Handmade Metal Bender – Metal Bending Tool

Handmade Metal Bender – Metal Bending Tool

Handmade Metal Bender This is my loop bender that I use for bending loops for spurs loops for spurs for the hangers it can be called a staple or a brad I call it a loop 3/6″ diameter material that is cut 3″ in length I have this metal bender that I handmade you can either cold bend or hot bend your metal loops here is a loop that I bent cold there’s another way to do this by applying a little bit of heat with a heating torch on each corner on each corner to help the loop to bend very distinctly bring the bender back makes a little
crisper bend or a cleaner bend The cold bend is just fine but if you want a little crisper bend you can use a little bit of heat in each corner handmade metal bender (DIY) here I will demonstrate how to bend using a small heat torch made by Victor it bends real easy with heat then put a little heat on this corner like that just enough to get it hot sometimes I use a small ball peen to tap one side down to even the piece up handmade metal bender sure saves a lot of time and is pretty easy to make and will last for many years Thanks for watching and you are welcome to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I would appreciate a Thumbs Up! Bruce Cheaney Handmade Metal Bender

18 thoughts on “Handmade Metal Bender – Metal Bending Tool

  1. Thank you for sharing ..That is a nice handmade tool I like to make handmade items They are better than store bought and sometimes you have to make one of a kind things for special jobs

  2.  Great video. Thanks!
     Now- Get busy and make a video of you making a saddle or spurs and/or such.
     We want to see a rare craftsman at work.

  3. great tip Bruce I really like all your leather tooling videos I just couldnt comment because of the change Google had made  but I took the time to change it today and it looks like it might work now. Im just starting out with leather but I like your spur Ideas also. Mike

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