Fresh Air Mask For Automotive Painting – Breathe Cool

Fresh Air Mask For Automotive Painting – Breathe Cool

Hey, what’s goin’ on?! Tony from and at
the back of me tonight, I have a little Breathe Cool System that I have just got and I’m
gonna talk about it, quickly set it up, put it on, tell you what I think of it and then
next videos, we’re gonna go ahead and fully actually paint the car with the Breathe Cool
System. Alright, so let’s go ahead. We can get it set up. I’m streaming this thing
from the laptop so hopefully it is good enough but we will see. Let’s go here and how’s
the lighting…pretty good. Let’s go ahead and set it up. Okay. So the first thing you
wanna do guys is, grab your hose, right, we have a little clamp over here. So we’re
gonna push this in in the back of the hood…just like this until it hits the front of the mask.
Okay so we insert it all the way down like this until you can’t see it. Right around
here…okay, so let’s just go like that. Great. So that’s where it has to go. We’ll
fold this over, put the clamp on. And then take this up. Just like that. Nice and tight.
Right. So basically, we have a hose all the way to the front of the mask so you’re getting
fresh air pointing down toward your face. Okay? Now the next step is, let’s go ahead and
take this rubber band off. Okay, we have our hose here. It should be 50 feet, okay? Now,
we’re gonna plug the turbine system in quickly and what we have to do is adjust our air flow
quickly once it’s set up. So I’m gonna go ahead plug it in, turn it on quick. Okay now, all we have to do is hook up our
air hose, just get it there, make sure you have your gasket, yup. Okay. Now, we have
this piece here…This is our air flow meter. This is what we’re gonna check it at…supposed
to be at six cfm here, do you see that? Alright, it’s supposed to be at six cfm. If you see
that, check it out. Alright, so we’re gonna hook this up.Gonna take this quick, disconnect
off. Alright, gonna go ahead and screw this on, turn the machine on. We gonna turn it
off so it hits six cfm. Okay? That’s it. Now, we could take this off and you wanna
make sure you keep this unit because if you have to set it again, you have it. What I’m
gonna do is, mark this box here with a little Y, knowing that’s where we gotta go and
I’m gonna put this quick disconnect back on, okay? Pretty easy set up. Now, let me
get a market real quick. Okay, that’s where it has to go. Now
the next step is, get your hood. Okay. Now,
we’ll adjust the belt so it’s nice and snug. Now we’re just gonna hook up our quick disconnect
to this piece here. What I will do is tape the end of this hose
here inside somehow so it doesn’t move around. But I think it’s pretty cool then you have
vents below it here where the exhaust comes out, but it does fill the whole mask up with
fresh air. Pretty neat. It does smell like new hose so I would probably keep it running
and get you know some of the new hose smell out, keep it on for fifteen, twenty minutes,
I don’t know. Let’s get the air, you know, all the fumes out of the hose but other than
that, I think it’s a pretty cool setup. Easy to set up. And I can’t wait to use
it. So this is a great cool set up here. We’ve got fifty feet of hose. It actually should be seventy-five feet . It comes with twenty-five feet standard and what I did was I ordered an extra 50 feet
so this should be seventy-five with the hose. Now I can place this machine inside of my
office where I have the AC on then I’m gonna run it through, I have a little hole at the
bottom of the side of the shop door that connects to the office here and I could basically run
this hose out of and it’s gonna be a perfect air tight fit. I’m gonna be getting fresh,
cold AC air from in my office to the garage here while I’m painting. I paid about four hundred and seventy dollars
for the complete system with shipping and with the extra hose. If you don’t want the
extra hose, it’s basically three sixty-nine plus twenty-seven dollars shipping. Alright,
Pretty cool. So that’s the Breath Cool System. Looks pretty cool to me you know, air filters
on it. It’s not that noisy at all. Inside, all you hear is just air coming on. It’s
not that bad. And that’s about it. Pretty simple setup and I can’t wait to use it.
It’s Tony from Thanks for watching this quick video. In the
next video here, we’re gonna go ahead and work on a couple of tiny dents that we have
on this rear quarter panel on this Miata and I’m gonna show you exactly how to use the
spot welder and take these two little dents out that we have on the quarter panel right
over here. Alright, so we have to do a little bit of grinding and pull the little dents
out with this spot welder, pop them out. And we also just made a new body hammer here.
I took a video yesterday on how I did this. Pretty simple. Put the wedge in, grind the
wood, put the hammer head on the hammer handle here so now we got a nice new hammer to work
with. We can tap our high spots down around that while we pull out. It is gonna be very
very good. Alright, Mayah come on in. You wanna say something
to the viewers tonight? Hi. Happy Easter. What else? You got new shoes today? Yeah.
Show them those shoes. Can you do a little hop, skip and dance? Yeah. Awesome Awesome.
So, what do you think about the setup here? Pretty good. It’s a lot of hose. Seventy-five
feet worth of hose. So the next time we paint, we’re gonna have this all set up. Daddy’s
gonna get some fresh air. We don’t have to worry about the fumes. And it’s gonna
be pretty cool, right? You wanna try the mask out? Here. Put it on. Pop your head in. Can
you see? It goes on like that. We’re gonna turn it on, you tell me what do you think,
okay? This smells like weird. It smells like plastic. Yeah. So we have to actually get
it running for a little while, let the plastic smell out. Other than that, pretty neat. And
it comes with five lenses for the mask so you don’t get oversprayed out. Pretty neat,
right? Oh, we actually got a couple of viewers on. So you guys missed it. When we end this
little broadcast here, you’re gonna be able to watch the part of it. I don’t know, maybe
you could actually do that now. But the next steps is, we actually just covered. Check
out the Breathe Cool Machine here, the fresh air mask. The next show, we’re gonna be
doing some body repairs on the rear quarter panel on this Miata. Let me show you quick.
Let’s get in here. We got the quarter panel all banged up then we’re going to use all
of that. Alright, so it’s Tony from
Thanks for watching the quick video. Another live broadcast on a Friday night just testing
it out and if you are on the video right now…go to, click the link
below to get a free eighty-five page auto body and paint manual. Right? And I will see
you next time. Have a good night. Cheers. Bye.

12 thoughts on “Fresh Air Mask For Automotive Painting – Breathe Cool

  1. Very cool, Tony. Happy Easter! Fun to see your daughter helping out too. I am a LABP member have been watching your video training series over the last 6 months or so. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  2. I wonder if I put that in my A/C'd house, it would keep me cool. It's going to be hot as hell here in FL. during the summer, about the time I'm painting my Miata in my garage. I'd like to try this also, I thought those set ups were in the thousands. Thanks for the video, never knew they were affordable.

  3. hi, how good is this setup? does the head piece move around when your moving around..iv noticed they have got a newer version out with a full face mask type..would you recommend this. thx

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