hello everyone, today I’d like to tell you about such an unusual metal as Gadolinium. Gadolinium belongs to the lanthanide series in the periodic table before Europium Gadolinium looks like an ordinary metal of gray color and it has distinctive crystal structure because of its purity this metal is extracted from monazite a mineral containing practically all rare earth metals. The final stage of extraction of the metal Gadolinium is heating up its oxide with calcium and later distilling it this metal is not that expensive one gram of Gadolinium costs about fifty cents this piece of metal was extracted by distilation that is why it has such a structure called dendrites countries that are rich in Gadolinium are China, Brazil and USA this metal has a unique property that sets it apart from all the other rare earth metals it gets attracted to magnets very well almost like ferro magnets one of which is Iron at room temperature Gadolinium is paramagnentic but if frozen to temperature below twenty degrees centigrade it becomes a ferromagnet in other words, it can get magnetized at such temperatures besides this Gadolinium can also be used to make the most effective magnetic refrigerators due to its magnetocaloric effect it means that if you put a magnet next to a piece of Gadolinium that piece of metal will heat up a little and if the magnet is set aside Gadolinium will cool of a whole machine with a spinning wheel containing ground Gadalinium can be made based on this property a wheel spins next to a permanent magnet when Gadolinium drops closer to the magnet it heats up and the heat is drowned out as Gadolinium drops farther from the magnetic field it cools off that is deprives under the system of its heat nowadays such magnetic refrigerators are the most effective and promising and also with the help of this metal you can create ultra low temperatures from which this metal can be called the coldest metal now let us consider some chemical properties of Gadolinium like other lanthanides this metal dissolves well in hydrochloric acid and forms Gadolinium chloride this compound also dissolves well in water but if add potassium cyanide it will form a greenish Gadolinium ferro cyanide sediment If sodium metavanadate is added to the solution of Gadolinium chloride a yellow sediment with an unusual structure will befold also when ground on a grinding wheel Gadolinium particles set on fire and burn producing oxide because of the metals high activity also Gadalinium dissolves well in acetic acid like other lantanites forming Gadalinium acitate which imidiately decomposes as a result of hydrolosis in water it is not ______ that if alcali or sodium hydroxide is added to the substance this reaction will produce something like jell from Gadolinium hydroxide nano particles of Gadolinium oxide can be extracted from this jell and later can be used as safe and effective magnetic contrast agent for MRI machines one of the most frquently used magnetic contrast agents is a soluble salt of Gadolinium, Gadolinium amide this compound improves the visibility of internal body structures in magnetic resonance imaging machines soluble salts of this metal are not safe for human health however insoluble oxide is safer besides medicine Gadolinium is also used in nuclear power because it absorbs thermal neutrons better than all other elements it allows us to use its compounds for controlling nuclear reactor also Gadolinium alloys such as with Iron and Cobalt for instance I used to make model high capacity hard drives in summer we can say that preservation of food is our future with a pent of Gadolinium because future refridgerators will all run on this metal if you would like to support a continues production of science videos like this one please support the channel on patreon link in the video discription please like this video and subscribe to my channel to see many more new and interesting ♪ ♪ Aaaaaaaaaaaa ♪ ♪ . 😀

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