Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone – [PV] “Melt” (Romaji/English/Español Subs)

When I woke up this morning The first thing I thought of was you I made up my mind, and cut my bangs short Just so you’d ask me “Why? Pink skirt, flower pin in my hair I’m going out I’m looking cute today! Melt! I feel like I’m gonna melt away I can’t tell you I like you, but then I… Melt! I can’t even look you in the eye I won’t fall for love, not me But… I really do like you I wish time would stop, I feel like I could cry So happy, I feel like I could die! Melt! Pulling into the station The end of the line for us, so near, so far Melt! I want to hold your hand in mine Do we already have to say goodbye? I want you to take me in your arms! …You wish!

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