Grader Attachment for Tractor | Ashok Metal Works Vidisha | John Deere 5075 4×4

Hello Friends I Am Dushyant Jain I am The Owner of “ASHOK METAL WORKS” And I Like to Introduce My Main Product “Grader attachment for Tractor” This is Our Product Called “Gradere Attchment for Tracctor” It used for Road Making It is Very useful Product for Constructors We Make It in 2 Models Single pin and Double Pin Single Pin Model We Attached it in front of the tractor We Use this 80mm induction Hydrate Pin Our Second Model is Double Pin Model Just as the single pin model is added to the front of the tractor, The same way connects the double pin model to the tractor both side of Clutch housing In Our Both Models We Have 2 Types of Model 7 Lever and 8 Lever These 2 types of Model we make in Both Models Single as well as Double Now I Like to Introduce Features of our Grader we Have Provided This is called dozing Blade This is Hydraulic Cylinder for it It is used to Break Big Heap of High Points Here is the Second Feature of Our Grader This is Grading Blade for Road Making Operations These 2 Cylinders used for Camber in which we can do 6 % camber And These 2 Cylinders are used for Rotating Grader Blade and here the Third Cylinder used for shift blade assembly in both Sides This is an another Cylinder inside the Blade To Shift Blade both the side Here is an another Important Feature Which Used by Our 8th Lever That is here By Using This We Can Tilt Blade In Maximum Road Making Cases We do Laying Operations Cuting is not important in laying In These Types of Cases it very useful Feature We can tilt Blade when we do finish with help of this it is a diesel saver Feature Because of This Feature Tractor Works without any load Condition After that We Have Connected front wheals to the main staring wheal When we need sharp turn These Wheals are connected to this lever This lever will Help to Take a Sharp Turn Here is an advantage of this Model Clear View for Operator will help to making roads [ Like Camber and Cutting Operations ] Now Cameraman will show You How is the visibility of Blade Please Have a Look We Have Provided the Control Valves Both The Side of staring wheal and these are in the vicinity of operator To Operate Very Easily And It’s Looks Good

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