Furnace – Flame Roll-Out Switch | Repair and Replace

Furnace – Flame Roll-Out Switch | Repair and Replace

Hi, I’m Vance and welcome back
to Repair and Replace. In this episode I’ll show you how to replace
the flame rollout switch in a gas furnace. If the flames roll out the
front of the burner, the flame rollout switch will trip
and will shut the burners off. These switches usually have a reset button,
if you reset the switch and the switch keeps tripping. Then shut your furnace off
and call a professional. The heat exchanger could be cracked and
could be releasing carbon monoxide into your home. To begin you’ll need a flame rollout switch,
a screwdriver or nut driver and a multi-meter. Be aware that there are no returns or
refunds on electronic items once installed. So you may want to consult a trained
professional before purchasing. When working on your furnace always
shut off the power and close the gas valve. Remove the top cover panel. Many furnaces use a push lock
or twist lock, but some furnaces or require
a screwdriver or socket wrench. If you trace the gas line up, The flame roll out switch will be
on the front of the burner. In some furnaces it’ll be
hidden behind a cover. Now disconnect the wires. Next unscrew and remove the flame roll out switch. Take the multi-meter and
set it to the lowest Ohms of resistance. Now touch the probes
to each terminal. If the switch has continuity
then the multi-meter will show zero ohms. if the switch is open or faulty,
the multi-meter will show infinite resistance. If resetting doesn’t close the switch it will need to be replaced. Install the new flame rollout switch
and secure it into place. Now reconnect the wires. Now replace the upper cover. Next open the gas valve. Now turn on the power to your furnace. The furnace should be running normally. If you’re still unsure what’s
causing the problem in your furnace, Then watch our troubleshooting guide
for a step-by-step breakdown, and there’s a link to this in
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7 thoughts on “Furnace – Flame Roll-Out Switch | Repair and Replace

  1. The reset button worked like a charm! Saved me $300 from the repair guys. I canceled the appointment. Thanks so much, very informative video!!!

  2. Thanks for the video, but unfortunately my furnace issue is a different part, the pilot sense switch and your site lists it for over 240% of what the same part costs elsewhere (with free shipping too, and yes it was brand new). I know back in the day companies could set a price and consumers had no way to comparison price shop but today, in less than half a minute I found it cheaper elsewhere so a sale was lost… just something to think about.

  3. I'm told a rollout switch can only be sold to licensed technicians. So a household has no choice but to call a professional. How much would replacing a rollout switch be, including labor?

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