Garagistic: E30/E36 Brass caliper guide bushings and stainless steel brake lines

Speaker 1: Welcome to the Garagistic, your
premiere BMW online store for e30’s, e36’s, e46’s, and other classic BMW’s. Please subscribe for product updates, coupon
codes and new releases and instructions. Today we’re going to talk about brass caliper
guides. These brass caliper guides are meant to replace
the rubber caliper guides in your e30, e36, e46, and other BMW. They only fit ATE calipers, something to take
note of. On your e30 it won’t fit your girling type
caliper. This is a great upgrade. The rubber that’s usually in there actually
causes a lot of these two pieces of the caliper to actually be sloppy and actually give when
you’re breaking. There’s a lot of movement in there and it’s
something that I’m pretty sure BMW made for comfort. For [inaudible 00:00:55] applications you
basically want the best pedal feel, the least amount of unwanted movement in your calipers
assembly. The brass caliper bushings can be a great
upgrade. You pair that up with stainless steel brake
lines and you got yourself pretty much, almost fully restored braking system. You got to change the fluid and the actual
consumables. These two parts play a major role in the performance
braking of your e30, e36, and e46.

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