Hedge fund forced Cabela’s merger, decimated jobs in Sidney, Nebraska

100 thoughts on “Hedge fund forced Cabela’s merger, decimated jobs in Sidney, Nebraska

  1. The guy, his hedge fund employees and those he donated to are not 2nd amendment proof. Singer is a predator, he should be on a list along with sexual predators.
    If the people of that town really cared, Singer would not be an issue anymore, neither would those who helped him. The tree of liberty must be refreshed by the blood of patriots first.

  2. One would think that pseudo-leftist magazines like Mother Jones, etc would cover something like this but since most of the residents are "white" it doesn't deserve attention. The RINOS have them paid off to look at things like the moronic Dem's impeachment attempt.

  3. The name of the game in capitalism is MAKING MONEY….end of story. If the workers go out on the debt limb its their fault. Capitalism is dynamic and constantly evolving. It's a sign of a healthy economy,.

  4. This is awful and it’s destroying America, but what’s worse is nothing will be done about this. These people line the pockets of Members of Congress and make it all but impossible to fight them at the ballot box. I hope Trump will make some executive changes about this, but I wouldn’t hold my breath considering these people and him were invited to the same cocktail parties.

  5. This is an amazing report!! Please upload the follow up that he did the next day… he put things to words that I've been trying to find words for.. really want to share it with my friends. Thank you!!! Thank you Tucker!!!!

  6. Henry Ford thought that he ought to have workers able to afford the cars they built. What a legendary man he was, now dismissed as a foolish antisemite. He was no fool

  7. Really? What you are really saying is the rules all favor the wealthy!!! It's always been that way, and will continue till we reset with different rules that are fair, not twisted by greed but reward for hard work not tyrannical power.


  9. Senator Ben Sass should NO longer be a US Senator. Ashamed. I used to live in Rapid City, SD, we would travel all the way to Sidney, NE to be there for a half-day of shopping. Sometimes twice each year. I loved the town. I loved the people. Mr. Singer must be real proud of himself for being such a successful corrupt capitalist. He makes communism look good. IF he owned all the money in the world, do you think he would be any happier?

  10. Thanks for shining some light on this….I came away educated about something I had known nothing about. Great piece.

  11. I'm DONE shopping at Cabela's after watching this. You can get better deals elsewhere,
    you just have to put in the time to find them.

  12. It’s ok, the stock market has about 4 months left before total collapse. Soon the elite bastards won’t have their personal casino to use anymore.

  13. How many more like that across the land. In the same time did anyone protested decades ago when goods started to be made in China. I remember how people were all so happy for buying things so much cheaper. Even me ordinary person was arguing that we have exported all those jobs so there will be no money to anything no matter how cheap it will be. Nobody believed me. It took long but it is here now. Nearly one million Americans homeless is testimony to it. It will be thirty in ten years. With decoupling fro China things are changing. For companies to do anything in USA it would take incredible incentives which I think again would be on the back of people. I hope Tamar Trump has some far reaching plan together this started in his next term. On pe thinks I cannot comprehend is number of people who arecompletely oblivious to what is going on. They were ready for Hillary. Is it our educational system which produces these drones or falling IQ.

  14. Frickin vulture and crony capitalists are the new robber barons but they don’t donate to philanthropic causes. They need to be hanging by wire off street lampposts with cardboard signs stating traitors hanging off them.

  15. Think what you want about scAmway, the founders Devos and VanAndel have rebuilt Grand Rapids in the last 20 years and dragged along a bunch of other rich people to make Grand Rapids Michigan a bright spot in the state.

  16. Used to spend hundreds every 3-4 months at Cabela's. It was my main clothing source for years. Would have to research to see last time I ordered there. They dropped the clothing lines down to basic items that can be gotten anywhere. Nothing special anymore. Sad. But, the other side is more local shops get my money now.

  17. there is a rise on the left side (Bernie Sanders etc) and new Conservatives/rightwingers who reject this hyper capitalism. I dont know who will win in the next election(s) but the carriers of greedy fucks like Singer are numbered

  18. Way to go Tucker and team. Paul Singer is a Harvard Medical school fellow board member. He funds numerous LGBTQ movements with a specific focus on the transgender agenda. Please look into his connection with the Fenway institute. It’s the largest transgender research institute in the country. Bravo for exposing his vulture capitalistic ways and his true nature.

  19. Wow. Heartbreaking. Thank you Tucker for real journalism. So many Americans have been decimated by this kind of greed and wickedness. Paul Sanger. May you burn in hell or repent for your evil behaviors! May God serve true Justice upon you.

  20. Tucker is NAMING THEM!!!
    The individual was Paul Singer in this case and in each and every individual like him you find ONE COMMON group/classify as/ shared identity trait.
    It’s sad that the numerous warnings of the past were ignored allowing this to have worldwide in ALL western society’s not just here in the United States.

  21. Andrew Carnegie also caused the demolition of the whole town of johnstown, pa by taking shortcuts on a dam that broke. Didn't see him rebuild that did we. No fame or glory in that I guess.

  22. Aww Finally. A news network willing to open the ugly can of worms no one else is willing to address. Shine that beacon on those rocky shores. It's time to tell. Great job Tucker! Shine Bright!

  23. Tucker, hannity, Levin, john Solomon, Laura Ingraham, even Glenn beck with his recent research and reporting on Ukraine has been spot on. Fox has already been on their asses about reporting the facts but they can't cut them. Hannity alone pulls in more viewers than mslsd, cnn, CBS, and ABC combined. Tucker has been about the same and Levin's weekend show as well.

  24. one company towns are not really healthy places to begin with, they should have diversified decades ago, it's the same story for places like flint which put too many eggs into the automotive basket.  cabelas should have never sold out to singer.

  25. Prior to the forced merger, I was a regular Cabela's shopper. The horrible policies instituted by Bass Pro Shops are bad for customers, and worse for the employees.

  26. I find it Interesting that the feds are going after certain universities for accepting bribes (as they should) but then you have our congressmen who are literally doing the same thing on a more catastrophic scale. What’s the point of electing an official, if the choices that official makes to govern is due to what their highest donor wants. Of course the highest donor gets what they want and no one wins but that one Richie rich who bribed their way in. The master behind their politician puppet.

  27. As i have said before….assholes like Singer need their heads stuck on a pike and the rest of their body hung off the nearest telephone pole

  28. Nothing more than the "Me first, of man" that escalates a society into sadness, deprivation and need. What comes to mind is a scene depicting a certain mentality that marks the destruction of a joyous people and lessens the integrity of a nation. Think about the respected man dressed for success in business, looking sharp as he gleans his superiority harshly. A woman and her grandchild approach the double doors and just as she is about to reach the threshold, a man abruptly moves in front, dashing ahead and grabbing the door – "first." The door automatically throws back in their faces – peons! There's a hallway in the Halls of Justice where peons must wait over an hour to pay bail for their crimes. Guilty or not, they must take their place and know who they are. They represent themselves in their crimes, yet, they may not stand in the attorneys priority line of service. Attorneys go "first." The less important take a number and wait outside the door of the criminal business office. It's a crime to cross a white line on a freeway exit the and rudeness of drivers matter not. Furthermore, constitutional rights must be removed for these types of criminal offenses – Dontchaknow? Criminals in the hall look like average people. Many are struggling, hard-working people whose a'time' doesn't buy whole lot and whose "time" translates into – necessity. It seems a twisted concept to value a well-paid man's time, more valuable. "It's normal," says the clerk, to wait, even way past an hour as clerks collect fines while lawyers pass through in priority status. Has the administration of justice become an enterprise without equitable consideration to humanity? Waiting over an hour as common practice is an important psychological lesson for the peons and may infer calculation. Reasonably, they must know their place – they're "last." Of course, I'm being facetious.. However, consider the age old notice: "The first shall be last and the last shall be first." In the end; It's a rude awakening when, naturally, water seeks its own level.

  29. I gotta be honest a Tucker Carlson with Andrew Yang solution to automation would be a contender against Trump for presidency.

  30. Delphi does not exist.
    an enterprising "journalist" could make a name for himself by exposing the "REAL" story of DELPHI.
    but this would require actual work and may step on a few toes.
    here is a tid-bit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,DELPHI capitulated on it's employee pension fund and turned it over to the FED's. The largest failure in US corporate history. Open up your wallets people.

  31. Normally don’t like Tucker but wow he nailed this !this is a prime example of what’s wrong in America ,and both sides are a willing partner follow the money

  32. Henry Ford wrote a very interesting book describing the predatory nature of Dual citizens like Singer .Ford was a true American patriot and knew what was up .

  33. as I watch this with tears in my eyes, all I can say is I'm very proud of you Tucker for being brave enough to go up against someone like Singer

  34. That is why politicians of either kind need to be term limited so they cannot be bought, & if they get owned they should be strung up PERIOD Critters like mr. singer should also be strung up as they give nothing back too this country or its people.

  35. I’m a strong Republican and it hurts me to hear these things…… But it needs to be said thank you Carl and Fox News

  36. I disagree with this. Ride around other places in the USA and there is prosperity everywhere. New buildings, new houses, lowest unemployment in many years, etc.

  37. "Wherever the body of a nation shows a wound, they anchor themselves and feed on the decaying organism. They make business out of the sickness of nations, and thereafter endeavor to deepen and prolong all conditions of sickness." Der Ewige Jude, 1940

  38. Secret Both stores were marketing Imported junk. Rebranding to store imported brand junk. I am not upset with the Make Imports and Jobs in foreign countries great again.

  39. Tucker, this is brilliant revelation. Remember this: the trouble with communism – is communism. The trouble with capitalism – is capitalists.

  40. You end it with he received the largest possible donation. What was the amount? Wondering what it costs to buy politicians.

  41. I live in Nebraska, Sasse, Fischer, Don Bacon and The Ricketts family have decimated this state. We’ve lost Cabella’s, ConAgra and most recently TD Ameritrade. They’re running some of the largest deficits we’ve ever had and have completely failed our Farmers who now need bailouts from the fed. Over 40% of Nebraska incomes are $10.18/hr or below. 95% free and reduced lunch in the state for families. Typical conservatism, cut cut cut, defund defund defund now the Omaha mayor has let the entire city’s infrastructure fall apart where now we’re 50years behind and 900 million short on our roads alone.

  42. Being in the Firearms and hunting space, we thought Cabelas was sold because of family estate planning.

    We it turned out to be Bass Pro Shops? Everybody was worried Cabelas would never be the same.

    Now hearing about Singer and his Hedge Fund? I’m even more sorry.

    Cabela’s is a legendary company that was never in trouble.


  43. Baby boomers unions destroyed many industries in America by workers taking advantage of their employers now we have this

  44. He is trying to tell us something he cannot say aloud without being destroyed. How many people will pick up on it? Not many I think. But I worry that his days on Fox are numbered. And he will not be allowed to move to another network afterwards.

  45. he is the kind of purson thy will tell people say any thing about me and i will sue you and your family for every thing you won for defamation of character i bet he is trying to find a way to get away from his family so he has all the $$$$ ….

  46. If you have a company and go public for that fast cash, you get public headaches like raiders, activist shareholders, and all sorts of malcontents.

    Pick wisely.

  47. Singer and what he and other vulture capitalist do is what all of capitalism would be without regulations. So anyone calling for deregulation are just people like him (and the people they have lied to and made believe them) that want to be able to do his with everything (goods, services).

    Does regulations sometimes go overboard? Yes. But they are still needed to protect things and people and the economy as a whole.

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