Handyman Profit / Top 10 Most Profitable Handyman Jobs / JOBS THAT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY

Handyman Profit / Top 10 Most Profitable Handyman Jobs / JOBS THAT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY

Hey friends Allen Lee here with honest lee handyman services out of Sacramento, California And today I wanted to talk about the top 10 most profitable handyman jobs. I Looked at various different handyman jobs, and I used the same strategy that I talked about in my video last week which is maximum profit equals low overhead plus Specialized skill and this basically means that if you could do a job that doesn’t require any parts or very little parts then you are On track to make more money on that job than you would a material heavy job So first of all on this video, if you guys like this video, please give it a thumbs up Be sure to check out all my other videos that I have on this channel This is a second video to a series that I’m doing The last video was posted last Friday Which is about finding the maximum profit of a handyman job and focusing on those jobs in particular So I asked you guys a question in that video last week of what you guys think the top most Profitable handyman jobs would be using that strategy that I gave you guys Which is maximum profit equals low overhead plus specialized skill And so I looked at all these different handyman jobs and I kind of came up with my own top ten now obviously, this is not top 10 for everyone other people may have their bread and butter and may have their specific jobs that make them the most amount of profit that they possibly can but these are my personal ones and they may benefit you as well because If you guys are anything like me you guys might benefit from these particular jobs that I’m going to talk about as well so again, I’m using the strategy of maximum profit equals low overhead or little amount of materials as possible Plus specialized skill which which means having something that you know, just a regular Joe Schmo does not have so the first of these 10 most profitable handyman jobs that I would say is Replacing or repairing a toilet and this is actually a very easy job to do I mean a toy really isn’t made up of all that many things It’s just a porcelain body Made up with you know fill valve and a flush valve and then going through down to it as a wax ring and the toilet flange and then it goes Out to the drain piping. So there’s really not much to it at all So if you know a little bit about the workings and how a toilet should work, you know properly fill and properly flush It’s pretty easy to figure out and oftentimes those fill and flush valves are very inexpensive so you can you can get them fairly cheap and install them and You know you could charge a pretty good pretty good rate to install those because that is What some people would say is a specialized skill some homeowners feel comfortable tackling those jobs But if they don’t and they need to call someone who has the specialized skill that they need That’s where we as handyman step in. So and also replacing a toilet is is a very easy job Again, some homeowners like to do that themselves, but if they don’t they don’t feel comfortable with it Maybe they don’t know how to do it. Maybe they don’t have the time. That’s when they would call us and I this qualifies in in the category of maximum profit for a handyman job because often times Toilets are supplied by the customers they buy ones They particularly want so you come in the wax ring is usually comes with the toilet If not, you just have a few dollar part that you put in there and you have virtually no Materials for that job and all of it is profit from your labor. So that’s why I qualifies for that so the second most profitable handyman job in my category is Replacing a ceiling fan now again this qualifies as well because most ceiling fans The client has their own ceiling fan that they want stalled and and this is talking about you know If they already have a ceiling fan up there and they just want to take him down. They want a new one put up And then also this is a good a good up selling point in this category because say they they don’t have a ceiling fan say they don’t even have a light fixture or a light switch and this is a great opportunity to You know to use your expertise because that’s really it’s like creases running wires and all that To install this ceiling fan for them and that’s going to pay top dollar because that is specialized skill right there Even just replacing a ceiling is something that will will gain you more profit Than most things because the materials aren’t in there You don’t have to supply any materials except for maybe, you know, three wire nuts, maybe some screws depending, you know Depending on the mounting Um, so there’s really not much materials there but there is a higher amount of specialized skill see a lot of times when people think of you know, Installing a ceiling fan. They want to make sure it’s done right they want to make sure it’s hung correctly So if you are replacing a ceiling fan with or if you’re if you’re putting a ceiling fan where a light picture used to be You’re going to want to check out the junction box make sure that is ceiling fan rated and if it is not you’re gonna want to upsell that obviously and install a Unapproved ceiling fan junction box out box that will hold The weight of a proper ceiling fan that they are going to install so there there are a few different ways to upsell in that but even if it’s just Replacing a ceiling fan you can you can charge some good money for that and if you get it down it Should only take you about half an hour. Maybe originally maybe about an hour But I think you would still be making enough profit to cover that for sure depending on your prices in your area And then the third most profitable handyman job that I would say is replacing a light fixture now This is very much like a legacy Ling fan. A lot of times when customers are challenged with electricity They don’t even want to mess with it They they would rather leave that to someone who is licensed and and understands electricity and isn’t gonna burn their house down So that’s where we would come into play And replacing a light fixture really, isn’t that hard of a deal? If they already have a ceiling light fixture up there you just pop that one down put the new one up wire it up and put it up there put some light bulbs in it and you’re Good to go As long as you have some basic understanding of electrical which I would assume most handymen do Then replacing a light fixture is definitely high on the top list for Maximum profit because it doesn’t require any Materials as long as the client has the has their own light fixture that they want you to put up there And it does have specialized skill of that electricity being involved in that equation So the fourth most profitable handyman job that I would is replacing a faucet And so now this can range from replacing a kitchen faucet to a bathroom faucet or even a hose spigot outside Now this is kind of like electricity where sometimes when people are running with plumbing issues. They don’t want to mess with it They don’t want to touch it. They’d rather leave it to a professional to deal with that. So that is where we come into play And replacing a faucet is actually fairly easy And after you do quite a few of them You can get them down pretty quick and get them done in about a half an hour Bang about and get on your way. And if you couple that with some other jobs, then you will definitely be making some good profit Replacing, you know a faucet. Like I said super easy as long as you know The supply valves will close and then they’ll open up correctly and you won’t have any issues then everything will be great you know if if you do encounter a supply valve that that Closes, but then won’t open again or won’t close at all Then you may need to upsell replacing that that angle stop supply valve which again will require some more specialized skill Which will get you some high profit There the fifth most profitable handyman job that I would say and I’ve definitely gotten into this within the last year is dryer vent cleaning now dryer vent cleaning is something that most homeowners do not think of I mean I’ve cleaned so many vents for homes that are 20 plus years old. They’ve never done their dryer vent clean They never even thought about it but then they heard from a friend that I did it for one of their friends and and they called me up and they I Didn’t even know I needed to clean my dryer vent can you come take a look at it and sure enough, you know, the hole is like You know shrunk down to nothing because it’s just covered in dryer vent So this is a very easy sell because it’s really a fire hazard if people don’t know about their dryer vent and don’t know that It needs to be clean it can it can cause a huge fire down the road? So it’s definitely something that they want to get take care of cleaning The dryer vent is a fairly easy operation to do Probably the hardest is to get up on the roof and take off the cover Some of the covers are riveted on so you may need to grind off the rivets Pull that off and put it back on with some self-tapping screws That would probably be the hardest part of the whole equation and then You know getting the the part for that The tool for that is just going to Home Depot or Lowe’s and getting a dryer vent cleaning kit and then you hook that up to your cordless drill And you just get going on that so it’s a fairly easy thing. I would say it definitely qualifies for the maximum profit Equation because it is Lowell red has no materials other than maybe a self-tapping screw if your caps are riveted if they’re not strapped into place and they’re riveted then you’ll need to Do a self tapping screw to hold that back on afterwards and they have specialized skill definitely because when people think of their their dryer vent Going up through the roof. They don’t even want to mess with that. They don’t even want to go up on the roof They don’t want to clean it. They don’t know how to grind the rivets off They don’t know how to unstrap the cover depending on what kind of cover you have so it’s very specialized skill to go in there handle that and take before and after pictures and Even flow test it if you have the capability And show them that this was your fire risk before and now this is your fire risk now, which is almost none So it’s definitely something that can definitely make you money If you haven’t looked into the dryer vent cleaning, I would highly recommend you do that the sixth most profitable handyman job that I would say is Mounting TVs to a wall a lot of people these days are going to flat screen TVs. They’ve been around forever And they’re putting them up on walls. And this is a very easy job to do you just find some studs? You know put it in there with the mount. Usually the amount is supplied by the customer to match their TV If not, you can get some fairly inexpensive ones as well But yeah mounting a TV is is fairly inexpensive and then if they want to have you put wires in the wall That is something else that you can upsell and offer that as well Just you know putting some electrical outlet up there and then maybe some HDMI Cords running up there as well and that again takes specialized skill and all these jobs. They don’t take very long That’s why like I’ve said before is they all qualify for the maximum profit equation? so mounting TVs is number six, so number seven of the most of the maximum profit as a handyman job Would be clearing clogged sinks. So like pee traps and things like that, you know, maybe maybe a shower That is clogged and you know you pull up the cap and you find a whole bunch of dog hair in there and you pull it out or Human hair depending on if they watch their dog in there or not I was I did one the other day where someone they had a big old white huge dog And they washed their dog in their shower and it was just full of it. So cleaning that out fair very simple to do It’s kind of gross There’s actually a video on YouTube of a guy showing you how to do it And I think it’s a spook video where you pulled out all this hair and you just start Starts like gagging all over the place. It’s pretty funny. But so it’s kind of nasty stuff, but it really pays off well Cleaning out drain lines like that something simple, you know things that are just just easy, you know Maybe it’s clogged by hair or so for whatever, you know, and also cleaning out p-traps of sinks I mean in a bathroom of people don’t clean out their p-traps, they don’t clean out their little pop-up valves I mean if you look around the pump of valve and you see a lot of you know Soap scum and things like that you need to you know unscrew underneath the sink and pull that puppy valve out and then you can take the p-trap off and clean all that out and The sink is going to run a hundred times better than it did before so that’s going to be a huge testament to your work Right there and the customers are gonna absolutely love it So that’s gonna build in your profit in your reputation right there and again cleaning out drains I mean that’s another thing that fits into that because it has the low overhead which is very little to none. No Materials needed for that job. It’s all just getting your hands dirty, but I love the quote from Mike Rowe He said some people clean poop for a living But the thing that they always tell me is poop washes off at the end of the day I mean that’s the biggest thing for a plumber is poop washes off and In the end of the day you make a good honest living So that is number seven for the most profitable handyman job number eight for the most profitable handyman job would be gutter cleaning gutter cleaning I mean a lot of people think that that’s a very rudimentary job and A lot of people maybe they think that they are above that but really gutter cleaning is a service that you gotta offer I mean, we’re handymen we’re all-around service men and gutter cleaning is something that is essential because if you don’t do it if customers don’t do it their gutters are gonna rot and they’re Gonna a whole bunch of stuff going on down the road So it’s very important to do and a lot of times people, you know, they’ll call you up when they have gutters that are leaking You know over the top and they need they needed to get cleaned So they’ll give you a call and they want you to clean their gutters So it’s definitely something that is very important to do and it’s very easy to do as well You can clean, you know, you could clean a one-story house, you know 1200 square feet You could clean it in probably about a half an hour and make make some good money on that That is something that can bring you a lot of profit because again, it doesn’t require any Parts or materials. All right. So gutter cleaning was most profitable job number eight so most profitable job number nine is replacing electrical outlets and light switches now again, this falls back to the ceiling fan and light fix and Light fixture replacement is when people see electrical they don’t want to touch it They want to leave to someone who is certified and understands what they’re doing so again I would say this is For people who truly understand electricity and how it works how to properly connect an outlet and a light switch but it’s very simple because you can pick up an outlet and a light switch very cheap at the local hardware store and make some good profit while you install that because it does require a lot of specialized skill to do that electrical and it really doesn’t require that much that much material to do it and people Homeowners are gonna really enjoy because they’re gonna call you everything Okay, this outlet doesn’t work or this light switches and working or it’s sparking when I turn it on and off Can you do something about it? And you go in there you replace it in say 10 minutes and you make some good money So that is number nine So number 10 the most profitable handyman job is I would say is is repairing a leaning fence post So when customers call me up in there, they’re you know Two or three of their fence posts are leaning because they’re rotting at the bottom I mean, there’s always multiple options that you can do You can either you know Tear that part of the fence down and replace those pull those posts out and you know dig it out with concrete Put new posts in put new cement in and then put the whole fence back together Well, what I always offer is putting in galvanized posts next to the fence will support each rotten fencepost now this this may have an aesthetic issue if people are worried about how it’s going to be looking then I obviously go with what I mentioned before is actually replacing the 4×4 post but but if they just want a quick cheap fix I recommend a galvanized post and actually you can offer this this service inexpensive to the customer, but actually gives you quite a bit of profit because it’s a whole lot cheaper than actually tearing down the whole fence and Putting in new posts new 4×4 wooden posts you just put in galvanized clothes next to them it saves them a lot of money, but it’s also pretty profitable for you because all you have in it is the galvanized posts the Anchors and then the cement to go along with that. So it’s really not that much materials it does require specialized skill because you’re definitely putting those in and I mean before Their fences like this and when you are done their fence is going to be straight So they’re definitely going to notice and they’re going to love the work that you do on their fence So that kind of sums up my 10 most profitable. Hangman jobs And again, if you guys like this video, please give it a thumbs up I’m working on my next video Which is going to be the 10 least profitable handyman jobs, and if you guys have any ideas of what those jobs might be Please leave those in up in the comment section below. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on that and again I’m going to be using the equation that maximum profit equals low overhead plus specialized skill So in next video next Friday We’re going to talk about the 10 most least profitable handyman jobs that you can do as a handyman So, thank y’all so much for tuning in please share this video with your friends and family that would enjoy this content and Anyone that you think would leave me a comment in the comment section below and like this video Thank you all so much for tuning in and I hope you guys have a fantastic day

90 thoughts on “Handyman Profit / Top 10 Most Profitable Handyman Jobs / JOBS THAT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY

  1. I have done well doing drywall repair,especially working with electricians and plumbers doing re wires and re pipes

  2. In the toilet repair/replace topic, I think providing an upgrade option for a dual-flush retrofit would be a solid project, especially for an apartment building or school with many toilets. The kits cost around $35 I think.

  3. My top 10 – your criteria – Many Real service calls every month. Rental homes
    $42 to $74 in under 15 minutes, under $10 in parts.

    #1 Dripping outdoor faucet. Parts 2 cent washer, Labor 2 minutes, Invoice $42

    #2 Stuck Disposal…………….. Parts $0, Labor 3 minutes, Invoice $42

    #3 Flipped Breaker……………. Parts $0, Labor 1 minute, Invoice $42

    #4 Flipped GFI …………………. Parts $0, Labor 2 minutes, Invoice $42

    #5 Recode Garage Door Remote – Parts $0, Labor 4 minutes, Invoice $48

    #6 Toilet/sink clog…………….Parts $0, Labor 5 minutes, Invoice $56

    #7 Locked Out, Pick/Bump Lock, Parts $0, Labor 7 minutes Invoice $56
    #8 Glass Patio Door off Track, Parts $0, 10 Labor minutes, Invoice $65
    #9 Leaking water valve…. … Part $7, Labor 12 minutes, Invoice $74
    #10 Ties– Installing PeepHole in Front doors, Garage Door Lock, Lock Changes,
    Testing Electric Stove Problems, Setting HW Heater Thermostats, Changing Air Filters.
    Installing Smoke Detectors, Wireless Doorbells.

  4. Galvanized Posts. I have a way to cone one end and then drive them in 24 inches deep with a steel post pile driver made for farm work. No digging or cement needed. However, the most Fence profit comes from charging $17 a linear foot for Time and Materials for all new posts and panels, plus $2 a linear foot for disposal of old fencing and posts. $19 a linear foot equals $1,900 for a 100' of fencing. Massive profit for a day's work. Gates are also very profitable.

  5. Alan, You must not do a lot of work in old homes. Electrical in old homes with old BX cable is a nightmare especially since it's almost guaranteed that the walls/ceilings are going to be plaster and the j-boxes are usually packed full of crumbly wires that are all black or have about 1/2" of slack. Plumbing is also much tougher in old homes (nothing like pulling a toilet and seeing half the flange rusted out or the angle stop that won't shut off) as are homes with fancy plumbing fixtures as those parts are not going to be in stock (a lot of proprietary parts) and usually have to be ordered. I like your advice if you're talking about houses built post 80's as the work is much easier because it's more standardized. I almost exclusively work on old homes and let me tell you bro, ain't no easy profit on any of those things. BTW I'm surprised you left off hardware swaps (locks, door hinges, closers, cabinet hinges & pulls, towel bars etc.). Fairly simple work that doesn't require much in tools or materials.

  6. Can't do anything electrical like ceiling fans, or plumbing like changing a faucet as a handyman, unless you can deal with being fined $10.000.00 and spend up to a year in jail. Been threatened multiple times by licensed trades.

  7. Troll Christopher Mrozinski

    My skill is in one thing: Making money. The world is full of homeowners, renters, realtors, and property managers who desperately want to give me reasonable money for solving their issues NOW. Not waiting on some screwed up skilled tradesman to break it off in them.
    Today a homeowner called, very desperate. She is going to keep a small, $1,200 purebred, dog for a month, starting today. Her back yard fence was not secure to prevent escaping, or thieves stealing. Do you think it was unreasonable for me to charge $100 Labor for me to drop everything, rush over and professionally secure her yard in 45 minutes? I think not.

  8. Well, the comments seem to prove that this was a silly exercise.
    At least you got a thousand views off the click bait title.
    It's pretty clear that the guys making profit would make it regardless of the particular job.
    The rest are scrounging around on social media, Craigslist, or Home Adviser type ripoffs trying to get work, or into the business.

  9. Thanks Alan, good video. As per the comment below; I suspect there is a different list in older homes; but generally I agree with your list.

  10. Sorry, I disagree with you at 0:35 The profit from your labor can be significantly increased by adding the materials profit. A 10-15% markup is easily justified and adds to your bottom line. Nice job on the video!

  11. I'm a professional Plasterer – Painter (Compagnon du Devoir) here in France, and I make "ok" money … but I know an Electrician who I met on the job who was never in my way, nor was I in his, and we got along very well, recommending him for jobs on my sites and him recommending me to his clients.
    I remember going out for lunch one day with him as we were on the same site, and I mentioned that he was never there for long, he said "yeah, I got busy days" and went along to explain exactly what the majority of his jobs were:
    Replacing light bulbs, sockets, testing fire alarms … he told me it's jobs that only take him 10 minutes tops and at the end of the day he's usually pulling between 600€ to 1000€ /day !!

    Like honestly, wtf ! xD
    Whilst I'm happy if I can make 120€ in the day (because my jobs are long ones, so I quote for the amount of days it takes).

    I'm considering becoming a handyman, and also offer my professional plastering and painting work too.

  12. 4:10 installing new wiring & outlets requires an electrical license if you are getting paid to do it in somebody's house. Electricity is a trade that you go to school for 5 years and apprentice for 8k hours, take a test to get your journey person license. @ that point you can only work for a master electrician not on your own. My state requires 2 years of journey person experience before allowing to test for master. So…..yeah it's not a hobby

  13. Nice video buddy, I’ve built homes, build-outs on many businesses, done a lot and clearly you know what your talking about. Pro

  14. First, $85hr , Always Service Call Minimum . Learn to wright and give invoice for Estimate, if any changes add extra time and material . You start( well what do you want to pay me, Your screwed and should not be in the Business, They simply do sue/ Be ready.

  15. Brilliant video brother.. You have me thinking about doing handyman work. I have done several of these tasks, for other people.

  16. I'm sure you've covered this before and I know rules are different in different places, but what licenses do you have? In TN we have a home improvement license available. Do you have specific (electric, plumbing) licenses? Starting my own business very soon. Leaving a cushy State job that's killing me to be a full-time handyman. Thanks, brother.

  17. All you guys saying leave the specialized trades to the licensed Tradesman well I'm in Texas and a homeowner can hire whoever they want to do whatever they want him to do the only trade that is specialized that excludes everyone except for that specialize trades is HVAC you have to have a license to buy the refrigerant if you can Plum if you can run wire more power to you hey my customer benefit from me doing that work because if I'm out painting and they have an issue with the faucet or something electrical and I feel comfortable doing it I'll charge him half of what a licensed plumber or electrician would charge and that guarantees a customer for life what's up with that rock on handyman Rock on

  18. you went on and on for 17 minutes and said almost nothing. this post should have been a two minute video. how about making a video like this. change a toilet charge $75.00 because…, or change a toilet, charge $125.00 because…. and so on. in other words try not to ramble and get straight to the point. give an average, or a range in pricing and tell us why. if you do that, you would be sharing some real knowledge, but to say that, the most profitable jobs requires few parts, and are mostly skill labor is not saying anything we don't already know.

  19. GReat tips, I started a dryer vent business years ago. ( I'm a fireman) and I did pretty good. No one thinks about that dryer vent

  20. I’m pretty handy around the house and I’ve done everything you mentioned. And I know how difficult it may or may not be. Yes,you may have specialized skills, but that doesn’t mean some unethical person taking advantage of someone and price gauging them. I know when someone is trying to screw me over. Many unethical guys out there. Good video.

  21. Hi Lee, great channel!! I do great work and please clients but get little referrals, any suggestions? Below is my website.

    Mr. Ken

  22. I'm curious to know what liscence your referring to that u have in the video? And another question is, are u pulling a permit when u do those ceiling fans in sacramento?

  23. WOW!! Dryer vent cleaning. These professionals are familiar with the biggest fire risks and can help you prevent clogs as well as eliminate any existing ones. On average, a professional dryer vent cleaning will cost anywhere from $90 to $160, depending on the severity of the clog.

  24. Arent these the beginner jobs? Lol ive done most of these just because my dad told me to. Nothing like free labor i guess.

  25. On the rivets you can also drill them out with a cordless drill a little quieter and simple. 3/16 drill bit works perfect

  26. Didn't watch the answers yet. But a guess would be locksmithing. Very few parts required besides basic locksmith tools, ability to rekeying, master, and fit new locks that are compatible with the other old locks. Happy customer every time… at least the way I do it.

  27. I'm sorry but people don't want to pay a handyman any good money when you're able to build a house that's where the money is

  28. you obviously have not replaced an outlet in an old house, ie… they have push pin connections that have multiple wires that are not labelled! So you have to buy extra multi-wire connections!; to accomplish the job!

  29. You are completely off-base. “Materials” are not overhead items dragging down your “profit” they are a cost of goods that should be the SOURCE OF your mark-up from cost and thus a MAJOR SOURCE OF your profit. If you’re not marking up the materials you use -or at least recovering their cost (and I don’t mean what you spend at HomeLowes , it also takes time and knowledge to procure anything) you’re just working for wages. Seriously you need some basic business 101 background before presenting yourself as an expert.

  30. In our area sac/folsom, like what do you charge for replacing an angle stop? I've had them become little nightmares on two occasions.

  31. im sorry but i don't quite agree and it would have been more informative if you had given the prices you are charging for the jobs

  32. Just as an aside, it is inaccurate to assert that 'all of it is profit from your labor.' Labor is NOT profit; it is expenditure of time, learning and skill. You EXPEND these things; you GIVE them to another in EXCHANGE for compensation of your expended time, learning and skill. You do not 'profit,' you are simply 'made whole.' And the value of your time learning and skill is simply a calculus equal to what you are paid for it. The government may view you as personally worthless, but that, like many things they assert, is a lie.

  33. Poop is not brown but green!!!! Back in the 70's I worked for a sewer repair company, I was paid $17-23 per hour plus two meals a day and a hotel room. I was single and did not have any rent. So working 40-60 hours a week most of my pay was pure profit, did not even have a car. I had a BMW motorcycle which fit in the back of the company truck along with my partners Harley. What a blast we worked the whole Northeast and were one of the few companies that could inspect, clean and seal sewer lines without digging them up, high tech back then, the cctv head was $1500, now with remote control about 600.00

  34. what do you do when the job your estimating is more then $500. Honey do list can add up quick. I have struggled with this stupid law for years. I think its ridiculous that are state put a cap on how much we can charge. Its ok for a contractor that has a license to over charge clients for services. For example I was called to a home to give a estimate to do some landscaping. I bid the job for $3000. The client got three different quotes from three different businesses. I didnt get the job. The client went with a contractor that had a contractor license and paid them $18,000. I was going to go off the detailed layout for the yard that the client had. The work I do is top notch, im just as good or most times better at producing quality work then most of these so called contractors. I just dont get why people think that just because these contractors have a license that there work is better. I realize that home owners want the reinsurance, that if the work done poorly, they want to be able to sue the contractor. I just cant get over that they were willing to pay $15,000 more just for that piece of mind. I have insurance, a business license, great references, I have all the equipment and the manpower. I am horrible at bidding jobs. I have always been worried about the $500 a job law. If you can give me your insight and share with me how you get around it, I would be most grateful. My name is Clint and my cell number is 916-798-0791

  35. im not sure how long u been in the business. but after watching a few of ur videos. i see ur craftsmanship is really good. u look young but u are very professional about ur work and u have a great attitude . u will go far my freind. i liked, subscribed and smashed the bell !!

  36. Hey Alan, I was just wondering why you don't make money off parts. In my line of work if we have an account somewhere we get parts for a discounted price and then sell them for retail.

  37. Are we counting roof repairs as a handyman job? If so that’s very profitable. Simple 30 minute fix can charge upwards of $500 with low material costs- now I watch video to see

  38. 1. Toilet repair/replace
    2. Ceiling fan replacement
    3. Replacing a light fixture
    4. Replacing a Faucet
    5. Dryer vent cleaning
    6. TV wall mount
    7. Clearing clogged drains/sinks
    8. Gutter cleaning
    9. Replacing electrical outlets & light switches
    10. Fence post repair

  39. "Dryer vent cleaning"

    Also replace all of the soft, flexible pipes with the rigid ones. The soft ones are a fire hazard and aren't up to code in many places.

  40. Are these things also the most common? Half this stuff is stuff I do when I move into a new apartment. I hate loose electrical outlets ?

  41. For rotted fence posts, I use an old auger bit to drill the rot out of the cement, if used, vacuum out the hole fill it with light grit cement and shove an fence pipe into it. Digging in California can suck, removing old cement ball is a pain. If you live in an area with DG soil, I start the hole with a dirt bar and digger, enough to hold about 5lbs of ice. Fill it with ice and come back the next day to dig. Or dig after some heavy rain or snow has thoroughly wet the ground.

  42. And for crying out loud….take time and clean up after yourself! I talk to people who hire out work and complain about service men who leave a mess in their homes.
    Another great video! Thanks for sharing!

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