Git & GitHub: Merging

Git & GitHub: Merging

So, back to kind of the GitHub workflow.
You create a branch, you make commits, you have a conversation, and maybe add some more commits. What about when it’s time to bring your changes back into master
branch? That’s when you merge your branch. Now, there’s a couple different ways to
do it. In the pull request you can merge directly on, so you would merge on the remote bringing your branch’s changes and commits onto this master
branch. You can also merge locally with ‘git
merge’. Now, merging by itself isn’t that complex of a topic but there are a lot
of different ways you can merge and some problems you can run into. We’ll get into
those in some of our next videos.

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  1. Sorry, what looks very obvious to you, isn't really obvious to most of viewers. I think everything would be much clearer if we can see examples, instead of hearing quickly about them. Good luck <3

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