HCAR Review (Gameplay) Best Gun Setup | Battlefield Hardline Weapon Guide (BFH)

HCAR Review (Gameplay) Best Gun Setup | Battlefield Hardline Weapon Guide (BFH)

Hey whats going on guys, Kris here, and in
this Battlefield Hardline weapon guide, Ill be going over the HCAR battle rifle, only
the cops can use the gun without a weapon license, and youl also have to play as an
enforcer. The weapon costs $37,200 so its not cheap, and youl probably have to play
a few good matches before you can buy it. So lets go over the stats, without attachments,
the HCARs got a maximum damage of 43 which starts to drop off at about 20 meters, and
its minimum damage is 24 and this dealt at 50 meters or over, all of the battle rifles
have the same damage model, so this means that it should take a maximum of 3 bullets
to kill within 36 meters and 4 bullets after this, so just like the other battle rifles
the damage output is quite high. Firing at 450rpm the hcar is the slowest firing battle
rifle of the lot, but because it fires a little bit slower, you might find that the gun becomes
a little bit more manageable. Its got a muzzle velocity of 600m/s so its faster than the
scar-h, but not quite as quick as the HK51, 600m/s is still quite high though compared
to other weapons in the game so it shouldnt be too hard to trace targets that are running
or at a distance. The recoil pattern for the hcar is actually
quite controllable, it has an upwards kick of 0.7 and a left and rightwards movement
of 0.2, so in typical battle rifle fashion, the guns gonna mainly pop upwards, though
its still got the lowest vertical recoil out of the others, the 0.2 horizontal recoil is
also quite low and because its equally 0.2 both left and right, the hcar should mainly
just move upwards, making the recoil pattern a lot more predictable and accurate. Its got
a first shot multiplier is 1.1, which is the same as the other enforcer rifles, so your
gun will kick just a bit more for its first shot, but it wont be enough to throw your
shots completely off target. In a normal magazine for the HCAR, youl be
given 31 bullets, so 10 more bullets than the other battle rifles, and because the gun
fires at a slower rate and has a slightly more precise recoil pattern, these magazines
should last you longer than one of the other enforcer rifles magazines, That said it does
have the longest reload times out of them all, with a 2.6 second empty mag reload, and
a 2.05 second reload with bullets left in your last clip, these times are a little bit
longer than the other rifles but not enough to cause too much drama, you probably wont
even notice much of a difference between them. So with the stats out of the way, when it
comes to attachments, the compensators gonna be a really good choice for the muzzle, thisl
drop that vertical recoil down by 40% from 0.7 to 0.42, this should make the weapon a
lot easier to control and allow you to fire for longer in full auto, without having to
readjust your sights back onto your target after every couple of shots. Theres a slight
penalty to the horizontal recoil, giving you an extra 15% movement both left and right,
but because both the left and right values are equal, it shouldnt really affect your
overall accuracy too much. When choosing which underbarrel attachment
to go for though, the angled grip might be a good option for the hcar, especially if
youre tap firing to go for those longer ranged kills, youl probably be tap and burst firing
quite a lot because of the guns heavy vertical recoil, just so youre not looking at the sky
every few seconds. Itl lower the first shot multiplier by 33% so your first shot that
you fire is gonna be helped out a lot by this. The hcars also got a relatively high spread
increase per shot of 0.3 and its the highest of all the battle rifles, so perhaps even
a stubby grip might help make your bullet groupings a little bit closer together when
your firing in full auto, when used with the compensator, the stubby grip could be a good
choice for dealing with other players at closer ranges.
So as a quick summary, the hcar is a slow firing battle rifle that can only be used
on an enforcer loadout, only the law enforcement faction, aka the police, can use it. And its
a hard hitting weapon that should be able to kill your enemies in 3 or 4 bullets over
all ranges. The recoil pattern is probably the best out of the other battle rifles, though
itl still kick vertically quite a lot, so some attachments could be slapped on there
to improve the gun and make it more controllable. The hcars got an extra 10 bullets over the
other enforcer rifles but with a cost of a slightly lower fire-rate and a tiny bit longer
reload time, that said, the hcar should be quite easy to use and although its slow, its
also steady. Its got a good balance of power and controllability, that makes the gun a
strong choice in the right hands. So thats basically the hcar in a nutshell,
so I hoped you enjoyed this weapon guide, make be sure to give this video a like if
you did, and thatll be much appreciated, and also check out loads of my other weapon guides
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and ill see you, in the next one!

16 thoughts on “HCAR Review (Gameplay) Best Gun Setup | Battlefield Hardline Weapon Guide (BFH)

  1. Well, i use it as a DMR (as all the battlerifles) and its pretty good, tap fire..one or two at a time with heavy barrel + angled grip + IR2X, its decent – decent kills, many assist-as-kills and lots of assists. Pretty good for supresssion also.

  2. i got the weapon license for it through a voucher.I roll using kobra, suppressor,laser sight,angled grip its a beast for supportive fire

  3. I put a compensator and straight grip on this not out of choice but because I got that stuff by buying premium, and lucky enough it works great. Once I was able to unlock a scope I use a medium range 3.5 or 4x. Anything else is stupid IMO, this is a weapon for that range. I put canted iron sites on it for if I enter buildings, although quick scoping with a medium range scope isn't hard anyway. When I check symthic I see max damage as 33. That's a 4 shot kill. Looks like Dice got their dumbfuck hands on it and nerfed it. Something they love to do, and why I can't play BF1 anymore.

  4. i call this the weapon of the pussies, is literally the worst Battle Rifle, but people that cant controll recoil overuse it

  5. This gun is without a doubt my favorite gun in Battlefield. I put this on semi-auto and it is the single most reliable gun I've ever used in any Battlefield game.

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