Fried Milk Melt in Your Mouth – 揚げた牛乳 レチェ・フリータの作り方

Fried Milk Melt in Your Mouth – 揚げた牛乳 レチェ・フリータの作り方

Still haven’t thought of a name for this cat, comment below how do you want me to name him. Don’t forget to subscribe to support us, thank you very much. When my brother opened a milk tea store, he used to sell well on this side dish. The recipe will be surely smooth and soft unlike jelly, and not easy to get bored. First, add 70g corn starch together with 65g sugar in a pot. Add 600ml non-sugar milk. I didn’t add anymore condensed milk or whipping cream, because it’s already fatty enough. More will make it’s easy to get bored If you want more fatty, you can use condensed milk instead of sugar, or whipping cream instead of milk. If you get fat, don’t blame me XD Use a little bit of oil to spread out the cake pan’s surface. I used 20×15 cm cake pan. Remember to mix well until both the flour and sugar dissolved then you can cook it on a stove, to avoid the chunkiness. Mix continuously when cooking. Use spatula to mix so the bottom won’t be burned. If it’s burn, you are dead. Mix well until the mixture is cooked and come together. Attention: the dough has to be completely cooked, if not, it will be chunky. After it’s cooked, immediately pour into the cake pan. Then let it sits. After that, put in the refridge for 3 hours Next is the batter. Dipping in the batter prevent the explosion of the milk when frying. Mix well 100g all-purpose flour, 30g sugar and 120ml water until the mixture is thicc This recipe made for the milk to be soft and dissolves, if you want it to be melting it would be harder, it will exploded when frying After making the batter, pour 100g breadcrumbs in a bowl (look at my cute cat bowl :3 also the figure XD) After cooling in the refridge, the milk is thicc. If your area’s temperature is hot, leave it in the refridge 15-20 minutes. It will be easier to cut and won’t be sticky when rolling After done cutting, if the milk is soft, put it in the freezer 15-20 more minutes to make it harder. Then the rolled dough will be easy, not sticky or melt. The cutting length will be depended on how you like it to be. My cutting length fits the mouth :)) Btw, this is my new cutting board :3 I ordered it from Taobao, but it’s kinda small for me ;; After cutting, pour the milk into the batter bowl. Then dip it fully in the batter. After that, put it into the breadcrumbs bowl. Gently wrap the breadcrumbs around the milk. Attention: Don’t leave any hole, fill all the surface thoroughly. If not, when frying, it will be exploded all over your face and don’t ask why you’re still single til now :)) I’m busy taking care of my cat, not gonna take care of you hihi Let the oil boiled hard, then put the milk in in medium heat, fry quickly until the outside turns yellow. I swear frying this exploded a lot, trust me ;; I used to help in my brother’s store. Remember to place them on top of napkin sheets to lessen the oiliness. Eating too much oil is not good, eat me 🙂 I’m more healthy The outside doesn’t look as hard as it seems. It is crispy and the inside is melting. Yummmyyyyy The outside is sooo crispy. The inside fills with fatty milk, right amount sweetness ~ Cat be like: “Are you gonna feed me” (He wants it so bad) but cats are lactose-intolerant ;; Remember to cut and clean your nails~ I can’t sleep with this cat. One night, when i was sleeping, he climbed on my head, rubbing my hair. Om gosh, I almost peed myself :’D These day, the cat love games even more than me. Technology 4.0 cat Look! he even stole my ipad;; R.I.P ipad Don’t forget to subscribe to support us. I will try my best to upload video every week. Please comment what do you think about this video. Also comment which food do you want in next video. Thank you guys very much! byee

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  1. B ơi. Mìn muốn làm nhiều để bán. Làm rồi chiên qua rồi cất ngăn đông khi nào dùng bỏ ra chiên lqij đc ko bạn

  2. ترجمة بالتفصيل.. المكونات و المقادير و الكمية بالكوب والملعقة.. لاني ما اعرف بالغرام 😢

  3. حلو نوعية البقسماط يقرررررررمش.. علموني افضل بقسماط يقرمش انا 🇸🇦

  4. Anh là người Việt hay người nước ngoài vậy ạ ? Thấy vietsud thì vui vui giống Việt Nam mà cách anh làm video với cả vật dụng phòng bếp giống nước Nhật :v

  5. it can be a fake moza cheese if you dissolve the grated cheddar cheese into it. by boiling the milk first and adding grated cheddar cheese, wait until it dissolves. then enter the flour that has been given water / milk.

  6. i have a name for your cat.) (forlorn) (torture victim) (cat in twinkie training) hopeless is a good cat name.

  7. Xem video mà k bật sub chắc tưởng anh người Nhật "thanh tú ít nói làm nhiều"
    Bật rồi mới hú hồn, nhưng em thích sự hú hồn này, ba hài vl

  8. سمحلي مي يخرج كاشي بنين يععع مكان حتا ذوق سيتها خرجتلي ماشي مليحة كون اوموا زدتلها فرماج لذوق

  9. جدا افكار جميلة شكرا جزيلا فقط ملاحظة صغيرة منظر القطة قرب الطبخ مقزز

  10. 3:26
    Mọi người giải thích nóng già là gì
    Và cho tui biết cách nhận biết lửa vừa khi nấu được không?
    Cứ bắt bếp là đổ đồ ăn vào ko à chứ ko bik canh

  11. Awwwww me encantan los subtítulos en español se ve demasiado delicioso. Y si tú cocinas tan bien porque sigues soltero???

  12. Youtube recommended this to me today and I look thru most of your recipes been posted… i know its still early but guess that now i have an idea what to cook for Christmas/any family event this year… thanks for the easy recipe.. どうもありがとうございました

  13. Porque carajo me aparecen subtitulos en español si este pibe no habla,osea yo no lo escucho desir ni una palabrilla pero igual me aparece abajo lo que esta disiendo carajo!!es que yo no entiendí! Habla musho de leshita😏

  14. Mình đã làm thử và mình sẽ cho các bạn bt là ăn đến cái thứ 2 là cực ngán lun rồi nên nếu các bạn có ý định làm thì khẩu vị các bạn phải cực thích đồ béo nha .Còn vs mình thì có lẽ sẽ là lầb cuối làm 😓😓😓

  15. That's a thicc custard basically? Burn that and you dead! I remember the smell and taste of singed blancmange at school! 🤢🤢

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