First Look: APOLLO Stainless Steel Safety Razor

First Look: APOLLO Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Here is the first look at the Smart
Helix Razor from the Ukraine. Nice packaging! Fancy, very cool packaging.
Apollo stainless steel razor that’s beautiful it’s like a little tombstone
or a little casket for your razor opens from the top with a fitted cover
Awesome, beautiful! Okay let’s remove that. It comes with a card, lifetime guarantee certificate with a number UA 19003
Pretty sweet, so it’s guaranteed for life. A little tricky to get out, it’s really
packed in there nicely. Beautiful! So it says Apollo Stainless Steel Razor S&H
Smart Helix. The side is turned toward the blade aggressive shaving, smooth
shaving, So we have two different varieties on the head depending on which
way you turn it. This is kind of locked in here there’s two arrows pointing up
if you can see that, you just push that little disc upward and then pull it out and
that’s got it all locked in place. Pretty sweet packaging, fancy razor. Wow! Nice balance up here at the top look at that. A thing of beauty! It’s a single head
but – evidently can you flip the whole head? let’s see… Wow it’s really super tight-fitted oh it
comes with a little rubber washer I haven’t seen that before on a razor, see
that little rubber washer right there? I don’t know if that stays there all the
time or not, but interesting, and there is that number: Smart Helix UA 19003 right there. Lets throw a little bit of light on it. Right there, and here’s the razor very nice knurled handle, it gets progressively thicker towards the top, it’s got grooves in the
side, here it’s got a hole in the bottom which is for the stand. which also I
think that may just be for shipping because this has the rubber washer on it
as well. Probably just so things don’t get
scratched up when it’s in shipment in the package. Clean this off a little…
I love the stand it’s got a nice small footprint and pretty sturdy it holds it
in there nicely again with the logo Smart Helix on the bottom and a rubber
washer around the bottom so it won’t scratch anything and it also makes it
sure-footed it doesn’t slide at all so that’d be great for your wet countertop.
Very Cool I’ll have to attempt to shave with it
and see what how it works. I’m gonna take this out I don’t think this needs to be
in here I think that’s just in there for shipping that little rubber washer one
for the stand, one for the razor. This large circle will be the aggressive
shaving towards the blade and the small circle this one towards the blade will
be for a smooth shave, and either way these pins lock in very very firmly and
tightly no doubt whatsoever that the blade will be locked in place no matter
whether you use it for aggressive shaving or smooth, mild shaving.
Let’s grab a blade, insert it and see what it looks like. Let’s go with a
Feather blade, open her up again alright so let’s see how the blade fits over.
Very nicely you can see that the indentations where the pins go are very
pronounced, let’s check that reveal: Perfect! Really even on both sides, let’s
flip it over and have a look. So as it sits right now it is the aggressive
shaving, because the big circle is up toward the blade, we’ll flip it over and
put the small circle up toward the blade. Tighten that up, see how that reveal
looks- very nice looks perfect and the thing I like about it as well is the
blade does not protrude. On a lot of razors the blade will protrude past the
side of the head so you run the risk of cutting yourself in the corners here.
This does not, so they put a lot of thought into this. It’s got nice grooves
on the top of the top cap so when it rides on your skin, that’s pretty sweet! There’s a look at it from the handle… Very nice-looking razor
I have not shaved with this razor yet, I will and we’ll see how it performs. Let
me get the specs on it, let’s see what do we have? A tad over 4 inches, yep one
hundred and one, two, three, about a hundred and three millimeters
long. Let me check the weight… I just put it on my digital scale and it weighs in
at 4.2 ounces or 120 grams. So there it is! First look at the Apollo Stainless
Steel Razor by Smart Helix. After I shave with this razor
I’ll also upload a video to go along with it and review the razor and speak
to the shave provided. Visit for all your shaving
supplies. I’m Geofatboy – Have A Great Shave, Have A Great Day!

49 thoughts on “First Look: APOLLO Stainless Steel Safety Razor

  1. Very cool razor! This turnaround solution is a great idea and the whole package radiates quality. My problem is the price again! For this money I can buy a Mühle R41 and a Merkur 34C and I'm at the same point, plus I can afford a brush too. I like your vids tho, I learned a LOT from them, so thank You for your activity! Keep up the good work!

  2. Is there a safety razor you or anyone commenting would recommend for head shaving? This is a very nice looking razor, but maybe something more geared towards a beginner?

  3. Nice looking razor, although a tad too rich for my blood.
    I'm still interested to see your shave review.
    Cheers, Geo!

  4. That moment, when you live in a country where this razor produced, and learn about it from America.) Thank you, Geo!

  5. So I recently started using a safety razor, after doing research I bought the Executive Shaving BraveHeart. I use Personna blades (blue/yellow packaging, comfort coated). I’m asking if I should be a able to feel any hair still left after the shave, as i feel my skin and move my hand against the grain, I can still feel little tiny tiny hairs on my cheeks. Does that have more to do with the blade? As the Personna blades I heard are quite in between in sharpness, and the BraveHeart razor is more on the aggressive side. Perhaps I should just practice more?

  6. Oof… you made me nervous, watching you open that Feather so quick like that lol. I ONLY buy my Feather blades from, and they’re always ninja sharp!

  7. Gorgeous and luxury razor. Its packaging beautiful. Sir, waiting for your shave video with it. Thanks for your video.

  8. Good to see you again, I learned how to use a DE razor from watching your videos. Thanks Buddy, ya know Xmas will be good when I see a charge go through to Shave Nation. Father’s Day is just around the corner.

  9. Hi Geo- Very nice razor preview, thank you! Looks like some nice hardware! I hope you have a great weekend ahead and all the best!

  10. Nice looking razor. Looking forward to the review of the shave. Although, I’m not sure I’m ready to give up my Above the Tie.

  11. Holy Guacamole, Geo! I just placed an order and it is already in the shipping pipeline. Great work and great videos! Keep up the good work.

  12. Started wet shaving with a safety razor last week thanks to your videos, been loving it so far. Thanks for the great informative videos geofatboy!

  13. Looking gorgeous! I would agree with the majority of the fellow wet-shavers below in that it is quite pricey. I am not saying no, however, giving this kind of money for something that has not been tested yet is not going to be an easy decision… For the same money you can get a Rockwell stainless steel, a Feather stainless steel AND have quite a lot left for soaps and brushes… Conclusion – great to have one more choice to add in one's collection, but I would have to see at least 1-2 good reviews on it to even start thinking about getting it.

  14. I am your newest subscriber Geo!!! After watching your video on Friday I went and ordered one just because it was made in my birth country lol!!! I want to know how shaves!!! Cheers!!!!

  15. A gorgeous looking razor! I like the turning of the base plate providing a choice of efficiency. And, very exclusive packaging. ??

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