Gallup Surprised By All The Questions At The Combine

18 thoughts on “Gallup Surprised By All The Questions At The Combine

  1. As long as he can play ball, I don't care about what he sounds like or anything else. Just win babyyy…

  2. That’s how this lil niqqa millennials act now a days….they soft asf! I’m an 80s/90s man and my era would kick these fools ass big time! 😆

  3. Why do people think he is gay? Even if he is why TF do you care? He is living and maybe damn sure a better one than yours. So why hate?

  4. Wow I seen his highlights and thought he looked like a good player but man idk now. I don't think he's hiding it very well, he seem way to comfortable talkin like that. Ppl might get mad but shit keep it real. After a game he gon put on his shower cap, shower, put on Winnie the Pooh leggings, a sports bra and then douse himself in baby oil. He did look a lil greasy.

  5. I don't care if he sounds feminine… long as he don't shout "FRUITILICIOUS" as he steps to the field and drop passes out of fear of getting hit….I'm cool with him as the newest Dallas Cowboys WR…and based on his accomplishments…dude AIN'T no p#%@y on the field.

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