Heat Expands a Metal Rod

Heat Expands a Metal Rod

Hi, I am Jared, and welcome to our YouTube
channel Fun Science Demonstrations. The big idea here
is that things expand, they get bigger when you heat
them up. It does not matter if it is a solid, if
it is a liquid, if it is a gas; they will expand, they will get bigger, if
you apply heat. We have heat and we have things and I
want to see if that is really true. So I have a metal rod. We are going to
apply heat to that rod, and how do I tell if it gets bigger? Well,
we set up a little gauge. All it is, is a little needle that
the rod is setting on with a pointer, then I have color-coded
lines. And if that rod does get bigger it is
going to lengthen and push the needle, the needle is going to roll and the pointer should move. Well, we will see if science
really works. So we need to apply the heat. I have the
heat. We are going to fire this up, literally,
and we are going to start heating this rod. When we heat the rod, you cannot see it happening because it is
microscopic on the small level you cannot it see with your
eyes. The molecules inside are moving around faster
and faster, more space,they are lengthening,
spreading out. And that is why this rod should be getting longer and expanding. You might
see this if you are observant when you are driving in the car and the
power lines, telephone lines, in the summer they sag because it is hot
and the metal inside gets longer. In the winter it cools down and it actually
shortens up, they are not as loose. So, my meter should be moving and you should actually visibly see it
moving as I really heat up the entire rod. It is such a simple
demonstration that science really works! You can see it
happening. I am going to stop, peek, the meter moved! Imagine that! Things actually expand and
get bigger when you heat them up. They shrink and
condense and get smaller when you cool them down. Science is amazing, thanks for watching.

9 thoughts on “Heat Expands a Metal Rod

  1. And people made fun of me for saying this very thing haha. Made me doubt myself so I came to confirm. Don't doubt yourself people! Lesson learned.

  2. Good demonstration. A $10 Dial travel indicator would show the movement a lot more rapidly and substantially.

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