Flute Moonshine Distiller from Mile Hi Distilling

Flute Moonshine Distiller from Mile Hi Distilling

Hey this is Mike at Mile Hi Distilling. I still want to show you my flute tower compared
to my competitors tower right. Now I can’t say anything negative about my
competitors so let’s you be the judge. Okay their both six play columns right here. Mine is sectional. You can run one section up to six sections
ten sections it doesn’t matter. each of these come apart and each one takes
a plate in between. Now both these towers have six plates right
now. As you can tell there’s a little bit of a
difference okay mine has a spigot on the pair where it’s easy to you first start how do
you want to drain a little bit so you have it open close it start to collect that be
done you go back up to the drain it. Okay. My competitor has a pair okay He has two inch
windows this section right here has six plates it’s a one-piece it does not come apart like
mine but cameraman you turnouts in here let’s get some close-ups of this stuff we’re gonna
do kind of a quick run over both towers so much come in here as you can see these welds
are beautiful all my welders have least 25 years experience TIG welding and welding copper
to stainless is not simple okay let me pull out on these sections this is see those welts
you’re not gonna find better well to anyplace else between copper and stainless I guarantee
you that if you do let me know I want to see it as you can see these guys have a big nut
you don’t screw these and the glass pops right out let me show you the difference in glass
okay my class three itch the competitors glass that’s the thickness difference okay yeah
little bit of a difference I just think the 3-inch window is a little easier to see inside
suits going on all right definitely like the three inch on the two inch my casket three
inch the competitors gasket I’m not sure what that is might be buna drippy silicone I don’t
know but okay I miss anything you want to I slowed them all kind of over it
my competitors Tower I had a distillery that bought that they bought one of mine they bought
one of his and they came back to bought two more of mine and they just dropped that one
off I’m not sure if their plans are with it like I said I do not want to say anything
negative about my competitors product I’m just going to show you the difference and
like I said these are very functional towers both of them and through good information
on the Internet home to still our dot-org go to the chat forum go to the search bar
you can search for my company and my competitors company it’s a great place for recipes it’s
just like it’s like the largest website there is about distilling home distilling ok before
you buy any distiller I definitely go to home distiller org and search the companies and
see if people are what kind of feedback you have on the companies ok you happy with that
okay I want to take this thing apart and they raise theirs all right – TIG whoa so let me
take this thing apart a little bit and we’ll show you one thing yeah this is one cup one
piece right here the condenser being copper i I don’t know I’ve kind of hard to clean
out hold this up with my dislike eliminator so
I show you the quality difference did get shot of that it’s up to two high to low it’s
good okay and this is this copper tower is only used twice okay it’s kind of hard to
hold this is there all right you got that as far as I know the distillery told me they
use this thing twice the second time he just took it apart decided not to use it anymore
let me take this thing apart real quick show you inside of this like I said the Zoey to
Ron’s shit okay get the side so this is braised not taking welded but you know the braising
joints are just they’re very durable this is one the joints I mean definitely it’s not
going to come apart getting that but I believe these two columns cost about the same on the
internet okay we’ve all 6 plate talks hopefully you saw their difference there okay down the
cans I’ve been in business for what what’d I miss you wanna do it close up okay why did
though already I guess so what no okay I’ve been in business for about 10 years now and
I’m buying welded cans not seeing cans my competition always by seeing cans the cans
look exactly the same between my three is eight thirteen twenty six and fifty threes
while my cans are welded the rest of you see on the internet are all seen believe me I
know the companies are buying from I know the prices are paying and we pay a little
bit extra to get the well the cans because I think the wall the cans will last many more
years than the same cans my cans are flatter this is just a protection band to help protect
the can itself you can actually top this band off this whole thing just pops off and it’s
a one-piece can in here alright the competition there the bottom will actually be receded
about an inch and a half and it’s like a 55-gallon drum hell they grab the two the two ends and
they did roam around and it’s it seemed alright but also on the same cans you’ll notice the
other companies the handles ain’t is nice the handles on my 3/8 and 13s are all the
same they look like this the same cans will have to stand up dog goes what and down they’re
not as nice that kind gives it away if it seemed or not alright another thing real quick
is I know it’s on the internet a lot of people are actually putting their name across their
cans which I’m not gonna spend your money for me to advertise on your can I just think
that’s wrong I mean you’re spend enough money on the stuff already I’m not gonna engrave
my name on your can come on so your distill are not mine and also one company actually
it’s a space awesome a great-looking guy I know that but I’m not gonna put my face on
Eric please but hey well thank you for joining me today have a good good one

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  1. I did see the cans with that guys face on it. He must think he has a perty little mouth on him! Hahaha. I ordered one of yours a couple days ago.

  2. Id really like to know where you get off copying other peoples items and then talking shit about them. Theres nothing you sell thats up to par.

  3. Check out all of our flute distilling towers on our site:

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