heavens flame solar oven reflector part 2

well there’s my hinge this is how I had
to mount it so I can open it and then open the door and I didn’t make the
inside too small what I did was raise the bottom of it four inches which
really removed a whole bunch of cubic inches that this thing would need to
heat up and if it still doesn’t heat up I’m gonna bring the back end the same
amount four inches but I’ve had this out here now for about thirty minutes and was that up to about two and a quarter and that’s not
bad for just 30 minutes so I’m going to adjust this a couple of times over the
next hour and I’ll show you what the final temperature is all right it’s been
about hour that is officially the hottest I’ve ever got this 275 I’m
thinking I still may need to fill the back of this thing in a few inches
that’s a whole lot of cubic inches to heat up for no reason I’m beginning to
understand that when you build a solar oven it just doesn’t make any sense to
build it any bigger then your pot you know just the size that get whatever
you’re gonna cook you in there and that’s it but I want to make this work
I’m pretty sure I can get it to 300 and if I close that back in bring it in four
and a half inches like I did the bottom I think it’ll be satisfactory I have a
friend who’s made a solar oven and his solar oven has got the highest
temperature achieved so far on YouTube and if you want to see that it’s jww m2
and I’ve got his channel featured on my youtube homepage Erica just look down on
the right lower right you can click on that go right to his channel so I’ll try
this in another hour and see what we’ve gotten up to and that’ll be about two
and a half hours out here and surely it’ll be as high as it’ll get by then yeah we’re at 300 if this didn’t get any
hotter than that I could live with that I sort of neglected this I didn’t come
out and adjust it and to the Sun you know and it was way off so I’m gonna I’m
gonna give it a half-an-hour and check it one more time because it might have
got hotter than that while I was gone I was well I was in there on the computer
you know how you get lost sometimes and lose track of time so this time I’m
gonna be diligent I’m gonna come back in exactly a half an hour and that I’d be
about as high as it will get all right one more clip well it’s just a tick over
300 like maybe 305 maybe 310 and I want to stop the test I’m happy with 300 I
don’t know what happened I just cut it off by mistake
I’m happy with 300 I can cook pretty much anything I want to at 300 degrees
if it ever does get hotter than that I’ll be sure to let you know and I may
actually cook something in it tomorrow and now I’m gonna put this video up and
then I’m gonna sit down I’m going to tell you a very long very bizarre story
including my getting fired never been fired my entire life but that stories
coming up look where it soon at a newsstand near you well I thought I’d
check it one more time and it’s actually about 325 or so but look at this my
glass cracked and that’s the it’s the inside piece I mean it cracked a lot so
I’m gonna have to remove that and I bought these they’re supposed to be
tempered oh well

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