FUN-FLY-STICK – Static Electricity experiment

FUN-FLY-STICK – Static Electricity experiment

100 thoughts on “FUN-FLY-STICK – Static Electricity experiment

  1. It looks so much fun! A perfect present for my niece! Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial dear friend! I am looking forward watching your next video! Thumbs up guys!

  2. Wow! We would have thought that this is magic, if we did not know that this is science! Cool! Like from us! 👍👍👍

  3. I watched the ad which was for petco. Wow we could use the same idea to have "gravity" in outer space perhaps. You really bring science to life.

  4. Nive video to explain static electricity. That flying objects were so cool!
    Thumbs up#87 and full view

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