HELMET AC – Life Saver this Summer – Full Review

HELMET AC – Life Saver this Summer – Full Review

Hi Friends how are you all doing? finally today we got our packet delivered yes it is the Helmet AC from Bluarmor two months back I made a video about this product this is the same packet, last piece was a production piece and this is the final version today we will do the full review of this product I will let u know how to use this product in detail if you want to purchase this product, Link is there in the description of the video also you can use the Coupon code “bulubiker” to get some good discounts I asked the team to get me one extra strap and extra filter everything is available on their website u can buy them this device is best useful for city rides because in city traffic usually there is so much heat that we have to open our helmet visor and ride but opening visor and riding will get you lots of dust inside the helmet and also it is not safe. this is my extra filter so I have got two straps, one extra as instructed while ordering there is a fan inside there is a filter and a small water tank similar to our cooler this unit functions the filter absorbs the water, and then the fan provides cold air through this air folwers installing the straps is very simple we can open the top unit, it is made of rubber this is the hole to fill water here is the usb charger to charge the battery there is a battery inside which gives you a backup of about 7-8hrs and this is the button to operate the cooler now it has started this is the filter you can open this filter and clean this from time to time there is a fan and a secondary tank when yo u fill water in the first tank after you fix the rubber cover it seals the opener so from top there is no way water will leak out and then there is the secondary tank where the filter absorbs water there is a small hole from where water comes to second tank from first tank there is a small opener, that allows water to come inside the second tank u can open or close the water supply you should only allow water to come to second tank when you sit on the bike with helmet. before getting down from your bike you should stop the water flow to second tank so that water do not leaks out now we will fill water in the unit and start using it as you can see the hole is quite small, so there is a chance that there might be air block while filling water very simple way of getting rid of it, simply press and hold the hole while filling water and shake it well when there is a block one hack, if you want instant cooling then yo u can also dip the filter in water before using it you can open only partial top cover to fill water now we will fix the unit to the helmet now I can feel the cold air inside my helmet this air flow is not so fast which will make you uncomfortable, knowingly it is running at controlled speed this unit is also a defogger, you can check our the manual for more details (link in description) now you can see the son behind me, very hot outside its very hot outside its a different feeling, because of the light cold air inside the helmet usually during hot season its very irritating to ride with sweat inside the helmet. thanks to the device, it really makes a huge difference inside the helmet nice light cold air spread inside the helmet especially on those traffic signals in places like Bangalore, you have to stand for minutes there it really helps a lot. The unit is little big, but since it has got so many things inside, so its quite obvious so now we are carrying a cooler with us on the go this is a solution especially for city slow rides… if you ride fast then outside hot air will rush inside the helmet, then the air gets mixed and not usable. 30-40 speed in the city normally we ride at.. there it works like a gem so this was the overall experience of the bluesnap Helmet AC if you like the product, you can buy online, link in description and can use my coupon for discount too. this is a complete made in India Product, manufactured at Bangalore only.

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  1. I request not to use any such products… It is like an Air Cooler and you're blowing the humid air directly to your nose and head. And all of you're enough educated to know what happens when you blow humid air to head or nose for a long time.
    Bulu Bhai, I regularly watch your videos, please do not promote or encourage such products.

  2. Ye nuksan be hosakta hai body garam only face cooling or jb helmet utharo gy ditect garmi ser per lagy ge or is sai ser dard be hosakta hai.

  3. भाई अगर हेलमेट में कूलर को पहले से ही लगा दिया जाये तो ये सब खरीदने की जरूरत ही न पड़े …
    क्यों न हेलमेट को ही RE-Design कर के कुछ नया बनाया जाये |
    जिसमे सब कुछ पहले से ही हो जैसे – कूलर , कैमरा और ब्लुटूथ आडियो सब उपलब्ध हो |
    अगर मेरी बात अच्छी लगी हो लाइक जरुर करना |

  4. Lods of thnx sir for making such a informative video
    Such a useful product
    Keep going sir best wishes to u

  5. Its better to wet your biker gloves and use while ridding full body AC without extra cost. Use cotton gloves for that.

  6. Do you think it would be fine to have this on helmet at high speeds? I understand that these are meant for City traffic and less than 50km/hr…

  7. Pathetic to see people marketing things like this rather than promoting people to plant trees. Just a question to ask, Will you keep on doing stuff like these to escape from the scorching heat which is increasing day by day and not do something for the society that needs some change? 2.4 acres of forest is being cut each and every second while I type these text which I'm not sure will make think or not.

  8. No doubt completely useless. And water based evaporative coolers right on your face will ensure you catch cold by next morning.

  9. But what about the weight? Hanging 400gm off the front of the helmet… Won't that be a pain in the neck?

  10. Isko bike me lock krke nhi chhod sakte with helmet. Sath leke ghumna pdega
    Warna India mw wapas aane pe nahi milega

  11. nice video bulu bhai amazing explanation but i want to know do we have waterproof helmet as well . by the way i ordered the same and got discount of rupees 211.86 paisa . . By the way what is the make and model of helmet shown in the video , color looks super cool . thanks

  12. Will it prevent the scalp sweating because that’s my main issue,
    1. Will it cool scalp area?
    2. Will it cool only face area?

    Hope you will answer

  13. Bro there are so many cons in this product. 1. Noise of the motor will be irritating. 2. You will end up getting breathing problems like wheezing problems because of the nozzle assembly. Please don't take it offensive. Don't promote these products until they are used for a period of time like 6 to 8 months.

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