[GTAW]티그키홀용접/TIG WELDING/티그용접/Tig kyehole welding

[GTAW]티그키홀용접/TIG WELDING/티그용접/Tig kyehole welding

Hello This video is a keyhole welding method video. There are several ways to keyholes, but one way. When I make this weaving, when the keyhole is made, I will put the fillets on both sides. Electricity was 130 amps, Ceramic 8 tungsten used 3.2mm, and 2.4mm was used. Personally, I think this method is the easiest way for beginners to follow. As with all welds, you see and see Practice is a lot of help. Not to push the wire unconditionally during welding. When the tungsten melts the side firmly and the keyhole is made Um … so when the side is definitely melted and the hole is pierced A molten pool is formed on the base material. At that time, if you slightly push the filler over the melting pool, the filler will naturally suck. If you do not push the filler gently, I feel like I’m feeling something Or the melting paste, and then it goes out toward the surface. The impingement is due to the bead height, the height of the molten pool is not constant The supply of the filler is constant, but the feeling of the molten pool grows. If you feel like this, you have to stop welding because the bead is not made properly. If this happens, the root side will always have problems. If you feel that the spoil does not get sucked in and gets caught The bead side may undercut or the root surface may not be welded. If the melting pool becomes larger or the melting pool to be formed on the lower surface side is toward the surface The beads are naturally concave and the tungsten sticks to the molten pool. How to make the back bead uniformly when keyhole welding is done Supply of the filler is also important, but how to weld while keeping the keyhole size constantly. The size of the keyhole, the shape, and the shape of the back bead vary greatly depending on the wire feeding method. Therefore, if the keyhole is small, the backside bead will be made small and narrow If the keyhole is too large, the bead will be made large and wide. The difference is slightly different depending on the wire feed and weaving speed pitch interval. Therefore, those who practice keyhole welding, It will be helpful to practice the method of keeping the keyhole constant when welding. Now this is an explanation of how to do the control when the keyhole gets too big. There will be some people who are embarrassed because the keyhole is too big unintentionally when welding. In this case, the electricity is too high or the weaving is not constant, Or if the wire supply is not constant and the melt pool is insufficient, or the improvement angle of the base material is improved. If the keyhole is made large during welding, stop the welding and reduce the amount of heat input to the base material. There is a method of re-welding, and there is a method of welding by lowering electricity. If the control is a keyhole of a size that is as big as possible, increase the size of the weaving and make the pitch interval a little bigger, and the molten pool will be stable immediately. Alternatively, you can use a TIG switch to reduce the heat input. But if the keyhole is already too big, Weaving is big. You need to supply more wires than usual. The hole is already bigger, so you need that much stuff to fit it in. There are so many variables in welding. Welding is not a skill you can learn from practicing once or twice As if there was a difference between the person who did the welding and the person who did not experience the welding There is a distinction between those who have often seen how to weld and those who have not. I think it will be helpful if you look at it with your eyes first and practice it. There are countless welding methods in welding. Also, welders have different welding styles. Welding should be applied well. If you apply it and transform it into mine and transform it, it becomes your own know-how and technology. The video I prepared today is here. If you click on the subscription and liked, you can watch many other videos that I made. Thank you for watching.

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  1. 먼저 제영상을 기다려 주신분들께 죄송하다는 말 전하겠습니다.
    영상 업로드 하면서 예약알림 설정해뒀는데
    자고 일어나보니 컴퓨터가 다운되어서 영상 업로드가 안돼있었네요..ㅠㅠ
    다시한번 사과드리겠습니다.

  2. 선배님 좋은영상 감사합니다!
    1.와이어는 찍어줄때 제외하곤 들어가지않는건가요
    2.키홀 용접은 어떨때 사용하나요
    3.반키홀용접은 키홀용접이랑 차이가어떤건지 궁금합니다 !

  3. 아….제가 생각하고 했던거랑 많이 틀려서 많이 배웠습니다양쪽으로 턱턱 줄거라는 생각을 못했네요…
    고정관념이라는게 이렇게 무서운거였네요…
    오늘도 또 배워갑니다…맨날 고급기술 배우고 눈호강하고 가서 민망하네요;;;;
    용접이 잘될때랑 안될때 현상을 설명해주셔셔 많은 도움이 됐습니다
    저같이 저기량이 볼때 정말 고맙습니다

  4. 영상감사합니다 한가지 질문 드려도될까요? 300A 서스 용접을 해야되는데 퍼지할 상황이 못 됩니다… 이면비드 산화되지않게 용접 할방법이있을까요..?

  5. 행님 베벨각 엄청 작고 갭 겁나 타이트 할때 2g나 오버헤드 구간에서 별짓을 다해도 빽이 안나오는데 용접 접을까요? 눌러도 떼워보고 반키홀도 해보고 키홀도 따봤는데 다 소용없네요.

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