Fuse Connex

Fuse Connex

test so today we will be testing out these Fuse Connex here they are right here. I actually picked these
up from Spirit of ’76 Fireworks They are also on Pyrodirect.com these one’s right here are 10 for $5, so they are .50 a piece, which is really kinda pricey but I still wanted to see exactly how these work because I have been eyeballing these for awhile. Here is one up close you can see it has like these teeth in
here and you are suppose to put the fuse across there and push it down in there. and then once you get it fused up, you close it. Okay so here’s the first test, it’s
just the fuse test. We have fast fuse that goes right through the middle because normally when you are fusing something up you are using fast fuse and then the two pieces of green fuse are safety fuse because that’s normally what kind of fuse is on a cake, or any other kind item so anyways once you have the fuse pushed in there you can close this up which you
can see it’s kind of… there’s these four little pieces in the middle they kind of clamp in there so there it is closed up now just by looking at these i’m going
to say that they are a one time use but after we light it we’re still going to look at
it to see if we can use it again. so after we do the fuse test, we are going to do another test I have another piece of fast fuse here i’ve two of
the kingpins here they are the silver glittering sparkle with triple
bomb. I’m going to put one on each side of that to actually shoot something off here today. After I shoot these off, we will take a closer look at them and see how they did Alright, so the first test is the fuse test so one thing i didn’t mention before was
when you put in the fuse in there you can see that i have the two kingpins hooked
up right now.. make sure to get it as far in there as you can. I mean, i’m sure if they were
further back they would still light, but just to make sure it is going to light, I
would suggest putting it up all the way to the middle fuse. Okay, so the next test is with the two
kingpins just to have a little bit of action. I’m going to have this camera up close on it and I’m actually going to try to record the effects on my phone, it’s daytime so you aren’t really going to see much but we are going to do it anyway. So, now that we have done all the tests, we are going to see if they are reusable. Well, you can definitely get them back open I know its dark and charred in there, but it looks like most of the teeth that held the fuse in place burnt off, which I expected it to do so my conclusion is they are one-time use, they’re kinda
pricey, and for the time it took to actually put
the fuse in there and hook it all up I’d probably be easier to use tape, but
i do think this is a great idea. I think it’s really cool I do still have 8 of these left so i’ll probably use them sometime, maybe
wire up a small show for New Years And use these

26 thoughts on “Fuse Connex

  1. I will not be posting a video next week during Thanksgiving week. The week after I will start working on some more fresh new videos!

  2. some tape can cause the fuses to go out because it contains plastic. i always connect with cotton wire, super cheap and enviroment friendly:)

  3. great vid bro I have a ton of those things tried them once and don't know if i'll use them again. We'll see lol it def is alot faster to tape the good thing about those are you can sync a couple cakes as your kingpins went as long as the fuses are pretty much the same length. Great vid bro can't wait till the next 1 have a great turkey day and make sure you fall asleep from a turkey coma lol.

  4. hey jdrobinson do you know of any good stores in illinois close to you that are open all year long.i will be around ofallon just kinda in that area of illinois for thanksgiving and christmas and was wondering if theres any stores i can go pick some stuff at

  5. Hey Jdrobinson I just joined your channel and I live in maple ridge BC canada and was wondering if you could send me in the right way to a firework store online/or walk in thanks

  6. I would check out victoryfireworksinc(DOT)com. I'm not sure if they ship to Canada. Most other online firework websites that I know of don't ship to Canada

  7. Thanks for telling me about it. Maybe I will have to celebrate it next year with a couple of my friends from India and a firework display!

  8. just picked up some of these @ pyro junkie yesterday. $4.99 for 10 so yea a lil expensive. Anyway, hope it works because my finale depends on it.

  9. These things are terrible. I used 8 in my finale for 4th of July and almost all of them had some form of failure. In testing they worked well enough to put in the show but in the end they were troublesome leaving many cakes and mortars out of the show. Masking tape is a much better solution and its much cheaper. I will never buy these again and I will never recommend the product. Also you cant reuse these as they will brake and fall apart after or even before one single use. I had many crack in my hands just opening them up to put the fuse in. Also many of my 500 gram cakes didn't quite fit the connector and they would easily fall out. Again these are worthless. Do not buy. Save money and use masking tape.

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