FREE Renewable Energy, Gravity Fed, Green Electricity Generating Machine

FREE Renewable Energy, Gravity Fed, Green Electricity Generating Machine

Hello! My name is Andrew Jones, for a while
now I have been looking at the free energy machines on YouTube, on internet and have
seen there is a lot of controversy, a lot of arguments and a lot of conflicts and opinions
about what works and what doesn’t work, what won’t work etcetera.
So i figured out what I will do is, to create a build of an attempt to make free energy
gravity fed electricity generating machine, so it won’t be a solar machine, it won’t
be a wind powered machine. I am not even sure if I want to even add one single solar panel,
am not even sure I want to add even a wind turbine. I think I want to prove out the concept
initially of a gravity fed device. Now there is a video that I saw a machine years ago,
now this machine was a weight that was hoisted in position manually, then over the cause
of a couple of hours, the weights will slowly lower, now this weight was very heavy and
the distance was quite a distance is like ten or twelve feet, so reverse from the very
top all away to the very bottom, it was geared on shaft, geared to another shaft, but it
wasn’t a true perpetual machine, because the device has to be reset every single time
the weight get to the bottom. Now there is a video on YouTube where there
is been some quite vicious fighting going on with some of the frames, I am going to
put in the background, actually behind me right now you will see a frame or two of this
actual unfinished machine, the guy said it’s a free energy generator that he invented,
I have seen this device some years ago and much better made, but it is great to see people
jumping on this type of thing. So I applaud his efforts.
You know, my interest came about two years ago, I live in Northern New Jersey and what
happened was, there was a really bad storm a couple of years back and we were without
power, I have forgotten what time of the year it was, I think it was cold, so it was getting
towards the end of the year possibly, we were without power for almost a week to two weeks
and during that time because I invent, because I design, because I am always coming out with
things, I used the bathroom just then and when I was in the bathroom, I invented something,
because I saw an issue. I will do a separate video on that, because I don’t want to give
it away, it’s going to be a funny one, but I wanted to design a method that will create
electricity, when there is no other means, so you know the whole wheels will start turning
and I remember this video which is a good basic, the one behind me, a good basic understanding
of beginning point. There is a lot of financing that has to be
done on this particular method, so what am thinking of is I sourced out some miniature
gears, I initially dropped the design, this is the 22nd gear, I dropped a design, the
one behind me now I realized that as I was looking at it, that some of the math was very
incorrect, so the gearing was correct, but the weight needed to actually, because here
is the thought; A weight through gravity pulling the weight down, pushing the weight down however
you want to look at it, it rotates because if the cable rotates a master gear, that gear
is then geared to a smaller gear which you end up like the image behind me, though gearing
ends up spinning a spindle on the very end at about and here is the dilemma. I have to
look up the actual RPMs if I am going to use an alternator.
An alternator I think uses up to about 21/2 or 31/2 times RPMs before it originally start
generating enough electricity to recharge a battery. So the weight will fall, the gears
will turn or make the spindle on the very last geared action, it will turn that spindle
enough RPMs to turn the alternator, which does not have a zero balance for low thrashing
turning, you actually might need to pour a pound or two pounds worth of force to get
that thing going, so, if it needs one pound of touch to actually rotate the actual alternator,
that weight will be geared up, so you are not sure you are going to be using fifty per
cent weight as in this particular video behind me, so all that needs to be taking into consideration.
Now my thought was initially to make this device and have it sold out after an hour
or two hours, you will lift the weight all the way to the top again and then it will
again run into a cycle. The thing is when you sleep, after an hour or two, it’s going
to run out and it’s going to stop charging the battery or the range of batteries.
So what I was thinking of is having a reset system and how will that be possible? This
is the kicker, you have to make it a way so that it will reset to the very top again using
only the kinetic energy created from the weight being lowered from the very top to the bottom.
How can you create enough energy to raise that weight back to the top? I have my absolute
beliefs and thoughts on this so I am not going to reveal my thought on this in this video
because it’s going to be interesting to see everyone’s thought on it, this is where
the invention part comes in, this is where the I want to prove things out and do what
people have suggested to see, will this work, as per other people’s suggestion? Who knows?
And none of them have done it before but I want to see them prove this out to see, you
know what can be done. So that’s it, just a bit of a teaser right
now, over the course of next week, am going to start putting things together, I will record
it, so this time next week, watch out for another video in the build of the free energy
gravity fed electricity generator perpetual motion machine device. Alright, that’s it,
thanks for watching, and come back to see the results, I am probably going to have to
create a playlist for this and create a bunch of videos to prove out each and every one
of the concept that are been from away. The issue might be escaping all of this because
this is a lot smaller than this behind me, so I need to do it right and I need to do
it sensibly, and I have to do a little bit of research just to find out what are the
scaled values of something of what I am showing behind you, what are the scale values of that.
So, let’s see, come along for the ride, please subscribe, I will see you all in the
next video.

17 thoughts on “FREE Renewable Energy, Gravity Fed, Green Electricity Generating Machine

    Andi , go and look at old church clocks The things , gears / cables you talk of are all loss , chain / tooth belt loose in the region 1/3 . Do I know anything , using X Ford Escort alternator & bicycle , appx 200 watts in 60 watts out , a combination of bike transmission & fan belt & alternator lost the 140 watts . If you have spare energy , may be a good method to get a storage buffer , but don't think it's zero point , 'cos I percieve you will be sadly dissapointed . Good luck , but don t hold your breath ! 

  2. Bike gears / bits are at least relatively cheap . Try and get mid range stuff , the low end stuff is often so cheaply made , that you spend all time adjusting & righting to get round the low standard of manufacture . If you build it to last any time , try and get chain guard on it , not to stop fingers getting in but to keep effeciancy up / dust out . & if you can get it tight fitting , may be even use light oil , watch type oil , to keep friction low . WD40 , not good as a lub , but good for washing dirt & dust out of parts & derv ( diesel ) / paraffin ( kerosign ) works well in this area also .
    If you want to think of how elec industry does it ( to allow for not wanting to turn off base load machines ( expensive / effectively impossible to close down & start up  ) think of the domestic storage heater ( they sell you the power cheap to get shot of it & keep the equipment running ) & then think of pump storage, 
    these systems work well , 'cos the potential energy storage is cheap ( ie water ) but is lossy , water to pipe friction . So , you may find that a weight & a clock type escapment may be a better system to use . I was apprenticed to the company who made the generators for the Dinorwig one ( GEC Rugby ) . At the moment the Environment agency have to projects , to test / evaluate wind driven & solar units to "lift" water . The wind units use a vertical turbine & the solar ( very sletchy info ) sound like it used solar to drive a Sterling engine type structure . Keep happy . Regards Bob ( London UK ) 

  3. This is going to be my next project. I have not decided on a spring loaded device or a gravity run device.I have a couple of ideas on tackling some of the problems. As far as resetting the device I would imagine all the energy produced would be lost in resetting the device. I dont believe in over unity. But with that being said I do believe in building ultra efficient machines. Another thought would be setting 4 or 5 say bowling balls on a track on your roof as one weight went through its cycle another would start again falling to the ground. Maybe on some kind of conveyor setup. Interested in following your progress.

  4. You will not build what you want but you will build some thing of what will drive you insane because the brain plays tricks and makes it seem possible. Try cold fusion instead because it works and its not free energy. 

  5. Why not use a liquid weight, switched when the weight reaches the bottom so that it refills the top container. The pump could be connected to a battery that is recharged as the generator is working

  6. Hi Andrew, it's great to see some efforts.. I've been working on such a project discretely over the years.. I think I'm close to it.. Contact me if interested..

  7. As recently as the late 1960's in the USA – many of the very remote lighthouses were powered by gravity driven clock motors that were manually rewound by the lighthouse keepers. This was, at that time, the best off-grid power alternative. It is reliable, robust and relatively easy to make and repair if needed. If you want to design an off-grid power source it would be a very good point of departure to start at the most recently used off-grid power source.

  8. If you had a pneumatic pressurized system that was pre-charged in advance to have enough air pressure to raise the weight and the lowering of the weight would add additional pressure that would be used to raise the weight back up to the top then the system would more or less self sustaining.

  9. There is actually a lot of work going on that attempts to use gravity as a force to generate electrical energy. Some ideas are simple and for personal use others are grid-scale for utility scale use. Check out my facebook page titled : Gravity Escapements, Getting Off the Grid

  10. Hey Andrew I'm following you now. Got very interested because I see great potential in this setup. Let me know if there is any progress and keep it up.

  11. its simple my friend i have this working already and its producing 100 kw of power continuously it resets the weight all by its self.100 ton 70 meters hight 4 banks. and the weight gets lifted up for free zero cost. its so simple.

  12. Hey Andrew. Talk about Chas Campbell Flywheel Generator, please. Thanks.

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