[GTAW] Tig welding ER70s-2 vs ER70s-6 티그와이어비교영상 오해와진실!!!

[GTAW]  Tig welding ER70s-2 vs ER70s-6 티그와이어비교영상  오해와진실!!!

Hello this video
er70s-22 and er70s-6 We prepared two kinds of TIG welding wires
If you’ve been watching my video for the er70s-2 You must have heard
If you know before the video first, I had a war with someone in the past
Um … In my video, In the wide gap welding method video
er70s-2 wire has a lot of different melt pool He has 30 years of self-proclaimed welding experience
While introducing myself as b pressure welder Tig molten pool is no different from Korea … Rather, it is because the material of the pipe is different. I write that the Sun Mudang is catching people
I have no experience and do business with YouTube I remember mocking someone who deleted all the comments and disappeared at some point.
According to his logic, the melt paste on the 70 series welding wire Everything is similar ie !!
The chemical composition of the welding wire has little effect of welding I’m talking
Now, how are these two welding wires different? Let’s take a look First, the chemical composition of er70s-2
Well, … tasso, nickel, manganese, copper, silicon Molybdenum, phosphorus, vanadium, sulfur, cooper, are included
You can check Next is the chemical composition of the er70s2 welding wire.
Similar to er70s6 Titanium, zirconium and aluminum have been added So these three added er70s2 welding wires
welding wire to er70s6 What molten pool is created during welding and how is it different
Let’s check with the video I have a 2 inch pipe
One side is er70s6 The other side is going to weld with er70s2 welding wire.
Tech also put tech with each welding wire Pipes have ewp pipes and seamless pipes
Well, these two pipes have different uses. Also, the weldability of these two pipes is slightly different but it’s almost similar. Um … I think
During the manufacturing process rather than the components of the pipe There is a little difference
I guess the iron’s properties have changed a bit. ewp pipe is a general steel pipe.
Yin Yang Fong Piping The manufacturing process is made by welding iron plate
In the welding practice It is a common pipe
If you look closely inside the pipe You can see that the string is long and that’s the weld seam
Um … Conversely, the seamless pipe It’s literally a pipe without a core. More expensive than ewp pipe
Well … I’m using a boiler tube or a heat exchanger I know it’s used in petroleum, chemistry,
If you are curious about the manufacturing process on YouTube, Search
it will help I’m going to use nozzle 6
100 amp, argon gas pressure is about 25 and tungsten length is I used about 9 ~ 10mm
Now … let’s start with the er70s6 welding wire. Er70s6 welding wire
It’s like the molten pool you know. The molten pool follows well in the direction of tungsten
Molten glue also sticks from side to side Molten pool also
Muddy and clear and clean Prior to that, the flagship er70s2 in Canada
I used it a lot lately More and more places use er70s6 welding wire There are many kinds of good for carbon wire depending on the usage.
starting with er70s6 er70s2, er70s3, er70sg etc … At the end-the number behind it represents the chemical composition of the electrode er e stands for electric rod
r means it can be used for GTAW or plasma arc welding 70 is the tensile strength. S is the solid wire. This is the end of er70s6 root pass welding
This time we will weld with er70s2 welding wire I’m going to use No. 6 nozzle as before Tungsten also the same 9-10mm as before
Gas pressure and amp will also be used as before. er70s2 is the wire that appeared every time in my video Compared to 70s6
The welding wire feels a lot stronger So if you push the welding wire out of the root surface, There is such a phenomenon that back bead is not formed. And even in narrow gap welding, the weldability is not very good.
First of all, the molten pool is very cloudy There are a lot of foreign objects and if you use electricity very quickly, it will come out well.
Maybe because I couldn’t weld I couldn’t catch the foreign substance on the root dish.
Also, the melt pool does not form well I feel like I’m falling back.
Above all, the molten pool does not follow tungsten well. I see arc tipping
At the same speed as 70s6 When the same amount is wired, the size of 70s -2 root bead
There is a feeling of being made lower Now the welding is almost done
70s6 and 70s2 surface beads How a Root Path Is Created
I’ll check it out This is the part welded with er70s-6 welding wire As you can see, the surface beads You can see that it is stable
Now We welded with er70s2
compared to er70s6 At a glance how different the surface beads are, Do you look messy and a lot of surface beads?
character!! How do you look? Well …
There is nothing to say if there is no difference between welding electrodes used in Korea. er70s2 Root Pass
The root path shape is two welded wires There is no big difference. But when you wired the same There is a feeling that the er70s2 welding wire is made with a lower route path. Now let’s check the er70s6 route pass
There is no difference Well … to find the difference er70s6 makes the root bead more beautiful. In all respects, the er70s6 wire is more weldable in all respects than the er70s2.
How did you find it helpful? In the next video, we’re going to
Let’s see how the capping beads are different

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  1. 와우! 컨텐츠 죽이네.
    정말 용접사들을 위한 영상만 만드는군요. 70s2 어려워 요 어려워!
    다음영상 기대합니다.

  2. 영상. 내용. 주제.설명. 모든게 너무 좋네요. 정독 했습니다.ㅎㅎ
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  4. 용접 30년 안해봐서 잘은모르겠지만 개인적으로는 특히 스라스라 물이 붙는 느낌이 다르고 물이 잘 안눌리는것같습니다…. 똥물도 확연히 많이 차오르고요… 갭이 좁다면 더 큰 차이를 느낄수 있었던것같습니다. 70s 2랑 6가 용접성에 차이 없다는 분의 의견은 도저히 납득이 안가지만… 용접 30년 못해봤으니 더는 드릴 말씀도 없네요.

  5. 방금 AWS 포럼에서 확인한 결과 70s 6의 경우 실리콘 성분이 더 많이 첨가가 되었기때문에 용접풀의 유동성(Fluidity)이 더욱 우수하다고 설명하네요. 그래서 툭히 pulse 용접이나 크레이터를 자주 반복하는 용접시 70s 6가 권고되어진다 하네요… 한국이 70s 6의 비중이 큰 이유가 설명이 되구요. 북미쪽은 아무래도 크레이터 사용이 굉장히 드물기에 따로 70s 6가 권고되지는 않는거죠. 하지만 북미쪽에서도 펄스용접시에는 별도로 70s 6사용이 QC에 의해서 권해지는 이유 또한 설명이 됩니다. 결론적으로 용접풀 형성자체가 70s 2가 까다롭다는것이 AWS(미국용접협회)의 기본 입장인겁니다.

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