GOP Pres. Candidate Bill Weld: Donald Trump Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing | The Last Word | MSNBC

42 thoughts on “GOP Pres. Candidate Bill Weld: Donald Trump Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Trump is ignorant and clueless and his NSA Director, John Bolton is a war monger hoping to re-run the Lies for War scam he ran in Iraq in 2002 and 2003.

    No one can believe anything either of these people say…..and that includes Mike Pompeo as Trump's thoroughly untrustworthy Secretary of State.

  2. " Affection for John Bolton " now that's a phrase I never thought I'd hear the lord does indeed work in mysterious ways

  3. Countries with the largest known oil reserves.

    1. Venezuela
    2. Saudi Arabia

    4. Iran
    5. Iraq

    Already got Iraq, who's next. And when will the invasion of the Bonesaw choppin people up guys' country begin

  4. Adelson donated $30 million to the GOP only days after Trump tore up the Iranian treaty. How much will he donate if the US attacks Iran?

  5. Were Republicans like this at one point? Were there reasoned decisionmaking coming from a conservative point of view?? So weird…

  6. Yeah, I'm with him. Trump and his guys have been deliberately trying to provoke a conflict ever since Trump broke the nuclear deal. Back Iran into a corner with no way out, of course they will lash out. If Trump really wanted to renegotiate the nuclear deal, there were better ways to do it than trying to cripple Iran's economy. I think regime change has been Trump and Bolton's goal all along.

  7. If this guy stands a chance of taking Trump out, I’ll back him. Putin called Trump and restrained him, at the last moment? What’s the betting? . . . ?

  8. What better distraction then a nucular to take the focus off trump investigations. He is not protecting this country.

  9. Oh, I really like this man! Fiscally and socially responsible conservatism: Exactly what is required, delivered by a good, "classic" Republican!

    No more farcical moments of idiocy, no ideas which, although worthy, are beyond the grip of most Americans, but 8 years of competent, calm, intelligent and coherent governance that will really restore America's image and reality.

    America, you have got the right man now: Do your duty and elect William Weld.

    Acta est fabula! The comedy is ending, real adults, living in complete connection and harmony with real life, are about to come in and do the right thing. I particularly like that Bill Weld has real political and government experience, albeit at a minor level, and clearly is a man who will tolerate no swampiness in DC. Don't expect him to come up with slogans and twisted reality; he's not going to roam television studios to proclaim he'll drain the swamp. His record is that corruption and murky politics will get side-lined swiftly and thoroughly, with limited headline-grabbing, no modifications of the English language, just hard work. The swamp will disappear along with the "Executive time", the golfing, the violations of the law, with the Emoluments Clause and the Hatch Act as examples of a whole litany of components of American democracy that will be returned to their rightful place: front and centre. (BTW: Isn't the Emoluments Clause a group of clauses, not just the one? My studies of American politics date back to 1968…)

  10. Cheeto's ilk would love another war. Of course, they won't be fighting in it, just sitting in their trailers and watching Fox News gloating about how many brown people are being killed.

  11. It wasn't Obama's deal with Iran! That misunderstanding may be why Trump tore it up, but it was mainly an EU deal supervised by Merkel and it took years to negotiate. Over here, we're pretty sick of Trump interfering in our politics.

  12. Just love Reality TV and now Reality War! Iranian oil tastes so good, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran!!! You're all going Burn!!! drumpf biggest distraction, start a war, declares Martial Law, and ends elections. You won't have to worry about self-rule anymore! Get your favorite Corporate Flags out, it's only going to cost millions of your children!

  13. The American people should concentrate on, and vote out,every Republican in the Senate and The House who are up for reelection in 2020. They are the Problem.

  14. He gets it. Trump only emboldened the hard liners in Iran who were against the deal all along by tearing it up and proving them right! Trump made it so difficult for Iranian moderates – of which there are many. Also, the average Iranian people are separate from the crazy government – most of them don't even like the current regime! Trump is a bull in a china shop jeopardizing everything and putting lives at risk.

  15. There was a Nuclear – Peace Deal and the trump clown ruined this then the clown creates a mess and then acts like he fixes it; what a moran does not know at all what he is doing and should not be in the WH.

  16. All those warmongers on the panels want is to talk down about our president and Corrupts him. And make him go to war, our president is peace-loving person and God save our president but nothing will save the warmongers and the fake news

  17. Breaking News- Some guy suggest the possibility Donald Trump "…may not know what he is doing". More on this surprising development after the break.

  18. He was the most qualified candidate involved in 2016 and is again in 2020. I can’t wait to see them debate.

  19. Many people do NOT know that IRAN and NORTH KOREA are close on some level. Many IRANIAN Government Officials went to UNIVERSITY in NORTH KOREA.

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