. Hey Scotty please do a video on things you should torque to proper specs and things you really don’t need to, thanks

  16. Yeap, I've noticed my brake fluid is low. the brakes work fine, but the gear box its hard to get into gear, I look under the car and see brake fluid all around the gearbox. I guess its leaking somewhere on the hydraulic clutch system. being a smart man I am going to get the clutch changed at the same time because its going to be a gearbox out job, its a Suzuki grand Vitara 2007 98,000miles.

  17. Hey Scotty how are you? I was wondering which type of measurements and tools are more likely to be used in automobiles and repairs, metric or standard? I usually ran into metric bolts on SUVs trucks like mynold Durango, but I've come across a few instances i needed standard sockets for cars, like my sis' saturn L100 and was really blessed i actually had a few in my tool chest. Is there anyway you can tell which you will need by make and model before you start repairs?

  18. Scotty if you want to know the best spray go watch project farms video were he tests many difrent sprays

  19. True story: We had a neighbor years ago who was a notorious garage hoarder. His garage was jammed full of old crap. We used to wonder what was wrong with him, but that didn't stop us from taking our cars over there when we wanted to work on them. He had a bunch of tools that we didn't and hey, his driveway was already stained. My second car was an '82 Accord that I bought out of someone's back yard. I was 19 and full of that special mix of ignorance and confidence that leads young men to take on dubious projects like this. The previous owner tried to rebuild the engine and ended up wrecking the crank. When I looked at the car, the crankshaft was in the trunk. I towed the thing over to my neighbor's house and started looking for a replacement crankshaft. I was making calls, finding nothing and preparing to go to the wrecking yard to start cracking open blocks. Ugh. I expressed my frustration to the neighbor, after which he quietly disappeared for a few moments. He emerged from the backyard later with a long block that he had stashed there. It turned out to be the engine out of my Mom's '81 Accord that we had swapped out years earlier and abandoned there. He promised he would get rid of it for us, but instead, he squirrelled it away with all the other crap he had. I pulled the crank out of it, which was a perfect match for my '82 and in pristine condition. In other words, his hoarding saved my bacon on that project. Nor was that the only instance. There were at least two other occasions when I was rebuilding that motor where he disappeared into that giant trash pile that was his garage, stirred around for a while then came back out with exactly the obscure part I needed. And there have been other instances, over the years, where people I know have saved things I told them not to, then later produced them again at exactly the moment I needed them most. Though I am a resolute trash chucker to this day, I AM a staunch defender of all garage hoarders.

    Viva garage hoarders!!!! Viva Scotty!!!

  20. Scotty I know you say Mercedes are endless money pits but if someone did have a Mercedes, how any miles could they expect it to last trouble free?

  21. Nothing beats 50% acetone + 50% ATF. Well actually the one thing that does beat that is 50% Kerosene + 25% ATF +25% gear oil 90w+ (shake shake shake) unlike the previous mix it keeps oil on the surface much longer, but all in all you should know by now that the "branded" stuff in the store isn't worth the price.

  22. Hi Scotty, I wanna ask a question I might regret, how do you look without sunglasses, haha. I get kinda the same thing when people ask me how do I look with long hair.

  23. You are very knowledgeable… and funny in the process! Thank you for sharing your smarts. Wish i could get my car to you to fix…

  24. Scooty do you feel pain as a mechanic?? " no because decades ago my wife bout me these rubber gloves"

  25. Hey, how about SuperLube spray Teflon? It’s easy to use and slicker than greased owl snot, bit it is highly toxic, so use it with care with more than adequate ventilation

  26. Scotty you should open up auto mechanic shop all across the country Heck the world!
    We could use it in phoenix,Az

  27. 4:44. Exactly! If it isn’t broke, don’t replace it. I can never understand why people buy a new car when their current car is still in excellent condition.

  28. Use Ospho on the rust and it removes the iron oxide and changes it into iron phosphate. You can paint it and use body fillers on it without the former rust being a ticking time bomb. Great stuff! Use it after Navel Jelly and your metal will be all ready for Bondo, fiberglass, or welding on new metal. 🙂

  29. Nothing better than being a backyard auto painter and using the prevailing winds to save my health. Although the overspray does have a tendency to blow over my neighbors fence and Into his yard killing his trees, shrubs and flowers. Bahahaha

  30. You got my attention when you said best penetrating spray. I do front end work a lot and I’ve tried them all. The very best is made by sea-foam. It’s called deep creep. Or maybe deep creek. It will get you out of the deep creek though. White can made by sea foam. You will thank me!

  31. Most silicone sprays use acetone for a carrier….which is hard on rubber
    WD40 silicone spray uses oils ….much easier on rubber and plastic components IMO

  32. im planning on bondo my car a little bit to make it look a little bit better fora a bit im gonna need to get a new truck next year

  33. Here in UK I bought a BMC 1100 ( ADO 16 ) years ago .The rocker panels had been "repaired" by the farmer owner with galvanized sheet steel from a cattle trough- gas welded on while the car was held in the air on the tractor fork lift ! Then he covered the inside with old oil – under the rubber mats. Yes, I had some " bangers" back then . lol

  34. I do like that laugh and the donkey avatar lol
    I hope you make it past 100 Scotty you are Youtube gold!
    So refreshing to know there are still honest people around!

  35. Hey, Scotty, there is a massive asteroid hurtling towards earth. What should we do?
    Scotty: Oh those asteroids are endless money pits. You might as well just forget about it and buy another planet.

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