Each Its JusDustin of us enough back wheel into the video now just in case you guys want an iPHone 7 Oh my gosh guys one right here. All you guys got doing videotape with wool ah It’s so good. I promise if you guys want to win it And subscribe to guinea bob on youtube All you got to do is go to the link in my description down below and enter the giveaway subscribe to my second channel more? subscribe to guinea bob on youtube Nothing, and you can end up winning yourself boom that iphone 7 but Christy Chicago with something right now I have hittin an Amazon gift code in three parts throughout this video So make sure you guys watch the whole thing you guys to win yourself a little bit of money today I got my wife take your boy on the camera and you what’s up ladies and gentlemen as you can see we are in our house and This video is one of the second videos where things could go very wrong as they previously have before things have been awesome And because of that is this ball right here Along with a whole lot busy on my part. So why are we here right now actually no idea? Let’s take this thing outside. All right guys. We are now out of the elbow kitchen, okay? We are on a nice day controlled area in the new famous Backyard sort of place where we blow up things boom we got our normal metal Bowl And we hope we’re going to get to use this guy loU this but i dont use the big metal ball Honestly this one kind of does just as much damage this one Just smashes things it holds a lot more a lot more heap – I lost my what is it? What do they call them all come on I said um it was a wrench bo a monkey wrench But it was like this one can’t fit on this boom oh This is the old G ball, and this is going to do a press, so let’s go see what we’re burning So we got some usual kind of funding supporting then we got some super explosive stuff, and it’s super super fun stuff Let me show you guys we got my favorite childhood snack baby. Bell cheese’s come you don’t look honestly I never really I need new cameramen next up we got an entire jar of Mayonnaise can we burn milk last time? That’s not mayonnaise back here. Oh wedge it. Why not the single dreams? No, it’s Naraku what we got some guys. Did you guys know I love my gummy lot better than my normally do Rihanna Lunchables because if you had lunchables as a kid you were the man dial your score, Da I definitely I definitely you were the man gid saw on the man now. I’m gonna burn it a free run You check a jar of vaseline. Why do you have that doesn’t grandma’s right hand? What do you have? What do you easily? We’re gonna start to have a little fun. Let’s go walk a ball fluffle. Most welcome bomb box a ball Yeah, somebody comment down below what this is the ends are tied together programs get what it does One thousand to be exact Matches now personally I always found golf kind of boring alright, so I figured I’d make it a little more exciting We’re going to be golfing with a thousand degree metal ball. You’re gonna. Go now let’s get this started So we got our big piece of wood here okay, but it is a little bit too long. So you know that means I was anticlimactic we need a bigger ax oh That was clean I even get a stop boom you guys like that. We got to put some nails in it and oh And just like that we have our new fresh burning based ink is the other one caught on fire multiple times before Didn’t want to bore you boom the apparatus is me we got our three torches here. We got our ball Let’s start heating it up. This is my favorite part by the way ALRIGHT this is going to take a while so go check out gunea bob on youtube and plz subscribe to him Alright. Let’s take a little while. If you don’t, we’ll be back in the meantime ban you can check out one of these videos Right here by the yeah, it’s going to be fast forwarded and just click a damn card starting to turn red Jimmy we need to burn that There is plenty left shut us to anybody whose favorite chips are sour cream pringles and are too cheap to buy the real ones So you get the great value once that’s me. Oh my God. That is red hot I always give up super hot for the first one here. We go gummy up first. Oh oh my God That was like Instantaneous wow The ball Roll came in vajura. It doesn’t even speak to it as crazy all right next up. We got some baby bell cheese We’re going in the wrapper. Whoo that’s going to cause a little flame. I’m not sponsored by the way, baby bell What change that is it you could change that oh? No, I know cold cheese is delicious. Yeah, I know this is like rock clap right here. Oh shit, Louie How is it pretty good? Yeah? Yeah a little bit of all I burn wax in it chemically paste But well not bad next to the balls real dirty right now, but nothing we can’t burn off You look like you’re a unicorn trying to hide your horn, so for safety reasons I get a mask and Sean doesn’t you’re right what the hell bro. Where’s my mask here? We go here We go versus an entire jar of Vaseline. Oh It’s holding it. Yeah. Oh, it’s melting. It’s boiling. Really. Oh sure bro Bro, bro There’s alcohol in that oh my oh my oh my face Oh, I would rather with how is battling plan war this might be the winner of the day That doesn’t smell as good as the last I think may have flammable to admit. I was flammable. I’m never eating me out again Oh my God, we trap the fly we’ll get out. Huh, you can make it get out I’m gonna save you I should just drop it on you. Let’s go out there you go. This is disgusting oh Okay, well Oh, it’s like spewing mail everywhere the mail volcano it now mayonnaise erupting the worst item why did I choose this? Is it burning through the box? Oh it should put it all over you burn a hole there It is go go go go all right. We got it back so far now This is not glowing red, but trust me. This is insanely hot we got our pringles ears all Hey to barn oh Boy, oh my gosh a little rubber Chief is the whole tan is like crazy, huh? Oh this I was a little bit boring See this is how walkable or what the ball or do I do? You know it plays because you’re about to use that yes. I am here. We go world’s most dangerous sports right here. Oh Is it it’s actually working as if it’s not me. Oh door quick throw quick. It’s like hot potato you ready ready. Oh Yeah, that burn hole right here. Oh, I could you bro. What do you say? No more this next all right strong. So where we go next I was a lunchable. God back in elementary I would never let me get these, but I would do deals at school And I would make sure somehow that I got myself a piece of lunch well You got service in tomato sauce first squirt a little you can’t go too much so redness around with that with it It’s been in your car for a long time This is what they did to the choice of schreyer disappointment you guys yeah, we gotta get sponsored all right s’matter Awesome, man. I need you guys to comment down below whether you like the pepperoni over top of the cheese or under the cheese I’m over the top of you you gotta know you’re eating it much mystery for me, man. I agree It’s 3:00 or go home now. It’s time to cook it I just want to get that cheese nice and narrow let’s heat up. These pepper a little bit brule this Isa real quick Yo, hat is this a good lunchable and our very big browns ago, but for what this is amazing. I like that well done Thanks t some access here. We go someone matches Let’s get it like we’re outside for this one last time we were in my house it puts the ceiling o1 whoa, oh My God, we kept water water what uh? That take that take right there. There’s water and I said yeah, yeah, grab me grab it wife ordered it hurry up hurry up. Oh Row row Row, well, we’re done in though. I didn’t know I bought it with water Water water. Oh, I don’t know where’s actually here. There’s water here this water here. Oh my gosh Voila oh My God read the signs before you use this Danger know you reason why I like the clothes you’re the one who picked it out your glider So I can’t either and I say I’ll pick it up. Now. You should have read it upward. I’m rick lowe Thank you. It remake me in my own video yet it I could have died at it. I respect that We’ve been working real hard and most people say when you work real hard you go play some golf afterwards I’ve never heard that in my whole life now Maybe you guys do that. I don’t do that. I don’t do that now. Well, we’re going to play golf anyways I bought a golf club, and I want to waste my money give it like this they reach down and then they do this Marking Category What’s the best approach? We’re not going through too much distance here so might be but the iron exam people too, heavy ball. That’s rich Now you’re not in it you’re not in the sand right now. You need if the temple you need power And the only club you have is a driver, so I’m going to say driver driver it is ha ha ha All right, thank you by the way guys. That’s a wood t. So we’ll see what happens. Oh Yeah, that’s not going to stay on the table come on Are you going to make a tea that a burning hot metal ball can sit on like seriously well It’s kind of quality is all right. Let’s go get a real tea. We had a Nut thing sort of thing here, I’m not good with these type of things. Oh, yes perfect Now went far dude holy slow Here, I don’t go very fast this was my competition, but just became competition strong. You got to beat that spot You’re act versus why you got to be? How I think I think we both deserve what? I’m doing a running scene shot as if you actually hit it far made it way further than you This is my video, so I get one more shot. I get one more shot. Oh oh So close my left ear. I’m just that’s it. I’m oh this is a pass less than talking to future Dustin We forgot the gallery. I’m a future Dustin here talking to Pass Dustin We forgot to do the gallium But don’t worry because I went and got the gallium this came from it’s your boy video look at this We got a galley a machete sword kind of giant thing We may have smite a whole ton of fruit over on his channel So I’ll leave his link in the description down below as soon as this video is over Go click that link and watch his entire video through and through because we made a banger using gallium So let’s take this and see how it holds up against a 1000 degree metal ball to one oh Oh my God instant. It’s boiling it that’s crazy. Oh my God look how easily that goes through Oh, this is how you melt gallium look at it all dripping into the cup like that. Oh My God, there’s a hole right through the bow. Oh, I like right here. I kid. Oh Gonna drop through my drops through in splash. It’s gonna drop her in splash. Oh. Oh my God. Go go go no It’s bring a hole in the Bedrock gonna put a hole through the deck. Oh gallium alert. Oh, that’s probably not yet Well that wasn’t one of our best ideas. This is the literal definition of a hot damn look at it Oh, yeah, I quit metal guys look where we’re at looking mirror. Can they see themselves and yet see the camera. Yeah That was gonna see the coolest thing guys. I’m pretty damn happy with that so even though We forgot this thing we had to come back and make sure this got done. So past Dustin back to you. Oh You guys are lucky I’m it because otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to win yourself an iPhone 7 if you guys want to win it as you guys Know go to link in my description just click all the checks akane You will most likely win yourself one of these I hope you found that out on gift cards, and I hope subscribe to my boy. It’s good boy over ladies and gentle I’m going to be giving away 56,000 iphones on my channel anyways guys make sure you guys smash that like button Okay, if you guys want to see me take that giant metal ball. I mean this metal bowl. I will rebuy the clamps okay I’ll
rebuy some bigger torches and do whatever the heck you guys want me to okay comment down below what you guys want to smash the Like button translate this video you guys know all that good stuff right? You know I always leave on


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  2. Dustin your such a fucken idiot you could have killed your self that can could of exploded and sent you straight to the emergency room and have to get skin transplants

  3. Do you ever think that you're cursing when some of your fans are kids ? I'm a kid and I don't care about it but some kids repeat those words I'm not telling you what to do but I'm just giving my opinion about it.

  4. Mega wall
    20 layers gorilla tape
    20 layers duct tape
    20 layers waxe paper
    20 layers foil
    20 layers bubble wrap
    20 layers Trex tape

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