Gas Welding: How To Gas Weld Cast Iron with a Cobra Torch from Eastwood

ok now we’re going to show you how to
repair some cast iron a lot of your exhaust manifolds intake manifolds on
your older model a Model T’s all use a cast-iron to it good forecast scales we’re going to go
ahead and preheat the cast-iron i’m going to use a number 2 tip on my torch
right here and this is going to be enough to give me a nice warm a nice big
flame to actually warm up this cast iron and then we’re going to turn it down and
make the world and i’m actually going to get the cast to start to flow and we
will blend that right in with a natural cast right now this is a foundry rod
this is actually just like the cast iron so I have an annealing in fact it’s
actually going to soften the weld and now i can well this write-up I can drill
it tapping I can machine it let’s go ahead and do a welder i’m going to just
warm the area i’m going to weld so let’s just knock the chill out of this cast
iron we use a little red borax flux for our cleaning of the casting it’s very
porous and dirty so let’s go ahead and get this warmed up it’s actually going
to turn red and get nice and hot it’s gonna start to flow when the cast itself
starts to flow i’m going to add the filler rod into the cast-iron so you can
see it now it’s starting to turn to get red I’m just starting to flow right now
what I’m going to do is warm up my rod and get some flux on it so just take
your ride later your puddle area heater up and just Dipper right down in the jar
here now I’m gonna bring that flux back and melt it right in the area i’m going
to weld now what’s going to happen this will start to flow real nice you’ll
start to see it yeah yeah and again I’m dipping and dipping out
making a nice clean puncture it flows in a nice controlled flame plenty of heat ok now we’re going to go ahead and just
post heated a little bit and we’ll take a look at it and all i want to do is I’m
having a nearly effect i’m actually softening this weld up we won’t have a
problem expansion or contraction cutting and welding we can do both on this we do
what they call a melt cut going to cut your cast-iron right with it alright we’re all set if you’re looking for a complete welding
and cutting system and one great kit that you need to check out this
promaster gas welding torch kit from eastwood it is everything you need to
cut and weld steel stainless aluminum cast iron and cast aluminum and it all
comes in one convenient carrying case you get the pistol grip torch gun that
will allow you to cut everything from thin sheet metal 21 inch thick plate you
get nine welding tips from 13,000 up to a heavy 38 cut you also get curved and
straight extensions to help you get into tight areas it comes with over-and-under
cutters the undercover will allow you to do find sheetmetal work and the over
cutter is for heavy plate you also get guide wheels for long
straight cuts it also comes with an air acetylene tip for body letting and
soldering you get cobalt blue glasses to reduce sodium flare as well as a wrench
and tip cleaner plus the instructions you need so as you can see this kit has
everything you need to cut and weld metal so if you’re looking to save some
money and get a gas welding torch kit click the button to visit
where you get more information or your own kit today

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