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good afternoon everyone and welcome back to jimbos garage well today we got welding video for you guys and I can I asked me if I could help them make some brackets. these aren’t everything these aren’t your ordinary racket Peter super heavy-duty bracket we’re going to use in 2-inch by 360 angle iron and also 2 inch by half inch flat bar plate will show you how it all goes together let’s get started alright so we get started here cut the two inch angle and we’re using the fine 14 inch longer metal cut off saw this thing is amazing it cuts through this stuff with ease now we’ve got 18 are we’ve got eight brackets each bracket is taking two pieces of angle iron so they’re 16 pieces and each piece has cut a 45 on each end and a straight cut on the other and you can see how we’re cutting 45 right here and then we go to the straight pieces right there and it certainly didn’t take very long this thing really is amazing it really cuts through this metal light like butter and there’s all the pieces all cut and once that too in Chiang line pieces were cut I went right to the half inch plate now I tried to cut the half inch plate with cut-offs all work fine but i thought that this would be a much faster way to go this is the everlast power plasmas 60s that i have here and you can see that this is half inch plate and it cuts the stuff pretty easily I’ve cut up to one inch plate without too much problem at all and you can see that I’ve got a straight piece of flat bar stock i’m using for a straight edge right here and I just run the side of the plasma cutter along that straight edge and that cuts a pretty straight cut this is real-time right here so you can see the actual cut itself you know it gets pretty clean but when it goes through it leaves the dross on the other side which is easily chipped off and you’ll see that here in a little bit and here we are cutting all the pieces again 16 pieces we need for the angles and there you see you just a couple of hits with the children and you can see how clean those cuts are worked out pretty good now these are the seven half-inch pieces we need for the upper brackets and again clouds will put a plasma cutter right through there pretty good and then just cleaning him up with ease and after we got all those pieces cut I just done i took him over to the belt sander and I didn’t really need to do this they were so clean but i just wanted to take the sharp edges off all the pieces and i gotta say that down that worked out really good ok well there it is very powerful little while cutting with the mellow out saw and clouds because what we hear we were able to get all the pieces cut and now we got some drawing to do quite a bit of your own we’re going to be able to use the drill press and Matt grill and then we got the assembly so let’s get started and get this project finished I got Mike on the drill browse she’s drilling the 516 hole in that in the 2 inch angle iron and I’m not among the the mag drill you can see I’m using some rapid caps right there that’s cutting oil i really like using that what i like about it is it’s got that long skinny neck and you just adjust it puts the perfect little drop-down spot that you need but you can see any dwe 1622 managerial by The Walt is just cutting through this half inch plate i’m using a 716 drill bit right here this is real time and you can see it just cuts such a precision perfect smooth hole every time I love this thing I I never thought I’d use as much as i do it worked out really good and here it is the five sixteenths on the drill press you know we had a bunch of holes to drill on there yeah that worked out pretty good also had to drill some 516 sold to the half inch bar stock right here and take a little bit of time but we managed to get through it pretty good so I also had to drill some 716 soul in the 2 inch angle for the mounting bracket bolts that we’re going to be using and you can see how utilized for my well-being cable and just activate the magnet on the grill and man it just works out perfect ok so we managed to get all hundred eight holes drilled unfortunately too many 28 holes too many once again made no mistake the way out on these holes you see we had a double drill i actually originally laid out on the wrong side of the angle with death over for Mike he wasn’t too happy about having to matching 20 in the hole that are um we could fix it and that’s what we’re gonna do the world really solid ground flat you’ll never even know anything happens just a mistake sir a bummer trust me i’m making a phone but well as many mistakes as you make fix them as fast as I make himself everybody makes mistakes but you know what it took us a little bit of time to drill these holes out and it took us a lot less time to fix it and as you can see i just went with mcgann and just a little circular motion around those holes and left a little button bead right there which is absolutely perfect and i went ahead and did that on both sides and and fill the hole up completely and then all there’s left to do is just get the flap gifting going and Grandal things down and so I gave Mike as I stitch finish your welcome likes on grindr on the grinder and the whole thing took maybe 15 minutes to fix so we got that behind us and now we’re moving forward ok so we’re starting assembly right now and you know I’ve got this corner of ice that i got from yas these things are lifesavers usually really work well for for all kinds of t joints or 90 degree angles like this it just makes for perfect clamp for a perfect 90 degrees so that’s what we’re using here in these are the two materials were going together just going to put it well right down the side here and then we’ve got a cross brace this piece a half inch by two mammoth piece of metal is going to go inside here and that’s going to create cost base where the world end and then that’s going to be one of eight brackets so let’s do it ok so i’m going to be using the everlast top power big 205 here and I’ve got to the settings you know about about Meg welding here and it’s all about the settings we’re going to be running this at about 19 volts and about 300 inches per minute on wire feet now every machine is different for me that’s what works good for the application we’re doing right here you’ll see that it just lays in there really nice for your machine or different machines that they’re all different but that’s what we’re using today we’re using 30,000 wire so let’s do it all right well you might be noticing i got a new welding jacket for vsx black stallion they make a number of these jackets for a number of different applications i love the way they fit love the way they feel they’re super comfortable and you’ll be seeing me where these jackets throughout the course of the year ok so you know we talked about manipulations to get that stack of Dimes look if you will notice offers a different ways especially mig welding you know a lot of people like to do circles or sees i prefer the little e Wilkerson be start making circle with a long kale stop circle long scale stop stop and this is what turns out that works really good three especially you know I thought it’s all about the settings to get the settings right well you’re going to be good alright so where I go ahead and start wellness out this is that weld on the outside corner joints and we moved to the inside the brackets not here you’re seeing what I’m talking about about that the little Smalley person fear right there you can see the motion of the welding torch so I don’t have one of those cameras like a lot of these welding guys you but maybe i will soon enough but i’d love to be able to show you that in it so you can actually see the motion there but I think you get the pretty good idea you can see right there how that works in the consistency of it and it just lays down because that’s all about the settings that lays down with you get the settings Russian plays a nice be down again the inside corner joints outside corner I and inside as well and both sides of the bracket and we had eight pieces to do right here and once i got a method down and it worked out pretty good the first two were kind of slow but once we got it figured out it that we roll to there pretty quick ok so when you guys do a lot of repetitive welding for a long period of time you you might be able to see the end of your your your maid gun might get look up gummed up with a lot of splatter and stuff in there and sometimes that will restrict the the gas flow and actually prevent you from making up pretty decent world so I just carry a yeah you know those tools for this they got Flyers I got special you know mid gun tools for this but i just use a small all right here and just be able to just get in there and a couple little couple little looks with that just cleans it out really good just go around the outside and I always have a pair of body I candy just to just a trim the excess long wire was pretty good alright so here we are how doing some of the same repetitiveness it right here and like I said once once i started going here and get the rhythm of things I definitely had Mike right behind me as i was welcomed out he was clamped them together and as soon as I finish William hand them over to him and he does start grinding and cleaning them out then so in this case it that we had a lot to do is all about teamwork worked out really well see that that is a mess right there ok ok ok ok one of the very last bracket here we’ve got the brackets of the other kind where we’re making all these or eight more of the brackets are going to be used for the roof structure that’s going to be holding now now this floor that’s going to be both George concrete wall and this parts going to have a little bit of a a roof type of flat roof type to it so it’s going to have a little bit of a pitch to it so we’ve got is three feet we’ve got about three quarters 21 inch and a big this little jig right here that’s going to help us to assembly that these things real fast we’re just going to slide it right here in the corner and our kids going to be built in mr. weld up alright so this will be the last of the the brackets here this is the 2-inch by half-inch thick plate you know we’ve got a tease and you can see that there were just putting this thing together right here Michael show me how he wanted it now is going to work best for him and so a couple of tacks on each corner there and then well down the middle and then the corner brace in there a weld on both sides to hold that corner brace in place and you can see the template right here that worked out really good for getting that angle that we needed on there and once I got the first couple down the other six well they went pretty smooth and these brackets here or a little bit more easier to put together then the other 12 inch angle once I got used to it that he went by pretty quick right here and then there you can see we’re almost to the end of the project right here in south as I can weld together Mike was cleaning them up and we’re almost done you know as a matter of fact we’re moving along here pretty good another 60 more we could have done that left after time but there they are the brackets are complete and i gotta say these are some really serious bracket they’re gonna be no failure here whatsoever turned out really good is a great little project hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching don’t forget to rate comment and subscribe for more video

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